Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2012 Resolutions!!

Dah 3 hari masuk 2012, tapi arini baru sempat nak save my 2012 resolutions. Walaupun dah set target for this year, kena ada black and white, by end of the year, boleh bukak and check yg mane tak achieve and worst thing kalau ada yg tak gerak langsung, boleh bring forward ke following year. Nampak sgt bnyk benda yg memang sukar dicapai..;(

Alhamdulillah, 2011 was a very beautiful year to me. Tho I did not targetted many major things last year, syukur I've managed to settle many things. And I'm proud of myself..huhuhu riak tak baik taww!! Reading back my 2011 resolutions, most of the things was about my baby and how me n Mr Hubby gonna arrange our daily life managing the growing up boys. Macam susah sgt je nak imagine sebelum tu, but syukur, tho it quite tough in the beginning, we managed to face it well. Tup tup, 1st Jan aritu Ryan dah masuk 9 bulan. How time flies..

Our bundle of joy..
1st April 2011

And the most meaningful event was..my convocation..
Dah berjaya mengenggam segulung ijazah.
*kali ni boleh kata segulung ijazah,time degree bukan scroll type*

And most of the achievable things which was a big relief for us is..

..managed to settle re-financing of our house..
*punyelah slow lawyer tu...;(*
Such a big burden with previous bank, dah lah bnyk songeh grrr, n intrest tinggi pd bank lain plak tu...
And with that, we managed to save at around 20% from current payment..phewww!!

Further, we had re-structured our monthly expenses too, so that we can spend more on the valuable thing..
*am thinking of a few classes for Adam this year!!*

And settled all insurance thingy for the kids as well..
*tujuan nak potong income tax hahhahaaha*

So what will be my 2012 resolutions?? Basicly I wished to had more time for my family, and have good time for myself as well. InsyaAllah to improve myself, to be better muslimah, more responsible mother and employee. *Doa semoga Allah mengurniakan kesihatan yg baik untuk kami sekeluarga. Amin.*

Wish I got chance to go for more holidays this year..
Ryan dah besar, nak handle pun senang sket..
Dapat jalan2 dalan negeri dulu pun dah ok..
*kenapa kalau holiday kena gmbr tepi pantai??tenang kut!!*

Nak deco house..
Sekarang rumah tonggang langang mcm rumah budak bujang je rasa..
Decided to get part time maid on alternate weekend..
So that, we can hv more peaceful and relaxing weekend..

This year, really need to save money...
Asyik beli toys je ke budak2 ni, penuh rumah..
Kena cut budget beli toys this year!!

And make more money????
Nak jual PB, empunya badan pun comel lain macam la plak..
Nak jual tupperware, yours truly pun tak berapa bnyk collection tupperware..
Wish I have talent to generate side income..
*put on my thinking hat*

How bout generating income with Nuffnang??

Tapi takde lah smp skali dapat check RM 40+++..
Kalau macam tu, pitam tak bangun2..
Sikit pun dah takpe, asal ado..!!

I love blogging and wish I can generate side income walaupun tak bnyk..

With the extra money I have, wish I can pamper myself..

at spa....bestntye...!!
Owh I miss the fresh smell at spa..lemongrass, ginger, coffee...awwww!!
*owh esok bermula sesi mem"pamper"kan diri yg pertama..
Thx to milkdeal for a good promo!!*
Cant waitt!!!

and if I have that extra money..I wish..
I can have my dream designer handbag...

Walaupun, kalau ditolak campur, gadget2 beli untuk memudahkan bf, homemade food, cd dah boleh beli my dream bag..terpaksa la sacrifice..
So since, all the main things for lil baby dah settle last year, wish me n Mr Hubby can focus on the other thing..
Contoh seperti dia atas....hahhahahaa!!
*please take note yea Bie!!*

I did not enrolled Adam for new kinddy this year, after perbincangan menemui jalan buntu.We still cannot find a good kinddy at our area. In fact the last minute kinddy-hunting, was  not a good thing we had .Instead, I just enrolled him to the current kinddy so that he will not just waste time playing for the whole day.Ada kelas Iqra' skali.I won't expected much from my 4yo boy. Just giving him chance to explore and build up his self esteem and most important thing is he able to inteprate instructions well. So one of my plans is to enroll him into a swimming class. 

Just bought 4 session thru groupon before fully enroll him for a swimming class..
Trial dulu..

and had done booking for trial session at kizsport for Fun n Movement Program too..



Hopefully, with these classes, Adam will build up his self esteem/confident and ready for school next year..
Semoga Allah memudahkan segala urusan..

and last but not least..

I need to start thinking about my future career path too..
Jobstreet jobstreet!!!

Pehh!!! What a long story huh!! And btw, as a good kick start for my passion in blogging thingy, I have launched my new fabulous motherhood template. Hope everyone like it and rajin2 lagik datang singgah kat sini. Still under construction lagik actually.So what do u think darl ??

Good bye 2011...
May we have a better year in 2012...

All the best to everyone..
and happy new year 2012!!!


Ms.Su said...

very nice template!

ummi_ziz said...

Wah best2 resolution you for this year! Smg tcapai hendaknya amin!
U did a great job too last year, congrats!

Nway, sweet ur new template i likee!;)
0k take cate n Happy new year..!

SaRaH SaLiHaH said...

wajah baru yg makin cun..!!

p!nkerton said...

happy new year mommynadia!may 2012 brings the best for all of us, insyaAllah :)
i super likeyy your new template! very nice & fresh. best2 :D

Nadine said...

Hey, love ur new look. cute banget! :)

Happy New Year, Nadia.I doakan moga semua impian you 2012 ni akan tercapai. Ameen!

mommaholicSURI said...

Aww!! I love that bag too!! Go get it, Nadia :)

Semoga impian-impian Nadia yang lain achievable juga untuk tahun ni dan akan datang. Amin.

mommynadia said...

tq ;)

mommynadia said...

InsyaAllah, doa2 kan ek ;)

hehehe..happy ramai suka!!

mommynadia said...

Cun macam tuan dia dopp??
;) hahahah gelak besau!!

mommynadia said...

happy new year to u too..

mommynadia said...

Ameen, tq dear..

mommynadia said...

Amin, InsyaAllah..

babe, kalau pike pendek dah lama rembat, kena rational sket.
But InsyaAllah, will work on it.Caiyokk Nadia!!

Mek Rose said...

nad, kizsports yg nad anta adam tu kat mana?

mommynadia said...

Kat Empire Rose ;)

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