Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BR therapy for STRESSED!!

spelled backwards for..

StreSSed = deSSertS

amazing ait??

It's time to de-stress at ...

 EnJoy 31% Off on every 31st... = pink promotion!!

were you at BR today???

its equal to sWeat!!

my verry berry strawberry for the stress therapy

see ya on next 31st??

so readers..
wHat's your FlaVour ??


BabyIntan said...

Lama dah tak pekena BR nie :)

Dear, ur link dah mmg ada lah dlm my list tu ;)

zahira said...

mmg best ice BR nih ;-). lama tak makan...

mommynadia said...

kak Intan,
hehe dah ada link ek,tk perasan..toche2 :)
jom ber"BR"..

correct!Adam pun suke sgt2!!

Nadine said...

YES!! I were at BR Taipan yesterday...weeeee!!!

Eventho it was rainy and freezin yesterday, I tak kira. Been craving for ice-cream since Saturday tak dpt2. So smlm when my hubby tanya je I terus say yes!! (:

mommynadia said...

ala..tot u went to SP jgak!
hehe..takpe,lately I duk gle kan v.b strawberry tu,so decide sanggup q up utk buat stock!huhu..
hampir2 habis tau!nasib dpt!

what's ur fave Nadine?

Farah said...

lepas makan 1 pint BR hari tu terus naik 1kg kena berehat sebentar dari 31st akan terjah semula!

Thara said...

praline & cream + gold medal ribbon! :D

mommynadia said...

wahaha,dah habis 1 pint..shud go for 1 quart or half gallon next hehehe ;)

never try that..shud go for that next time ;)

Mommy Lyna said...

i tak reti makan BR hahaha
tak reti nak menikmati sebenarnya

mommynadia said...

those who loves ice cream, surely will enjoy any type of ice cream..walls pun best ape!

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