Monday, March 29, 2010


On last Saturday, we went to Banting to visit family over there.
Early in the morning, as we reached Banting, my MIL asked to accompany her to a Jade shop.
Actually dah few times visit this shop before, tapi selalu tabah kan hati untuk tidak tergoda!
I love jade, even not a fanatic one, the color and simple pattern of their bangles really hearted me..:)

While entertained my MIL of the various colors of jades, the old lady who was the shop's owner smiled and gentle asked me, "You tak nak pakai jade?"..
"Its ok, this bangle won't easily break unless u knock hardly on somethings.."..
Then, I just ignored and watched my hubby playing with Adam around the shop..
The lady then came with jades of my size and handed to me..*dugaan sunggoh!!

I was wowed a lil while and..OMG I was already falling in love ...:)
Then my hubby pushed me to take..and..

this jade now is mine :)

I went back home and searced the info about jade..Even I selalu dengar my MIL explained about jade, but just to get more info on how to handle and so on..
Nowadays not only Chinese wearing jades, other races also started to wear..for Malays they love to tie with gold or white gold..
They are various type of jades,and the price and quality goes by the color,clarity and the cut.
Mine one I think the cheapest compared to my MIL. The color of jades pun macam pearl, lagi lama lagi mahal..can goes up to thousands...huhu..

The best experience time nak pakai bangle tu..mak aiiy..sakit tak ingat!
Its good also to buy with my MIL, at least takde lah kena tipu and can get discount sb kenal punya pasal..
Thus by wearing this, I become more careful and soft type of person ..I wished!!

Many infos about jade can be retrived from this link :

On Sunday, we just spent the weekend at home. Cuma time petang we went out for teh tarik at Kedai Kopi near to Tasik Shah Alam..again with Che Mimi..
Ingatkan nak jogging with Adam,seems Adam not feeling so well,so we decided to jalan2 je kat tasik tuh..
At the end kitorang yg Adam kejap je duk dalam stroller..most of the times dia pusing kat depan kedai kopi tuh..penat nye!!

Adam was stunned again with the waterfall..

counting leaves...1,2,3...

walk with papa..

playing with cat!!
He keep shouting "tat,tat"..for cat!

Adam loves cat &fish so much..betol2 anak papa..
When i was 26yrs baru I berani pegang cat..takut punya pasal..
Boleh kat Adam, relax aje dia tarik ekor kucing tuh..
kucing yg takut kat dia plak hehehe :)


zahira said...

wah...jade! kena maintain badan lar..nanti nak bukak dah tak boleh, hehehe...we're going to the park jugak...

mommaholicSURI said...

oman pn sama tau nadia..x takut kucing langsung!! setakat ni berjaya halang dari pegang kucing..sebab dia bukannya takat nak pegang je.. dia nak ramas.. hahaah

Nadine said...

Wah, seronokla ur MIL, ade geng minat Jade. Can do more shopping trips together :)

Faaz loves cat too! Tiap2 pagi mesti tarik stool n letak dpn pintu dapur. Pastu begged us for a piece of bread. Keja dia sambil makan breakfast, kasi kucing breakfast sama ngan small pieces of bread. Hihi..smlm lagi la, since I was at home, masa I tgh feed dia porridge, bleh plak dia pegi luekkan kat pintu dapur tu. I thot dia main2 xmo makan. Rupanya2 ade kucing dpn pintu dapur tu, dia nak feed sama..huhu.

At least u dah berani pegang kucing. I sampai skang fail *blush*

mommynadia said...

K.long, least ade benchmark, kalau dah ketat tu paham2 aje lah;)
yup,read ur entry dah..tak sempat comment lagik!

a'a bdak2 kalau dah pegang cat takde rs kesian dah..kta plak takut..takut kucing tu terkam dia aje..
Adam suka picit2 kaki kucing tu..mesti cute Oman ramas2 kucing hehehe:)

mommynadia said...

ala mesti commey Faaz feed cat..
nadia pun takut kucing, the day we went back after get married, my fren bg cat kt my hubby..
he loves cat so much!

nak tak nak we took the cat as pet..start from that I bolley pegang cat..but only that cat..!
after gv birth Adam I sent the cat to my MIL's dah hilang cat tu..
Adam sempat main2 ngan kucing tuh..mase tu dia tgh crawl..satu rumah dia kejar cat tu..hehehe:)

btw,Faaz unwell ke?me staying at home..Adam was having bad flu..hv to take leave to take care of him..if I send to nursery,lambat nak sembuh..t'pks duk umah and monitor him :(

Nadine said...

Owh tak..Faaz is fine. I smlm bangun tido tetiba malas to the max nak pegi ofis (bleh plak yer :P). I don't know why. I guess sbb dh dkt sebulan everyday balik lambat je kot. So I worked from home. Hihi..

Alahai ye ke. I doakan Adam recover fast. Agree with you, duk campur ramai2 tu mmg susah nak baik. lagi2 selsema/batuk kn.

mommynadia said...

you boleh buat keje kt umah??me cannot..
Adam cannot see me in front of my lappy ..
he will come and sit on me..
then start to push all buttons!

yeap,kalau hntr je nursery..mmg lmbt sembuh!

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