Monday, March 8, 2010


HAPPY MONDAY readers..!
Lets start our week with something informative..
Its been a while after I read a gud entry from fave blogroll about the toothbrushing for baby, but I didnt take a gud action from that..
Sebab my mother dah bnyak kali push me, then I started to find more info..reason sb I still confused..what to use, how..??leave me blank!
Lets share some of my findings and hope to have opinion from you specially those who already success to brush his toddler teeth..(**help me**)

What's the best way to brush my child's teeth?

While your child's early teeth are still coming in, you can clean them with a wet washcloth or a piece of gauze. By the time his back molars have come in (around 18 months), you can switch to a soft nylon-bristle child's toothbrush. Using plain water, gently brush the teeth on both the outside and inside surfaces twice a day. Brush his tongue as well (if he'll let you) to dislodge the bacteria that can cause bad breath. Replace the toothbrush as soon as the bristles start to look worn or splayed out.

Oral Massage Toothbrush

 MaM Baby First Brush

Mommynadia comment:
tang ni pun mommy dah pening..mane satu nak pakai..
Adam already 16months, should him still use the oral brush tu or start with baby first brush??
Currently I mmg pakai Oral Massage Toothbrush by the first years,tp once kita masuk je jari..dia dah gigit tak nak lepas..camane tuh??tension!!
I was so happy actually when my last visit to mothercare, I found the MaM Baby Toothbrush (BPA free)..
Adam start to have a few back molar..think I should start to use this??

When should I let my toddler start brushing his own teeth?
As soon as he is willing and able, it's a good idea to let him try to brush his own teeth, even though he probably won't be able to do a good job of it until he's about school age. Brush your teeth while he's doing his, and then "check" each other's teeth to see if they're clean. If his teeth sparkle and reflect light, he's done a good job. If not, tell him you think he "missed a spot" and finish the job for him.

Mommynadia comment:
ok..think if I get the first baby brush tu, I can start to teach him for toothbrushing..
wah!!seems mencabar je job nih!!Any ideas??
for those who send their kids to to ensure the carer did brushed our kid's teeth??Ideas!!

What should I do if my child won't brush?
If your child fusses every time it's time to brush, it might help to buy him a toothbrush with a special cartoon character on it. According to Liz Birka White, a mother of three in Diablo, California, this worked well for all of her children: "Adam, my firstborn, really hated brushing until I bought him an Elmo toothbrush. From that day on, he couldn't get enough. It was just the ticket I needed to interest him in brushing." You can also let your child have several brushes in different colors so that he can choose the one he wants when it's time to brush.

Mommynadia comment:
..child have several brushes in different colors -- parah ni..kalau yg MaM tu satu dah RM 19.90..nak beli 2,3 pun dah berapa..hish tak logic la!!

When does my child need fluoride and how can I tell if he's getting the right amount?
Developing teeth can certainly benefit from a little fluoride. This mineral prevents tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel and making it more resistant to acids and harmful bacteria. Most municipal water supplies are fortified with fluoride. (Call your local water authority or ask your dentist about yours.) If it isn't, or if you get your water from a well, consider buying a test kit from a hardware store to determine the fluoride level in your water supply. If it's less than .3 parts per million, ask your pediatrician whether you should give your child a supplement (the amount recommended for children under 3 is .25 milligrams per day). She can prescribe a fluoride supplement in the form of drops or chewable tablets.

A little fluoride is a good thing for your child's teeth, but swallowing too much of it over time can lead to a condition called fluorosis that can cause white spots to show up on his adult teeth. If you live in an area with fluoridated water, your child is most likely getting plenty of fluoride. Bottled water and fruit juices may also contain fluoride, although the amount is rarely listed on the label. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends waiting until your child is at least 2 to use fluoridated toothpaste. And when he does graduate to toothpaste, you should let him use only a pea-sized drop each time. This is because young children tend to swallow their toothpaste rather than spit it out. Swallowing too much toothpaste over time can lead to fluorosis.

  A cleanser designed for babies 4 to 24 months.

  •  Pediatric dentists and pediatricians highly recommend that parents clean babies’ teeth and gums every day to remove plaque and bacteria that can lead to decay. Oral-B Stages 1 Baby Tooth & Gum Cleanser is a fluoride-free, mixed fruit formula designed just for babies.
  • Is completely safe if swallowed
  • Contains no fluoride, saccharin, artificial colors, or preservatives
  • Is non-foaming

 Biotene First Teeth Baby Toothpaste

  • 100% Ingestible Baby Toothpaste
  • Recommended by Dentists and Pediatricians
  • All natural/ safe to swallow, 1.4 oz Size Biotene First Teeth Baby Toothpaste
  • Contains Milk Enzymes...The Best Natural Protection for Your Child's Teeth
  • Fluoride Free
  • For Ages 3 Months to 3 Years
  • Real Apple-Banana Flavor
  • The sweetness of baby's breath is the result of a healthy balance of oral bacteria.
First Teeth® Baby Toothpaste contains a unique natural enzyme system to protect your baby's mouth against harmful bacteria much like the way a mother's breast milk does. Physicians and dentists recommend gentle cleaning of babies teeth and gums to remove sugar and food starches. Plaque-like film on babies teeth is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Brushing your baby's teeth everyday with First Teeth® Baby Toothpaste is a safe way to reduce odor causing bacteria - helping to prevent early tooth decay.
We use only the finest natural ingredients to assure you the highest quality and extra gentle cleaning.
Compared to Other Toothpastes, First Teeth®:
Contains No Fluoride or Saccharin

  •  No Artificial Preservatives or Colors
  • Made with Natural Fruit Flavors
  • Totally Safe if Swallowed
  • Naturally protects, like Mother's Milk.
Mommynadia comment:
I went to few pharmacy, just found the Biotene tu aje..(the one recommended by Anne)
Actually,nmpk yg Oral B for sb tak tahu ape difference between this I decided to google 1st ..actually yg Oral B kids tu content flouride,which is tak digalakkan..but the above picture one (baby stage) not sure ada jual tak kat Malaysia..hishsihh..anyone pernah nampak somewhere..pls share :)
Price utk Biotene tu mahal jgak..Ingat nak kena beli 2,house and 1 utk nursery..huhu..
kalau dapat yg Oral B for baby tu ok reasonable price...:)
This website pun ok to read thru..

When should I start taking my child to the dentist?
 The American Academy of Pediatrics and most pediatric dentists say it's a good idea to bring your child to a dentist around the time he turns 1, just in case there's a problem that your family doctor missed or couldn't diagnose. If your child still hasn't sprouted his first tooth by 16 months, or if you notice tooth decay, mention it to your pediatrician, who will likely refer you to a dentist.

Mommynadia comment:  
oh..brushing pun tak consistent lagi nak bawak Adam jumpa dentist dah..??hehehe..:)
I should start immediately..risau bila my mom told that her fren's baby ada kena gingivitis..
should immediate survey and buy!!
Adam dah makan asyik brush witout the toothpaste..:)
better late than never..(ayat penyedap tuk diri sendiri!!)

I do need comments and ideas from mommies..
pls throw some ideas!..would really appreciate that..byebye..:)


Nadine said...

Nadia, I started training Faaz to brush his teeth when he was 10 months old. Masa tu I br start intro dia ngan protien. I tak guna oral tooth brush tp yg MaM tu. Alhamdulillah, by 12 months Faaz dah pandai gosok sendiri gigi dia. Bila I bawak masuk bathroom je first thing yg dia mintak is the toothbrush. :) So I recommend Adam utk trus with the tooth brush, so that he can independently brush his teeth in the near future ;)

And I am using Biotene as well. Takpe mahal sikit Nadia sbb mmg dia tahan lama. Faaz since I beli dulu sampai skang (dah 6 bulan )br half je luak. He uses it twice, daily. :)

mommynadia said...

mesti cantik gigi Faaz kan :)
yeah,I shud start early..tkpelah..belom lmbt kan..neway u pakai tbrush ape?
dah start nak kena ajar,hopefully he will accept!
lgpun dia selalu nganga tengok me n my hubby brushing teeth..oklah dah familiar..
wish me luck dear..:)

Nadine said...

Nadia, Faaz ade 2 tooth brush. Mula2 I beli MaM punye brand. Tp masa tu dia kecik lagi, br 10 months, I risau sometimes dia duk jolok2 hujung tooth brush tu dlm mulut dia.

So I beli another one, brand Jordan for babies. Terjatuh hati dgn design, colour (blue) and its practicality. :) Bentuk dia bulat kat hujung, jd tak dptla baby nak jolok2 mulut dia. Pastu in between ade hole, senang dia nak grip jugak. Gamba dia u boleh refer kat sini:
I beli kat Guardian Taipan je :)

Now I tukar2 tp Faaz lagi suka Jordan's. Dah get used to agaknye. So MaM I keep for traveling purpose.

Insyaallah, Adam will learn fast. Lagi2 dia duk tgk parents dia brush slalu kan. :)

mommynadia said...

cute lah design toothbrush tu..
aritu pergi jgak tgk2 kat perasan plak..tu I duk survey ask look at the normal design,mesti bb suka masuk mulut kan..

tak sabar nak start teach Adam..
Mommy n papa pun kena lg rajin brush teeth ni..hehehe:)

mommaholicSURI said...

Hehehehehe... Nadine mmg suka biru, Nadia. Tul x Nadine? hehehe... But seriously, design Jordan tu mmg comel! utk org tuanyer ade x? hihihihi..

Oman pun x start brush his teeth lagi. Walaupun ada 2 batang je, it's a good time to start dah kot kan. Plus, i think Oman dah ready sangat. Asyik nak tolong gosokkan gigi momma and dadda dia je. Hehe..

Nadia, Nuurill rasa Adam pun mesti dah ready. Gosok gigi session mesti become a total fun to him! :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Hehehehehe... Nadine mmg suka biru, Nadia. Tul x Nadine? hehehe... But seriously, design Jordan tu mmg comel! utk org tuanyer ade x? hihihihi..

Oman pun x start brush his teeth lagi. Walaupun ada 2 batang je, it's a good time to start dah kot kan. Plus, i think Oman dah ready sangat. Asyik nak tolong gosokkan gigi momma and dadda dia je. Hehe..

Nadia, Nuurill rasa Adam pun mesti dah ready. Gosok gigi session mesti become a total fun to him! :)

mommynadia said...

ooowh yeke!blue is common color for Adam too..hehehe..:)
kan Nuurill,cute btol design Jordan tu..kalau kita pakai mesti lg mantap gosok gigi..kihkih..

a'a,Nuurill, shud start now..jgn jadik mcm I,lmbt dah..thats why tak sabar nak ajar Adam to use the toothbrush :)

Oman ada 2 gigi..mesti nak kena blend lagik bubur Oman kan..:)
Adam dah ada 4 gigi gerham..cepat btol!
tu nak kena speed up ni..

Unknown said...

bestnye adam dah bleh start brushing teeth. Lissa kena blajar dr adam lah pasni. So, work hard, ok adam? and of course good luck, nadia! dah expert nanti bleh share dgn airin ;)

mommynadia said...

no hal Lissa..
Abg Adam willingly nak ajar Lissa nanti :)

hushuss said...

hazrat ada 1st tooth when we was 5 months. huspa tak gosok lak gigi dia. when he was 9 months camtu, mil belikan berus gigi Jordan yg ada teether kat belakang tu. sgt cute dan practical.

then, huspa bought the same tooth brush sbb yg mil belikan tu letak rumah baby sitter. so far, hazrat ok je masa gosok gigi sbb huspa selalu tunjuk masa huspa gosok gigi. so, dia pun excited nak gosok gigi. klu dia taknak, paksaan akan dilakukan. hehehe...

Adam dah ada byk gigi tak?

mommynadia said...

awal jgak Bobot kuar 1st tooth ek..Adam skarng dah dah ada molar,tu nak kena cepat2 berus gg..risau!!
tgh pening takut kt nursery diorang tk layan :(

wish Adam behave well too ms gosok gg..:)

Nadine said...

Mea,yesza..Im blue dabedi dabeda..hihihi.
I think Oman pun dah ready utk start since dia pun dah start indulged in variety of foods.

So Momma Oman and Mommy Adam, Slamat bergosok gigi dgn anak masing2! ;)

mommynadia said...

thanks Nadine..
Nadia pun tgh semangat ni...:)
thanks Nadine fo such gud info..

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