Saturday, March 27, 2010


Did I tell you that I was so tired and stressed this few days..?? Yes I really2 tired and few days having bad headache..(not sure is it a migraine or just  normal headache..)
Biasalah towards the end or 2009/2010 fiscal year..banyak plak keje yg nak settle..with the KPI,audits,n more audits from ISO/VCA..and many more..I really need a break!
At least a gud rest before steping to new fiscal year..

So I meet my lady B and asked for the permission to one day training at Concorde...
and she said OK..
Actually dah selalu training and only Shah Alam area aje..tak pernah plak jejak kaki Concorde KL..huhuhu jakun hooray..:)

On Friday,dengan semangat meredah jammed at Jalan Duta..I went to ID Thermography in Predictive Maintenance..
The seminar actually is OK but the eating time was the most awaited one..

The Melting Pot..
I think the deco pun almost the same with Shah Alam one..cuma the space is slightly bigger..

Tadaa..I was eating like at the end..macam nak terkeluar balik..
Ni aje ke??Ada lg..sebelum tu lupa nak snap pic..
having spaggetti and also fish,salad and some veggie..

 1st time stepped in the Hard Rock Shop..
Ingat nak beli t-shirt utk Adam..simple sangat plak..:(
tak jadik..
Wish we would have chance to go to Hard Rock Hotel at Penang some where later this year...

ok..short update for weekend..
Happy Weekend everyone:)


zahira said...

wah...sedapnya mkn kat otel. I likeeee....HRC! i've been to HRC Bali, HRC KL tak penah masuk lagi, hahahaha...1 day rasa nak pegi jugak lar masuk.

Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

salam kenal,

tgh blog hopping terjumpe plak. good to travel! u get lots of experience and chance to compare new places and thennn.... RECOMMEND to everybody! :)

please drop by if u'r free. thanks.

mommynadia said...

hehehe..the best thing pergi training kan :)
wah bestnye dah bnyk pergi not yet..

mommynadia said...

Hi fairus,
I dah drop by ur nye ade peluang duk Dubai ek??keje sane ke?
ye lah kan..travelling mmg best tp nk kena well plan..kan kan??specially with the active young boy to handle..
and thru other's blog pun I gained info on how to travel with lil kid around..
InsyaAllah ada masa dan peluang :)

neway thanx for dropp' by and feel free to visit again :)

Nadine said...

Amboi2 Mommy Adam. Ni pegi training ke pegi relaxing nie? Hihihi..kidding! I pun always looking forward to attend trainings outside the office. Skali skala kluar seronok kan? :)

mommynadia said...

haha..Nadine mmg jelas dan nyta kan pergi berpoya2..hhahaha!
tp ade jgak masuk sket pasal maintenance!
ye la asyik duk tercongok buat keje,nak kena refresh jgak otak ni!hehehe:)

faerni said...

hah, i've been to both concorde hotel be it kl or sa. One thing for sure, the food....HEAVEN! rasa cam tak nak balik je!!! :))

mommynadia said...

hi Kak Erni,
welcome to my blog!
office lama n skrang semua area shah alam,so most training or gathering kalau we choosed concorde mesti s.a area..mmg tak pernah g kl jakun!!
btw the food mmg heaven!best2!!

Unknown said...

hi nadiah..still remember me..nice all picture at dis blog..very interesting to look..

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