Thursday, March 18, 2010


Its almost 2 weeks after posted the entry about STROLLER OH STROLLER !!!,
and now Adam ready to move with his new lighweight ride (so-called la..hahha!!) ...thx for all the ideas mommies!!

After posted that entry (quite a quick entry that Friday evening actually),
I gv a call to my hubby and asked for the logictivity of that idea!..*wink*wink
well for my went very smooth and fast..*pelik sebenarnye..why???*

Still remember when it was a day before I give birth to my lil' one,where I was 3cm dilated on that time..
and yet we were still at The Curve,eyeing for the stroller to buy...*crazy ait!*
tp tu lah keje mommy n papa Adam!..*still remember boley shopp' bedspread Elle on sale lagi!*
out of long list baby check items to buy..semua ok..senang nak dapat kata sepakat...
tp bab stroller nih..payah betul..*sigh!*
mane tknye hubby looking for a sporty stroller so-called with big tyre *ingat sports car ke ??nak rim 17"*
..then nak yg boleh facing us n out at one time,plus boley adjust height lagi..
yours truly plak..nak yg commey aje..boleh angkut mudah..dah!settle..!

yg macamane???ni hah..!!!sila scroll...

Stokke Xplory..gulp!!
tk yah lah cakap dia punye features kan..superb!
tp harga dia..botak kepala den!!
anyone intrested go to this link *Stokke*
jeng jeng jeng

Adam in Stokke...
owhh..tidak ye puan2..Ini hanyalah untuk tujuan bergambar sahaja..
thnx Umi Wida for the ride..
terlepas hajat papa nak bg anak teruna dia naik sports car..:)
*walaupun mommy tahu papa masih menyimpan harapan dan cita2..ouchh!!*
(kita doa Mr Nuffnang bg kita duit banyak2..mana tahu kan..ada rezeki..:)Amiinn!

plus papa also eyeing for this..the phil n ted..
punye lah bulky type kan..
kalau bawak hummer takpe lah jugak ..:)

kalau ikut mommy,cam gini pun dah ok...
Graco Mosaics

Exactly after my confinement, the 1st thing we did bila balik Shah Alam..we go for stroller hunting again..
Masih payah..but since Adam was inside the carrier at that time,we have to make decision somehow...
there we go..this graco as per mentioned in last entry...

not bad..mommy pun suka..
A lil bit bulky but yet very comfy n spacious (huhuhu)...
look,semua brg2 mommy pun boleh campak kat below compartment tu..
not planning to let go sb we still admire the sportiness of this stroller..

time goes buy..and with the good offer from Mothercare sale..
we bought a new one..
I planned for Volo/Triumph kan..but bila dah sampai Mothercare..test punye test..
we decided to go for MacLaren Quest Mod..extra of 4 positioning recline..others feature still the same..

red and black again...
n mommy agreed with papa's choice even I luv the plain more :)

 here we go..our lil munchkin with his new ride..happy!

 having a coffee at Kiliney's..pls spot us!

yeap..the sale still going on at all mothercare outlet..
have a look mommies!!!

for more infor for those who were still eyeing for new pushchair,pram or buggy,this website will help you alot..take a look!

p/s : nk tergelak teringat after started to use this Quest, sb dah biasa ngan heavyweight type one, tertonggeng stroller tu after we took Adam from it..!..nk sgt ringan..nah amik!!

till then..:)


Nadine said...

Wah Adam dah dpt stroller baru...nice!!

Hihi, kelakar plak the last part. siap tertonggeng stroller tu eh..betapa mantapnye berat Adam. hihihi :)

mommynadia said...

a'a dear..dah lame actually eyeing,tksangka ada mothercare sale..grabbed je lah..
u too..eyeing for car seat kan..ada sale skrang better grab now!

betul u,angkat Adam tertonggeng depan kedai..malu tau!
maklumlah 12kg boy!!huhu..Faaz pun mantap jgak kan..bp kg now??
tgk pipi yg supergebu tu..geram!!

Mek Rose said...

wow..kami tak mampu nak beli stroller2 di atas..hehehe..

mmg cantik..:-)

mommaholicSURI said...


Adam's new stroller is exactly like what i was eying before we decided to go for Inglesina. Exact model, exact corak2 tu. But that time, dekat SP xde stock dah. Yang tinggal 1 je display item yg dah dekat 2 bulan di display.. xmo xmo.. :)

Good choice dear! :)

BabyIntan said...

Salam bertandang ke rumah MommyNadia :) Weee ur boy adam pon geram okeh tgk! So bam-cam and comelicious :)

Intan polo and link ur blog ye...tenkiu coz suka tgk Arissa :D

P/s: Cun lah the new stroller tu!

mommynadia said...

mmg tak mampu nak beli Stokke yg mahal itu..huhuhu :(

oh yea ke..
I loike urs dekat mothercare cm takde kan..??tgk baby cottage tkde red color..huhuhu
so I grabbed je yg far ok lah..

mommynadia said...

Kak Intan,
Hi..welcome to blog Nadia yg tak seberapa ini..
nadia pun dah lama link urs..hopefully ada rezeki ur giveaway..huhuhu :)

tq..simple yet nice kan..:)

Thara said...

babe, that's a very nice stroller u got for adam there! nape i taktau ade stroller Quest Mod dulu eh! mine (Quest Sport) is exactly the same, cuma takde corak2 yang sangat cantik itu! kalau i tau ade Quest Mod, mmg i dah go hunting for them! lawa! ;)

mommynadia said...

thanks dear..
ooo..u pun pakai quest jgak ek..??
tak silap I ada dua type mod tu..another one yg pink color..:)cute!
I pun tak sempat nak survey lama..short notice sgt dr mothercare..huhu..lucky yg tu lawa..:)

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