Thursday, July 25, 2013

[SPECIAL PROMO] : Grab Baby Khalifah Series for ONLY RM 75 per box !!! (SALE ENDED!!)

Grab Baby Khalifah Series (BKS) today for ONLY RM 75 per box. 
Postage is RM10 (Total is RM85). 
Woot woot =)

Buy more to enjoy further reduction;
3 - 5 boxes of BKS to enjoy > RM 12 ~ RM 25 reduction from total!! 
(Hint : do combine purchase with ur family and frens to enjoy this special reduction)

This gonna happen for TODAY only, so don't miss it.
Last payment to confirm purchase before 11.59 pm tonight. All orders will be courier on Monday onward. 

Email me at for quotation/invoice. 

Let's have fun learning with BKS!

Happy shopping everyone ..


Qashmere said...

Yang ini sebenarnya apa? Buku ke?

mommyNadia said...

Islamic learning series for kids between 1-4 years. Boleh visit this link for review ya! =)

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