Monday, July 8, 2013

Blogger Tea Party by Method Malaysia..

I've been invited to a bloggers tea party by method Malaysia recently. It was a cool and leisure event and honestly I had so much fun there. It was the most cosy event I've ever attended before. Tho I was the last person to arrive *thanks everyone for patiently waiting for my arrival* but lucky me, I never missed any of the activities that evening. Yeap, I was stucked in massive jammed at NKVE and Jalan Tun Razak tho I went out early and performed solat at petrol pump at NKVE. Pity me!Sobs!!

Mad about method bloggers tea party props!

If you one of my loyal readers, you all must be aware about method from my previous entry, isn't it? Have a look here! That was the first time I heard about the brand. But ever since then, I started to fall in love with all the products they have. Mahu tak. Take a look the below picture..

Crazy aight!! Rasa nak bawak balik semua aje..
Look at the wonderful colors they have..Tell me what do u see?
Yeap..there are fruits and veg..

The best thing about method is all the products are from natural plants and pretty sure they are all non-toxic. Most important things are all the bottles and plastics they used also from safe and bio-degradable materials. This is to support green and safe environment campaign. For details about this, take a look at this link!

Soon after my arrival *macam VVIP plak ya*, the program started. Our event started with some explanations from WMS Marketing CEO, the representative company for method Malaysia. The short briefing about the history of method and various household products they have for kitchen, bathroom, living and dining room up until the laundry as well. What I like the most about this, the most importance aspect when we have kids specially baby/toddler around the house, it is super important to ensure cleaning process done perfectly without leaving any residue behind. Toddlers as we knew, they tend to pick up everything from floor, table or anywhere around the house, simply put in the mouth. With the use of non-toxic product, at least we know is less harmful for our kids.

Proven! Drinks and all mopping stuffs can be at the same table here at method tea party..

Focus listening to the precious info related with bio-degradable and method products! 

After the briefing, we have also have fun games with all the bloggers to list up all the method products around the apartment suite..

Glad that I won for 2 areas, but both for master and 2nd bathrooms..
This entitled me to bring 6 stuffs of bathroom stuffs home yeay!!
*Tak sia-sia penat redah jam ok!!*

Before we go back home, we also had some refreshments served for all of us..yums!

Fun time playing around with photo props before go back home!

With Nadine and Ayuni..

Thanks Julia for d invite!!
Would love to hear more from you dear..=)

Yours truly with the goodie bag full of method stuff!!
Love it!!!!

 I'm so happy to have method around my house now..

Yeap, the bathroom cleaner is one of the best, I can clean up the bathroom without to hold my breath due to the strong smell using the current bathroom cleaner. And less worry now since I know it harmless for my kids as well since the 2 spent at least 15 min in the bathroom playing with water =) Opps one more..the green tea and aloe handwash..honestly please go and get one!! Sangat wangiiiiii....

Visit Jaya Grocers, Isetan stores and any leading grocers to have this super cool stuffs for our home sweet home!! Visit method Malaysia at their facebook page and good thing you can also get all the products through online at this link! My next target is to have the squirt and mop of lemon ginger. Owh dear, love the smell so much and I want to have a home that safe for all my kids..

"for people against dirty"


Ayuni A. said...

Woot was fun kan! Heheh..I pun rasa dah fall in love with their products..hehehe..Plus its wangiiii..

lina said...

Products dia sure best. :)

p.s. tak sempat nak chat with you that day. ^^

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