Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Pre-order]: Words Builder book to help preschoolers on writing..

Just a short entry..

I'm currently selling this book, "Words Builder" at my instagram..
Actually bought the book from Qaiser Darussalam last weekend, and found the book was so interesting and I was personally looking for the book to help on Adam's I shared at my ig..
Tak sangka ramai yg minat and place order..
Now stock dah habis, and since ramai yg request, I make a pre-order again to ensure everyone will have chance to own the book..
*baca sampai abis, sebab ada good news at the end of my entry ok*

A lil bit about the book..just to give overview on overall book..
*will have a proper review soon*
Total page of 141 with hard cover binding..
Very nice illustration and works as a workbook to help children to improve their writing skill..
Good thing is, not only focus to write, the book also can help preschooler on reading as well..
 Lets go through..

Publisher Darussalam..

There are 5 main chapters *divided by colors*..
First and second chapter focus on letters..

Move to simple phrases..

Start to learn to read using simple phrases..

Finally as the children finished the first 3 chapters, 
they will able to read the simple sentences as below.

Great rite!
Every page came with simple instruction at bottom to guide parents on how to use/teach  the children and perform activity at every! Love this..

Hurry up parents..
We have special offer during this pre-order..
The book sell at RM 33.50 with RM 6 postage (via poslaju). 
Total is RM 39.50!!
 *Retail price with postage is RM 41*

Pre-order until next week Wednesday ..
Hurry up.. price will go back to normal after 17th August 2013..
Secure on for you by emailing me at
Woot woot!! 

Synopsis of the book:
The fundamental objectives of the course are to educate and train the students in the four basic skills of comprehending, reading, speaking and writing; to provide the pupils with a course that will enable them to use the English language for everyday communication, so that when they leave the school, they can continue their studies through the medium of English or take up employment that involves the use of English.


Nurul aziyana said...

1st tme jejak sini.. so sweet la ur blog, i like purple..comey je..

ninie said...

assalamua'laikum mommynadia, really love the book. Pls reserve 1 utk saya and advise on the payment.

mommyNadia said...

Salam ninie,
Check your mailbox k dear..

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