Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Little famous star in the making..

The slot for Little Scientist which featured Adam and his BBIMers' friends, was finally aired last week at Assalamualaikum program of TV Al Hijrah...
Yeap, mommy missed it as well as Omma yg ditugaskan utk snap the video too..
Well, thanks again to his Aunty who always updating all Aptitude's mommies on our kids activities through whatsapp group..
Owh btw, there will be another slot I guess, the one that I published behind the scene on you tube recently..

Mommy plak yg malu2 tengok anak sendiri dalam video..
Well ..good job Adam and the team..Awesome kiddos!

Enjoy  the video..
*hopefully the quality is good*

Yup...muka Adam asyik interframe aje kan..hiks!
*maklumlah suka volunteer diri aje*


DYatie ABakar said...

Good Job Adam! :D

ishamizu said...

Good job, Adam! :)

Nadine said...

A star has been born!! :D

Nadine said...

A star has been born!! :D

famyGirl said...

*applause* Yayy for Adam. Lepas ni kena kejar dgn talent agency heeheehee

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