Friday, June 14, 2013

Congratulations to Irine Nadia!

If you're one of those followers of Irine Nadia Marcello *either blog or insta*..
U'oll mesti dah tahu kan..
Si cantik manis Irine Nadia ni dah selamat deliver baby girl..
Comel, macam mommy dia jugak..
Tak silap nama baby Irine ialah Fiska Medina - called by FM 
*I like nama Medina tu jgak =)*
Congrats again and welcome to new world of motherhood!

Since I posted entry about Irine Nadia 2 months back, eh ramai plak yg berkunjung kat blog mommyNadia ni disebabkan google about Irine Nadia..
Read this entry..

So, one day, tiba2 rase macam nak contact Irine nadia ni, sb teringin nak bagi prezzie for her..
Ntahlah, idea tu tiba2 je datang..
I sent email to her fb and also dekat blog dia..
Alhamdulillah, she replied to my email..
I'm soooo happy!

So, this is the prezzie for beautiful mommy to be *time tu lah*..

Alhamdulillah, the parcel received few days before she delivered the cute baby FM..
I noticed about that when I received email saying I have new follower at twitter and insta!

So happy and very honored, blogger hebat macam Irine sudi follow mommyNadia yg tk seberapa ni..

Just look at her followers..
Same amount at her insta and blog.
Pengsan mak tgk dik oiii =)

And furthermore, I never thot that she will also posted about this at her insta too..
Wa wa..I was like flying to the moon tak nak balik2 dah rase..

Tak silap as of today dah 2800++ likes she received..
*kalau I sampai tualah tak dapet!*

Hope you will enjoy the book darling!

Since then, honestly said, I did received a lot of orders for the book..
Hopefully dapatlah bantu sesiapa nk dapatkan naskah ni..
Will try to make review about this book soon..

For those who interested, kindly email me at
Special price is waiting!!

Again, thanks alot Irine Nadia..


MamaRayyan said...

salam, buku tu nampak much?

MamaRayyan said...

buku tu nmpak much?

Unknown said...

the wrapping.. so sweet!!

mommyNadia said...

Hi Mama Rayyan,
Harga buku RM 45 with postage RM8. Yup dear mmg nice book with lot of info!

mommyNadia said...

Sweet mcm tuan dia tak? I mean tukang tulis ni kahkahkah!! =)

Unknown said...

ahemm.. ye la kasi can la.. mmg sweet pun tukang tulis nye :P

Irine Nadia said...

tq mummyyyy nadiaaaa.hehehe.irine tgh curik2 on9 ni.heks! :P

buku tu irine siap bawak pegi spital smntara tgu nak bsalin..:)

mommyNadia said...

Hi Irine,
Thank you for being here darling!! *lompatbintang*
hehe, mesti semangat nak baca sebab gmbr2 dia sgt cute kan. =)

Anyway, take care dear and enjoy breastfeeding =)

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