Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adam Mikael on TV Al Hijrah..

That was the first word when Adam's aunty (Auntie Nori) whatsapp'ed me on last Friday..
As usual, standard mak-mak apa korang pike?
"Ala..arini I bagi baju ape jerrr *tension okeh*"
And lucky Auntie Nori said, Adam wore school uniform during shooting..
Fuhhh!! Lega..

So what happened?
Actually Brainy Bunch ada shooting with TV Al Hijrah..
Pernah jugak kebetulan tengok slot diorang on program Assalamualaikum (every Friday's slot)..
Kalau tak silap..
And these few weeks, TV Al Hijrah, BBIM and Little Scientists, they had collaboration to promote Little Scientist program..
Dekat BBIM, diorang mmg pakai LS module dalam sistem pembelajaran diorang for science subject..

So happened on the shooting day, Adam was not among the chosen 5 children..
Biasalah budak2, bila dah tengok nice set up semua, excited lah kan..And most of his group mates plak ada kat situ, menangis nak join jgak..
Boleh plak?? Aishhh Adam ni..
So, again mommy dia risau takut dia buat kacau ke apa kan..
Glad to hear the aunty said once Adam came in, he immediately stole the limelight from everyone. Cute thing, he even sat on host's nap..+___+
Owhhh I cant wait to watch the slot to be aired..
Hopefully he's doing well even though wild card =)
Good job Adam! Mommy so proud of you..

Btw, this is the you tube behind the scene for the video shooting that day..
Thanks alot Auntie Nori for info..
It was a good experience and exposure for him indeed..
Thank you so much..
*mommy over sebab terharu ok*

Adam was a lil bit upset sb I tak tgk dia shooting..
Sb dia tak tahu slot tu belum tayang..
Ingat I missed langsung tak boleh tgk..hehehe..
So cutelah u!

Btw, enjoy the video..
Sikit tak bnyk..
Adam was the one yg berlari2 tu..
*tak dapat upload,click the lick to view ok darl*


Blog Diva said...

tok laku doh la ustaz don pahni ;p

famyGirl said...

Waaaah... Adam dah jadi celebrity!! :) *thumbs up*

mommyNadia said...

kahkakah..Ustaz Dam boley? =)

mommyNadia said...

Celebrity?Tgk dulu macamane bila air nanti..=)

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