Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fabulous Motherhood as reseller for Qaiser Darussalam..

I have courier all the orders last week, almost 70 items in total..
Hopefully the parcels safely arrived to all my darling buyers..
*berani kata darling sb mmg semua fabulous mommies hehe*
Quite challenging as we have to ensure we sent the orders correctly..
So much fun indeed =)

Until today, I still have few emails coming to my mail box..
Asking about the books and learning stuffs..
InsyaAllah, will continuously taking orders for those who interested buying those stuffs..

I'm so happy to announce that Fabulous Motherhood now is Qaiser Darussalam reseller..
Very honored to be part of QD..Syukur! Hope to have good collaboration with Sis Anita in future. InsyaAllah!

So everyone, do send me your quotation on any books and learning stuffs from Qaiser Darussalam or Qhaleefah Ilm..
Email me at
Hold on! You will be surprise on our new price offered as well *check it out!*
*Hint : there are free postage for certain stuffs too..weeee!!*opps!

Visit this link for details of products available..

Meantime, we are still in the stage to finalize our page for Fabulous Motherhood Little Shop opps!
Till then..

Have fun learning!

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