Friday, January 18, 2013

Striving for Double PhD in Breastfeeding..

Yes, I have about 2 and half months before graduate with PhD in bf. Double PhD sb time Adam dulu pun Alhamdulillah, managed to fully bf until 2yo, and continued tandem nursing for 4 months after delivered Ryan. During that time, Adam already 2 yo and started with UHT milk since he refused to take formula milk. Generally kalau dihitung, daripada Adam sambung ke Ryan, I just fully rest from bf  for only 2 months during preggy. Sebab time preggy, Adam still bf till I was 7mos preggy. And talking about breast pumping, I think I cuti dalam 5-6months je. Kalau nak tahu, ever since my first preggy until now, I'm still wearing breastfeeding bra and I miss to visit La Senza so much. Uhuks!!!

Due to this, lately ni I bnyk sgt buat -ve statement about breastfeeding. Bukannye kata bf semua tak bagus. It just that, I complaint a lot. Malas nak pumping. Sakit belakang. Ryan kuat gayut malam2. Serba serbi malas lah. At one level, I managed to deplete all my stocks few weeks ago, sb lately ni tahap gaban gila malas nak pump. Dekat nursery lama Ryan dulu, diorang selalu inform kata Ryan kurang minum ebm dah, at one time dia buang sebab tak habis. Vavavava..depa ingat duk perah tiap2 hari tak penat ke, amboi2..So, since tu, I just pump for his daily consumptions. Dekat playschool ni, maybe sb dah selalu bekal yg fresh, yesterday stock, so Ryan suka ke ape, dia minum lah pulak. Nak tak nak sekarang kena ensure daily pump 12-14 oz for next day stocks. So at 21 mos, officially I'm no longer have any ebm stock in case of emergency. Syabas betti! *ni kalau ada apa2 mampos*

Until yesterday, I triggered by one of my ex-colleague through iG. Dia bgtau yg dia aim nak fully bf her kids as well after our team-building 4 years back. That time I just joined my company and was sent for a teambuliding. Adam baru 4 bulan, so pagi2 gigih lah mengepam, bising satu rumah dengan mini-e nye. So, I think mase tu diorang semua *sb ramai yg bujang2* duk tny lah about bf. Seriously, I never thought that the short conversation we had during our 2 nights stay, boleh encouraged dia untuk fully bf her kids as well. Yup, she managed to prove it. Now dia pun tgh bf her first lovely princess. Sgt gebus!!

Great job Irni!!

And last night, for the first time, rase malu sgt dengan diri ini. journey mungkin dah nak abis, but others might just started or still tengah tambah ilmu about bf. Sometimes with my -ve statement, mungkin buat u'oll rase down about bf, I'm so sorry. My bad. Starting from last night, I have promised myself, InysaAllah, although I truly need rest a lil while in breastfeeding, but I will never ever put any -ve statement about bf anymore. Yes, breastfeeding is so beautiful. Maybe I boleh berlagak masa ni nak cepat abis 2 years kan, but believe me after a while mesti rindu balik nak bf. Its part of my life already. Part of my daily routine. I might feel empty after this. Rase penat, malas semua, all breastfeeding mommies akan rase, I don't have to make that statement sepatutnye. My fault! =( And promised to encourage more mommies to fully bf as well. I will try my best to help any new mommies who need some tips in bf. Just drop me email/watsapp or any social media you have to contact me, InsyaAllah, will try my best to share.

Dengan baki 2 months ni, I will try my best to enjoy as much as I can. Yeah, I'm striving for another PhD. *sebak nye*

ps: walaupun hakikatnye, in education wise, I tak pernah plan nak sambung PhD wuhahahaha..


amirah said...

dh dekat nak abis,..waaa..dah nak striving really really hard to stock up again sebab stok ebm dh sgt2 kritikalll..and my baby is just 10 mnths. long way to go. tktau how to increase production lg dah. kdng dpt cuma 15 oz per day. but i managed to bf my first child smp 2thn 2 mnths and masa tu heavily preggie jugak. tp betul sgt2, bila x bf rasa mcm something is wrong. i think kita bukan complain tp just rasa sgt2 exhausted. sebb tu kita tend to complain a lottt..that's me!huhu..

Unknown said...

hi...came across ur blog..hehehhe..congrats 2 u coz u almost g'graduate' wth bf..hehhehe..sila tepuk tgn kuat2 n, i may ask few tips from u la kn?since u told so, if anyone need sumthing to ask, u r freely to help..hehehe..well, i'm currently expecting my second child..during my 1st child, he can't consume my BM..i don't why..each time he drinks, he'll vomits..infact the color of the milk is very different compared to normal BM..mine was orange in, for this second pregnancy, i really determined to giv fully bf..can u share some of ur experiences with feel to reply me to my mail u dear;o)

mama ct said...

nad, i bila baca ni kan i pulak yg rasa sedih, sebenarnya, i dah rasa sedih bila faris masuk 1 1/2... i rasa kejap sgt i BF, lepas ni dah le x boleh nak ada baby lagi....rasa rindu sgt bila baby BF...rasa sayu sgt bila terkenangkan dia dah nak masuk 2 tahun...jantung oh jantung...ijn oh ijn...hurm...* tgh BF faris ni*...

ayoh semua..teruskan usaha...!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hey you are not bad at all. At least you manage to BF until 2 yrs, thats a huge achievement! :)

Aih rindu nak BF lagi. The thing I miss most about BF is how it feels, you know perasaan bonding dgn baby kita masa BF tu. Rasa mcam satu miracle connection mcm tu kan. And watching baby so serene masa bf tu, tenang je...heheh

Unknown said...

u have inspired a lot of us tau. so dont feel bad about the complaining. i personally still remember how u sortof taught me how to prepare myself, the equipment aka gear for bf :)
you'll continue to inspire others. especially with ur double phd ni tau ;)
good job, dear. me, at 18 months, hanie dah stop bf automatically. i pun xtau kenapa, but she just refused to.siap buat bunyi wek wek lagi klu i paksa dia.haha.

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