Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's brekkie for kids..

"Good morning kids..
I made chessy hotdog rolls for you.."

For Adam...

For Ryan..

With cups of milky milo..

"Yums!! Best lah mommy.."

"nom nom nom"...

Hahaha, its so easy to impress u kids..
Hope you will have a great day ahead at school..
Mommy missed you already...>.<


My Love.. said...

mommy...both kids sleep at what time? woke up in the morning? n what time u left home? i cannot imagine la kena bangun skali pepagi with kid...

Blog Diva said...

kurus posa i tgk gmbr sedap2 ni... wiken ni nak beli cheese bikin roll mcm ni lah!

ryan, jeleslah tgk pinggan mickey you. pinjam bleh?

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