Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Salam everyone...
Still remember my first ever guest blogger project?Dr Siti Rohana aka mama ct, will conduct one day seminar and workshop about Early Education. Great job ct! *kagum betul dgn semangat kental wanita ini dalam pendidikan awal anak* One day seminar will be happened early of March 2013. Special price for early bird!! Alhamdulillah, I've booked a seat for me. Hopefully to absorb as much I can from this wonderful lady. 

For more info, check out this link!
For booking, you may directly contact her at siti.rohana@gmail.com
Or u can drop comment down here, InsyaAllah will try to assist!

ps: pray for a smooth journey ct. All the best! 


intz said...

Thanks for your update ;)

ReeneeRaaid said...

wish i can participate.. but it's kinda expensive :(

Anonymous said...

berminat ye..dah email to pn siti..
btw, nk bawak baby masa morning session ok tak?

- Kurine

mommyNadia said...

No problemo!

mommyNadia said...

Do follow ct's blog. She's gonna update regarding the staggered payment. InsyaAllah harap boleh membantu =)

mommyNadia said...

Hi dear..
Dah join. See ya soon..
Ct tgh plan how to arrange parents who come with kids. Sb I pun mcm kena bawak terus dr pagi.hehehe

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