Monday, October 1, 2012

October, please be nice to me ....

Ok, I'm now trying to get back momentum to blog. Sorry for the long silence. Past 2 weeks were such hectic weeks for us. Tiring days entertaining the sick but active boys, lack sleep to do house chores and pending office job and haywire routines as we temporary moved to our 5 stars hotel again, uhuk uhuk DEMC la!! Bila kesihatan anak-anak tak mengizinkan, memang boleh buat semuanya jadik haru biru. Continue entry from Stay at home mommy, demam Ryan masih tak kebah walaupun dah masuk hari ke-8. Nak kata tak tinggi, tapi sometimes goes up to 38 degC jugak. So, no more delay, I decided to see the paed on last Monday. Hati dah kuat kata memang kena admit jugak lah budak Ryan ni. We went to see Dr Fadzillah from DEMC Specialist. Doc suggested to get him warded so that they can closely monitor the temperature and started on 3 hours neb, sb dah flu and batuk pun berterusan. Since Ryan not responding to previous treatment, paed started to gv him 5 days course of anti-viral as well. Lucky it was oral type, tk payah drip bagai. Ryan ni, tag nama letak kat tangan pun boleh dibukak, apatah lagik kalau pakai drip semua. 

Good thing is, Ryan was so cooperative during neb time.
On last day, boleh siap tolong pegangkan sekali dengan nurse tu..Good job boy.

Brought his fave toys to kill time at hospital...

End up, he more preferred to make ward tour rather than playing toys at his room..
Siap mandi je, terus tunjuk kasut dia, ajak pusing ward.

On 3rd day of our stay, mommy dah rase tak sedap badan. Ryan seems to respond with this anti-viral. No more fever, cuma flu and running nose je. We have problem with admission, they did not take note that I required a single bedded room, end up I requested doc to early discharge him and continue treatment at home. Duduk twin bedded room ni, bukan sahaja nak kena control pitching suara, si Adam and Ryan bukan boleh duduk diam, kena plak Ryan ni, setiap setengah jam, pergi buat lawatan bilik sebelah. Keje dia pegi selak langsir org sebelah je. Buzzybody!! Tension mommy nak kena tarik masuk balik. Sudahnye, hari Rabu petang kami dah keluar. Tapi yang best mommy plak yg berjangkit. Malam tu saje dah 39 degC. Adooila!

Temperature on Thursday morning before went to see doc..
2 more days mc to rest at home..
Agak2 boleh rest ke kalau anak-anak ada kat rumah?? Deng!!

After all drama, EL and MC, I'm returning to work today menunaikan kewajipan sebagai pekerja di syarikat pembuat kereta ini. I have tons of works to do and next week plak dah start training SAP balik. Walaupun sebenarnye baton sakit tu dah bertukar tangan ke Adam balik since weekend, but this time around, Mr Hubs need to take EL. Konsep gilir-gilir. Tapi bila Ryan susah nak gilir, sb papa takde tutttt!!! October schedules are pack with many activities, follow with November and Dec for kenduri kendara. Dengan cuti yang berbaki sedikit sahaja lagik, I pray harder moga Allah memudahkan segala urusan kami. Peliharalah kami dibawah payung keberkatan dan kesejahteraanMu Ya Allah.

October, please be nice to me...


Lina said...

hello mommie,
i can totally relate to this post as i've been through the same thing too. my daughter (who is 3y now) had hyperactive airway disease since she was 1y+. she gets sick easily and often infected by flu when the wheather is cold and sometimes it gets so bad that she needs to be admitted. When she falls sick, I had to get out of work and look after her which is so often. I had a hard time balancing as a mom and an employee; having to explain my situation to the management was a horrible experience. she was admitted to kpj twice for treatment - once when she was 1y+ and another 2y+. she had to undergo neb treatment, physio, chest x-ray, tried on many kinds of medicine for recovery. After our 2nd time warded, her paed introduced us to Pediasure and since consuming that, Alhamdulillah her health has become better. (seriously no joke!)She seldom fall sick and her appetite has improved tremendously. I am not promoting or anything; but as a mother myself, I would like to suggest that u try it... Insya Allah, i do hope it works for u too!

mommyNadia said...

Thanks for the advise dear..But my son (youngest one) still fully breastfeed. ;)

nia said...

hi nadia..

get well soon.

your breastfeeding journey really inspired keep it up..;)

Anonymous said...

working mum hmm..nak tanya i just moved to shah alam, and now looking new paed for my sons.Dr Fadillah tu ok tak?i menci kalau bayar mahal2,pastu consultation hampeh.yes i experienced once at Umra.bengong..anak i dah ada asthma but refuse to give ventolin.suh minum ubat syrup je

mommyNadia said...

Thx. Keep on reading dear ;)

mommyNadia said...

Hi dear..
So far Dr Fadzillah mmg sgt friendly, atau kalau dekat DEMC tu, for paeds, u can refer to Dr Roliza or Dr koshi. 3 of them are very good paed.
For me, the reason I chose DEMC, sb dekat sgt with my house. Kalau nak ikut paed yg I paling suka, detail check semua, I paling suka Prof CT Lim from UMSC. He's the best paed ever. Tapi sb jauh nak ke UMSC, I pergi DEMC jelah..
Kalau dekat outpatient DEMC,diorang dah provide semua neb, cuma kalau teruk sgt baru dia suruh refer specialist. Doc kat outpatient pun ok,anak I kalau batuk and chesty je, mmg doc prescribed ventolin terus. Specially kalau ada asthma kan, mmg kena amik ventolin lah kan..

So far ok, give try dear..

Anonymous said...

thks mommy nadia..boleh try.actually mmg my paed also prof ct lim,dah pindah shah alam tk sanggup nak traveljauh ke PJ plak.thks ya for the info

mommyNadia said...

Owh what a coincidence, u pun jumpa Prof CT Lim. Rindu betul nak jumpa dia,he's so friendly and sgt ke'atuk'an, kan??Very detail in checking his patient, which I didnt see at any other paeds I met. Tapi ms tak sesuai and federal yg jam, nak tak nak 2nd child tukar paeds.

No problemo dear ;)

Atie said...

MommyNadia..keja di PONSB ke?

mommyNadia said...

oppps ;)

Anonymous said...

ye sgt atuk ok,dia panggil nurse nenek ha2 so funny.i think last time ur gynae rpf zawiyah kan?

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