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It's a given. We are the entire competitive bunch. Whether it is ingrained in all humanity or something bequeathed to us, it's better to say that we just hate to compete but we do it anyways! And one greatest and most common competition actually starts from our very own home - motherhood.
This contemporary competition had set yet again the standards for bringing up children these days. Mothers are no longer facing competition among siblings, in-laws, fellow neighbours or professional mothers but instead these mothers are constantly in competition with their own feelings and their feelings of reinventing motherhood.
With competition, comes desire and with desire comes satisfaction. But entwined between these networks of emotions, are little secrets that mothers keep deep within themselves. The fact is that mothers are now more competitive than the world has ever seen. It's no longer just about raising your children and caring for the home - it being spotless and all - It is now to publicly display their triumphs for all to see.

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More mothers are inclined to provide holistic education packages to their children. In the recent years, especially in the competitive world that we live in, parents are more inclined and knowledgeable in giving the best for their children - in terms of maximising their potential to the fullest.
Culture sets up a dynamic - a mainstray embedded in a fabric of cultural confusion that promotes fierce competitions amongst them. And with these competition and desires, motherhood seems to stir profound insecurities for mothers as they travel the simultaneously overwhelming, joyous, happy, daunting, vulnerable, rewarding roller coaster path.
Mothers are often thwarted by the overwhelming amount of time and energy parenting requires. Most mothers aren't forthcoming about how anxious they feel, how isolating mothering can be, or how fulfilling it is to love a little person in such an inexplicable way. Competitiveness bubbles below the surface and desires turns to little secrets that live within them for as long as it's being thought.
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Why do mother get themselves muddled in these never-ending competition? Are you the only ones who do feel competitive and constantly having these self-loathing feelings that take us further from the reality of parenting? Let's find out very quickly with the survey below and soon, you will realise you are not the only one feeling all that you are. It's universal! So move that cursor and click on the door that opens up to the little dark secrets that mothers' longed to share! You'll be surprised that you are also looking in on other mothers' lives from a distance and you are not alone, experiencing motherhood through a lens of competition that inevitably heightens self-doubt.

Mothers, do you have some secrets to share? Take the Mum's Secret Survey HERE - don't worry, your identity will be a secret too! Find out what other mothers think as well, as we reveal the secret results on 29th October 2012 on MSN Malaysia.