Tuesday, October 16, 2012

His last day of being 3!

Yeap, my boy will turning 4 tomorrow. It's a mixture feeling I had now. Happy that Adam is a grown up boy already but at the same time rase sedih sebab cepat sgt dia besar. owhhhh!!! *feeling yg mak-mak pasti rase kan =)* Tapi sebenarnye feeling happy tu yang lebih. Yeah, I've to admit that the little Adam sekrang dah besar. Kalau tidur malam-malam peluk dia pun, rase macam tak caya dia dah besar sgt. Syukur Alhamdulillah, I can see his rapid growth specially after his 3rd birthday. Dah mula bnyak cakap, and so far able to make proper sentence walaupun mix up between malay and english. And sometimes ada jugak terkeluar loghat Terengganu, so funny  of you Adam. 

Next year, Adam will start his formal pre-school. As I said, formal since his current kindy cum daycare memang manjakan dia sangat2. Sedih jugak bila teacher dia kata Adam selalu kena denda face wall sebab tak nak belajar. Diorang pun tak push sebab Adam pun jenis buat dunno aje. Teacher dia cakap Adam memang tak kisah kalau kena denda face wall tu. I know my boy. Sometimes he rather to stand and face wall daripada do coloring or writing. As mother, I felt so sad. But knowing my boy, dia memang tak suka kelas yg strictly duduk and focus, do coloring or writing etc etc. I still remember how he used to enjoyed class at Kizsport. Playing and learning. So hopefully with new concept of learning soon, Adam will be more excited to learn. Jangan balik bgtau kena face wall lagi dah, mommy cry karang. huhuhu. But I'm happy to hear positive feedback from Adam, he's now counting days *actually months hahaha* to start at his green school. I never pushed him to learn and excel at school now, baru nak masuk 4 tahun pun kan, what should I expect. As long he knows numbers, alphabets  shapes, colors, animals, fruits and few more important words, I'm more than happy for you dear. Tapi bab face wall tu memang sedih hokey!!Sgt2 ;(

I admit that Adam is a very active boy, not everyone can handle this boy easily. Super active. But at least he will follow his parents instructions, should be ok already for us. Walaupun memang nak kena reward for every good deeds, standard lah kan, budak2. Lagi besar rewards, lagi rajin lah Abang Adam ni. Pitam mommy and papa!

Haha, the funniest part, Adam now is so addicted to watch Korean cartoon. I dunno how he found this series from you tube, but the police car in blue and pink cartoon is his new addiction now. We were surprised when he started singing the theme song well. Alamak dah pandai Korean lah plak. And sometimes I can hear Japanese cartoon too. Awal2 time jumpa siri kartun ni dulu, Adam pernah request my mom and myself to watch this series sb dia tak jumpa kat you tube history, so dia describe the cartoon as, policeman with 2 eyes and 2 hands. Garu kepala lah Omma and mommy. Last-last dia sendiri jumpa, Hahha!! 

So for his 4 years birthday celebration, we planned to let him celebrate with his friends at school. Maklumlah dah last-last kn. 4 tahun menetap kat situ, mesti sedih kan Adam? Since diorang tengah sibuk nak exam semua, we decided to do it during school holidays. So its gonna be the post b'day celebration for him lah. Adam memang sgt untung, he always got chance to celebrate with his grandparents for every of his b'day. Thanks Omma and Okki. Kebetulan ada kat sini, so before diorang balik Terengganu, we had a pre b'day celebration last Thursday at Italiannies, The Empire. Happy lah b'day boy, dapat tiup lilin b'day cake and get staffs at Italiannies nyanyi b'day song, siap malu-malu gitew.

Some of the pictures during Adam pre birthday celebration...

B'day boy and mommy!

His bambam lil' bro!


The food galore..
With 3 free kids meals..huhuhu, best!

The birthday cake..
Strawberry one requested by b'day boy..and the bread pudding one, complimentary from Italiannies..tq ;)

Zup sekelip mata strawberry hilang..
B'day boy sampai sekarang suka sgt kat strawberry tu..

Him..enjoying his Ipad more than other things..

We just bought this new Ipad, basicly sebab Adam requested to have this every single day. Celik mata sebelum tidur, and paling kelakar, kalau sape2 ada Ipad tu mmg sgt hebat lah for him..Siap tompang jari sekali nak main jugak. Soalan cepumas Adam bagi to his parents, "mommy, mana duit raya Adam banyak2 ?" Amboi sampai situ dia pikir sb nak Ipad. Bgtau masuk bank pun bukan dia paham. So now, ingat kan beli Ipad mommy boleh tompang sekaki, sorry lah.."Ipad Adam". But good things is, senang nak suruh dia buat keje. Reward him with chance to play with Ipad. Now, I try to pujuk him belajar kat school and tak nak face wall lagik, "so at night, mommy give u play Ipad, ok??" "Yes, mommy". Will see today. Ntahlah, tak pasti teruk ke upah anak macam tu, but that's the only way to train kids at this era. Rewards them with gadget. Uhhh!! So anggap tu b'day present kamulah yer, walaupun mommy and papa punye sebenarnye ;D Save tak yah beli b'day present this year, hehehe ;)

Last but not least, his carrot cake from wondermilk during weekend at Citta MAll...
Upon request...

Hope you will enjoy you 4th birthday tomorrow, though mommy and papa cannot apply leave to celebrate your big day, will see whether we can have dinner at night to celebrate your b'day, son.
Mommy and papa always pray you will grow up to be a good and soleh boy, ikut cakap mommy and papa..and rajin belajar, so you can be smart little caliphs as well dear..
Mommy, papa and adik Ryan love you so much Abang Adam...

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Happy b'day adam! Wahhh...dpt hadiah ipad :).

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