Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A visit to Brainybunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM) Open Day ..

Since we have made pre-booking for Adam pre-school couples of weeks ago at this school *ehem ehem the green school as being told earlier*, we have been invited for their Open Day at Campus Putra Height/ USJ. Seriously, mommy Adam paling excited habis. I was so eager to visit this new campus. Previous visit pun, tempat tu belum fully set up, so banyak yang tak siap, tak best lah kan. So we went there on Sunday morning, *haha since entry lama duk pending as draft, actually 2 minggu lepas dah*. After pre-registration at the counter, dapat goodie bag jugak, *I loike* , we straight away made our moved to their pre-school class at first level. We reached there around 10am, *not mistaken*, and we were really sure that was not Adam's nap time. But he was so excited smp susah nak control. Lari sini sana, not behaved well langsung. Pening mommy and papa tengok. I assumed because, before this, we kept on telling him that he will get chance to visit his green school. We also told him that green is very exciting place and fun. Agaknye, tu dia enjoy to the fullest. Nasiblah aunties kat situ, tengok dapat true color anak I yg super active. Hahahha!! Since, I dapat 2,3 kali visit and study their method of islamic montessori, and apparatus yg dia pakai. So I tak spent time lama sgt lah at each station.

Learning area..

Setiap subjek diasingkan mengikut color. And each color will represent max of 15 kids at one group. All the kids will be supervised with one aunty and that aunty  which also their teacher will teach them from one section to another section follow their daily schedule. So senang kata, aunty tu nanti boleh tengok perkembangan anak kita. There will be no homework or exam, and each kid will assessed daily by using the assessment list. The group of 15 kids were combined from 4-6 years old kids.

Each section such maths, language, wisdom, Iqra etc etc, there will be apparatus to be used by the kids.
To ensure the kids not simply play with all the apparatus, the first few weeks, student will be teach with the ground rules to behave at their school.

Dining area..
Each group of kids will have their own time for brekkie, lunch tine and tea..

Monthly menu..
*ada catering, so tak de lah aunties kat situ duk masak-memasak*

A very spacious mussola where the islamic subject will be teach here..
Kids also will have their solat berjemaah daily hare for Zuhur and Asar. And before starts class, the kids will perform dhuha prayers daily too... 

At the same area with preschool, there is one corner for playhouse, for kids between 18months - 3 years. The place is so cute..

Budak bambam pun tompang enjoy sekali..

Cute plak, kecik2 dah belajar kan..

All the kids enjoyed playing toy so much..
Bukan toy sgt pun..hehehe

At this new campus, BBIM will start their 1st elementary school too. Basicly for next year enrolment So, amik peluang lah jenguk sekali. Seriously sgt lah kagum, cantik sgt. Best gile kalau time kita dulu pun ada chance pergi sekolah macamni. Hahaha mommy berangan =)

Each class dia ada mini garden at back and front yard..
If u see the picture above, class dia separated by that grey wall...

Our first visit is at Maths Class..
All with red theme, from carpet, curtain and wording..

Adam enjoyed using the friction apparatus..

Moved to Science class..
Green theme..

And art class..
Blue theme..
*that's the mini garden at front yard*

They will learn musics here..ada guitar, violin and drum set..

Art and craft section..

My fave..

Gardening section..

Not mistaken, this is at language class..

"Aunty look!! Its piggy"
Oppps =)
Piggy pun ada yer...

Mini garden at backyard..
The 2 excited boys..

Moved to second level...
Ada dining hall for elementary students, gym centre, and musolla..

Gym centre..

Semangat Adam nak main ping pong..

Seriously, elementary school diorang mmg impressive habis. They still using Islamic Montessori concept and syllabus plak pkai Cambridge  punya. By the way, elementary class dia sekarang diorang baru launch utuk students 7-9 years old.

For Adam case, InsyaAllah, rasenya hati dah tertambat kat sini. Pray for a smooth journey. Heard about few incidents happened at other BBIM campus, really hope that was a very rare case. And I pray Adam will have chance to explore and learn more here. Yang penting having lot of fun leaning. If everything goes well, Ryan pun boleh jugak enrol for playschool prog, tapi biar abis tempoh ebm and cd dulu lah. Senang sket =) 

The goodies received..

Cepat lah next year, tak sabar nak hantar anak pergi sekolah ni...weee =)


Fatimah Al-Attas said...

Wow bestnyer! Mase zaman2 kita drawing2 pun dah kira best!


Unknown said...

u r lucky duduk kat kl ada tpt2 cmni nak hantar

Unknown said...

Bestnyeee! Tp i heard fees dia quite expensive. How much are you paying if you dont mind me asking? :) Kalau mampu nak jugak hantar si Bella ke sana..hmm...

Unknown said...

adam dah tak sabar tu nak g skool, nadia..
cutenye ryan with his smile. chubby!

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