Friday, October 5, 2012

18 months old Adryan Nufael ...

Adryan Nufael has turned 18 months old, 4 days ago...
This is something that I've been planned and delayed to do..
I did this transition entry for Adam Mikael when he turned 1 year..
And this entry dedicated for my little bambam boy..Adryan Nufael..
We love you so much cheeky and bambam lil boy..

01 04 2011 
Delivery of Muhammad Adryan Nufael ..

1 month..

2 months..

3 months..

3 months..

4 months

5 months..

6 months..

7 months..

7 months...

8 months..

9 months..

10 months

11 months..

1 year..

1 year..

13 months..

14 months..

15 months..

15 months...

16 months..

16 months..

16 months..

17 months..

18 months..



Arya Stark said...

you know nadia, dari dulu i geram tgk ryan ni x slim2... maintain chubby... geram betul tgk dia... i miss having a chubby boy to cuddle with... i dah try mcm2 nak chubbykan zabi aydan but to no avail... i guess i have to make another chubby baby... LOL. love love love seeing his pics nadia! post more please =) *geram rasa nak gigit mode*

Nadine said...

Happy 18 months old Ryan!
Jap je hero mommy dah besar. Paling tabik tgk pipi labuh dia. tak surut2! :)

FazzNeo said...

Bam Bam..
Geram pipi dia..

ishamizu said...

Happy 18 months old Ryan! Stay bam2 as long as you can k! Aunty pon geram dgn pipi labuh awk tuh! Hihi

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mommyNadia said...

haha,betul tu, u can start planning to have another chubby baby dear ;)
No worry Dina, as long as u bagi Zabi eat all nutritious food,fresh from ur kitchen, I think that is more than enuff. That one I mmg betul2 jeles dgn u..
Anak2 I, tak tahulah..semua jenis boolat2..agak ikut mommy dia kut. But some people said,kalau baby cukup tido and feed well,dia akan tembam. Tak pastilah kesahihan dia,but my kids semua mmg nap tengahari mmg lama..2-3hrs.Hehehe ;)

mommyNadia said...

Thank you Aunty Nad ;)
Pipi jadik labuh sebab mommy asyik cubik and tarik selalu kut..hehhe
Twinnies pun pipi boolat jugak kan...geram ;)

mommyNadia said...

hehe..thanks uncle ;)

mommyNadia said...

Thank you Aunty Izu..
haha,me too..doa pipi kaki and tangan demok dia lambat surut..I suka sgt gigit!! =)

mommyNadia said...

Hi James, thanks for stopping by ;)
Will visit the link soon and join all the fabulous mommies there..
Thanks for the good info James!

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