Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adam Mikael is 4 ..

Happy 4th birthday 
Muhammad Adam Mikael ...

17 Oct 2008, 6.22 am ..
It was a great feeling on the day you were born, blissful moment in our life..

Your 1st birthday celebration...
But you still do not understand the joyful of celebrating b'day..

2nd birthday celebration..
You were so happy to see Barney on your b'day cake..

3rd birthday celebration ...
You chose to have mickey mouse theme for your b'day cake and enjoyed your big day so much..

On your 4th birthday..
You woke up in the morning as usual, but mommy decided to get you ready in your school uniform..
*not as usual when you preferred to be in your pyjamas to school =)*
Get ready with socks and shoes, carry your school bag and in happy mode to school..
*carry ipad tu poyo aje, tak nak lepas, tapi tak bawak pergi school pun*

Hope you will enjoy your 4th birthday today..

Adam Mikael..
Mommy and papa always pray for your good health and always shower with berkat from Allah..
Hope you will grow up to be a good and smart caliph..Amin...

Mommy, papa and Adryan love you so much dear...


Atie said...

Besar dah anak teruna Nadia:)..happy birthday Muhammad Adam Mikael

RuZaNNa said...

Happy 4th Birthday Adam!!
Nampak mcm budak dah 6yrs old ok kat gambar bawah tuh..
Have a fun celebration!

ishamizu said...

Happy birthday Adam!! Tingginya Adam..;) anyway, may Allah bless you always dear..:)

Unknown said...

Hello abg adam. getting bigger and more handsome ye?
Happy birthday and moga jadi anak soleh to mommy and papa okay. Moga panjang umur, murah rezeki.

Love from auntie airin, uncle rosman, Lissa maisarah and baby hanie :)

Note to mommy : This year birthday celebration? jgn lupa invite we all..hehe

najmi said...

happy birthday abg adam, from Nuh and baby#2

Wawa Tasliman said...

happy birthday adam mikael.. be a good boy.. :)

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