Monday, July 2, 2012

Luncheon date at Ben's Pavi...

*another backdated entry*

I've requested Mr Hubby to take half day leave on my birthday in May as the wifey was so eager to have treat at T'forty Two, Empire. The place is so sweet and romantic with a lil bit touch of classics. Their delicious desserts really make me drooling and I was craving like a preggy mommy everytime I passed by the cafe. Since T'forty Two, Empire sgt  sempit with many big vases, I never plan to dine in when the two little heroes around. So, to have a special date with hubby on my birthday is something that I've been dreaming since couples of months ago.*planning baik punye*

On my birthday, I took half day leave in the evening just to celebrate with Mr Hubby. *sorry kids, mommy need a lil bit attention wuhahahaha* But being me yg so excited dah lama sangat tak kuar dating, we diverted the plan to Ben's Pavi instead of Empire. *dasar tamak biasalah kan, pastu sangkut jam, padan muka!* Tak tahu plak yang Ben's Pavi satu company dgn T forty Two tu under the Bright Ideas by BIG. Haiseh. And that was my first time to Ben's also. 

Well, tak menghampakan lah. The place is spacious and very cosy environment. Sesuai lah nak bawak hero-hero kami sebenarnya. Hahaha, since we seldom got  chance to have date like this, mulalah rase bersalah duk ingat kat dua budak bambam tu. Ntah pape lah mommy and papa ni. No worry, next visit, mesti bawak =). 

Jom layan gambar..

Ben's at Pavilion, KL..

Big menu for big appetite people like us.. ha'ah!!
*dah kata sangkut jam, mak ai lapar betul bila sampai*

Cosy place near the entrance..

Mr Hubby who suddenly volunteered to be in the pic..
*once in a while tawww*

My fave corner..

The super hungry b'day gal..
*nom nom nom*

Sampai, tak cakap banyak terus order..

Pasta Seafood Spinach..
Sort of aglio olio..

Grill Chic Breast..

Him..the latte
While mine is a peach tea..

Overall food is ok, not bad. But seriously, all the food sgt lah berkhasiat. Just look at what I hv, ada spinach bagai. Fuhh! But, wait until u look at the dessert I had..

Delicious berry pavlova..
For the b'day girl awww!

Thank you Mr Hubby for the treat..
I owed you a belated b'day treat too..
Soon soon...

And thank you so much for this sweet lil surprise too..
Love love love <3

ps: sorry dear, I don't have b'day prezzie for you this year. You've treated yourself well with a good set of sport rim which equal to 1 Gucci handbag ..*mommy almost pitam ok... 0.o*


Blog Diva said...

pavlova!!!!cane lah rasanya ek...teringin sangat nak try...

mommaholicSURI said...

I sangat sangat sangat suka Tea Forty Two especially its Crembulee Tea and Scones! :)
Ben's dekat Pavi tu baru sekali jer pergi. Nice settings kan! :)

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to you dear. I lambat wish you.. huwaaaa .. sorry sangat *sobbing.

Unknown said...

hahaha lawak la nadia ayat yg last tu.. tak de present sbb dah beli sport rim.hehe
anyway, u guys shud have some getaways without those lil bambams. tho mmg rs guilty, but i think from time to time, our hubby needs some attention from us, rite? :)

amirah said...

eee bestnya dating berdua. dah lama sgt tak buat camtu. miss those moments...sob sob sob..apa la agaknya surprise tu ye..huhu..mesti hubby mommy nadia dah puas hati setahun sebb dpt rim yg best..takpe2,..

mommyNadia said...

Teh, jugak boleh tahan lah!!Shud try!!

mommyNadia said...

Teh, jugak boleh tahan lah!!Shud try!!

mommyNadia said...

Issokey, tq anyway..
I pun tingin sgt2 u nak ber"tea for 2",tgulah ms yg sesuai..
Scones tu lah setiap kali lalu, i tgk sambil slurrppp...tempting seh. Nak kena bungkus lah kali ni!!

mommyNadia said...

yelah, sport rim dia bukan main..tapi yelah, sekalisekala bagi pampered diri sendiri..kalau nak tgu nadia yg bagi, mesti lah tak kan..baik ku beli handbag untuk ku..hahahha..

yeap, that's y kadang2 Nadia pun amik halfday, pergi tengok movie or jalan2 berdua2..tapi Harith lah, selalu buat kita rs bersalah tau, duk sebut nama diorang,mana tak pilu jati seorang ibu..sobsob!

mommyNadia said...

Sekali-sekala kena amik time untuk berdating b'rumahtangga...hehehe..
bukan setahun kut, dah mengidam rim tu bertahun2 dah..

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