Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Barney Live Musical Show, KL 2012..

The purple dino come back again!!

Ingat lagi tak my last year entry pergi tengok Barney show??Have a look here! Yeap, it's such a great children show and we really enjoyed it. Good news for all the kids, end of this year, the purple dino will visit KL again. Yippie!! The best thing about this time concert is, not only Barney, ada Thomas and Bob The Builder too. They are all Adam's fave cartoons. Wohooo. Mesti super excited Abang Adam tu. I just find out about this, bila tengok Nuffnang analytics today, ramai plak yg search about Barney live show KL 2012, wondering about, so I pun ikut google sekali. Yeap!They are right. Tapi as usual, ticket awal2 ni still mahal lagik. Kita tunggu dekat2 nak concert, mana tahu dapat discount 15% mcm that day. For more info, boleh check out these 2 websiteshere and here!! Anyone who got info on any contest for free tickets, or discounts, please trigger me at or twit me @nadiahmuhamad..Thanks in advance.*mana tahu nasib baik kali ni, save cost ha'ah =)*

Info from StageKL:
The Little Big Club Live in Concert...

THE LITTLE BIG CLUB LIVE IN CONCERT stars all your favorite characters, in one fun, song and dance, musical show!
Featuring a cast of 14, THE LITTLE BIG CLUB LIVE IN CONCERT brings the loveable, huggable BARNEY, along with his dinosaur buddies, BJ, BABY BOP and cousin RIFF.
Joining Barney and his dino friends in this 90-minute stage show (including interval) are the much loved BOB THE BUILDER, WENDY and SPUD, ANGELINA BALLERINA and her best friend ALICE, PINGU, FIREMAN SAM and his sidekick NAUGHTY NORMAN and THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE, all in one fantastic line up!
Kids and families will enjoy many of their favourite songs, including “Colours All Around”, “The Dino Dance”, “Mambo Number 5”, “Thomas You Are The Leader”, “Roll Call Song”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and Barney’s much loved hits “If All The Raindrops”, “Mr. Knickerbocker” and “I Love You”.
THE LITTLE BIG CLUB runs in Malaysia from 1-2 December 2012 at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.


Nadine said...

Hehehe, I still remember that Barney post of yours. Bertuah Adam, ada mommy yg rajin nak bawak dia pegi tgk barney show every year :)

ishamizu said...

Izu pon tingin nk bwk zahin tgk live cartoon show kt london ni TAPI mahallll! Duhhh nk cr yg free show la kot2 ada..hihihi

mommyNadia said...

Ikutkan rajin, mmg rajin you.Ikut harga tiket yg tak larat tuh..this time kalau pergi, I guess shud be hubby's turn plak..kena gilir2..hehehe

mommyNadia said...

Ikutkan kat KL ni pun mahal sgt2 tuh..tapi nak harapkan yg free, kalau dtg pun mungkin tak rupa Barney hehehe...
Mmm itu yg rajin join contest, kalau menang bnyk save tu!
kat London mesti bnyk children's musical shows kan, best nye!

Farah said...

thanks for sharing!

mcm berminat nak bawak afif tgk show ni

mommyNadia said...

my pleasure dear!
Ni mesti Afif big fan barney jugak eh!!nanti kalau ada disc pape, i'll let you know k ;)

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