Thursday, July 19, 2012

Istimewa Ramadhan di Alicafe TigaRasa, USJ Taipan..

I've been invited for a food tasting event at Alicafe TigaRasa, USJ Taipan recently by Nuffnang. It was actually my first time ever attending food tasting session. Sincerely memang excited gila lah. Terasa macam dalam program JJCM u, enjoying the awesome foods galore!Owh..sooo heaven..=) 

As u may know, the famous Alicafe brand not only provides their customers with their various instant coffee for extra energy booster >.<, they have started to explore the new market in the culinary business too. And the latest venture in this business is the opening of new Alicafe TigaRasa Restaurant which started serving Malay cuisines since the end of Dec 2011.This new concept restaurant with English Malay classic modern  setting, enough to provide the customers a cozy environment while enjoying the authentic Malay cuisine.

During the food tasting event recently, we have been explained in detail about the speciality they have at this restaurant. The word "tigarasa" itself stands for the uniquely prepared of traditional Malay sauces which are the sambal lemak, gulai lemak and also sambal udang Geragau (Hebi-Hiam). 

These 3 sambal and gulai then can be enjoyed with choices of grilled ikan pari or ikan selar, grilled lamb, grilled chicken or grilled mix veggies served in hot plates. All the dishes serve upon the order, thus u may request to have it more spicy or just at moderate way. Yums! Some of the dishes we had during the food tasting are..

Grilled ikan pari with gulai lemak..
A very thick gulai lemak served with bendi and terung too.. 
For me, its a lil bit spicy.. *berasap telinga* tapi sodap!!

Grilled sayur panggang with sambal Hebi Hiam..
Jangan tak tahu ada petai sekali,..but the dried shrimp paste used memang best sgt..
I love this dish so I'm the big lover terung masak sambal!! *gulp*

And the highly recommended by Alicafe staffs, grilled lamb in sambal lemak..
Those who are the lamb lovers, shud try this!

Other than 3 types of sambal and gulai, Alicafe also served Curry Fish Head which presented in a concoction of Malaysia herbs and this is one of Alicafe recommended dish. I enjoyed this fish curry so much. The curry is not so thick as we had at mamak stall, but the taste of curry and the fresh fish served, enough to make me enjoyed the dish so much.

In conjunction with the coming Ramadhan in few more days, Alicafe TigaRasa has come out with special menu for set berbuka puasa. This Istimewa Ramdhan Set which includes a cool refreshing kurma drink, kurma and Hokkaido cake as dessert, having promotion as low as RM10.90 for one person.

Wait, hujung-hujung minggu kalau nak berbuka puasa dengan family, the family set for group of 4-5 persons starting at RM 69.90 aslo provided. 

Inilah set dia..
Consists of Ikan Siakap Masak Tomyam *walawei..thumbs up*, telur dadar, ayam goreng, veg..
togther with kurma drinks, kurma and desserts..

 Cakap banyak tak payah kan. Let's see how the bloggers enjoyed the awesome food galore...

Full table..berasap lagik u..

And this is the gentleman of the night..
Mr Danial who helped to serve us with rice..
So kind of u haah Danial =)

Blogger yang sama table dgn I..Nicole, Henry and Carmen..

And the 3 lovely ladies, Bella, Mira and Hanis..

We had so much fun at this tasting food session specially we have chance to try all those tasty yummilicious foods, memang maveles..
U need to see the aftermath too..


Yup, only kepala ikan left!!

As the ending of the food tasting session, we were served with special dessert, the banana spring rolls with vanilla ice cream..*licking*

Again, thank you so much specially for the handsome guy from Nuffnang, Mr Darren for this awesome invitation and Alicafe team for having us. First class service ok!!2 thumbs up =)

Before go back, we had photo-session with all d famous bloggers *exclude me, pls..yes u shud as I'm super picisan, malu* ...

Some of them are very familiar to me, specially the pretty Hanis Zalikha and the lovely Thara too...
*spotted the famous food blogger KYspeaks??*

Good job from Alicafe team..print terus siap sign lagik!!

Jangan lupa pergi try tau!!

For any inquires and order, please call at 016-713 0198 or visit Alicafé Tigarasa website at or you may write in to

Address of Alicafé Tigarasa Restaurant:
No.8, Jalan USJ 10/1H, Subang Business Centre, 47620 Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Business Hours: 8.00 am – 12.00 midnight


amirah said...

sedapnyaaa menu dia..!tengok pun dah terliur

ReeneeRaaid said...

Nnti I try pergi mkn kt sini.

Husna said...

very yummylicious...
mmg terliur kan..
hopefully bukan masa food tasting je sedap

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

yay ada muka aku~ nasib baik tak gelojoh makan..HAHAHA

mommyNadia said...

Jgn lupa pergi try tau ;)

mommyNadia said...

Hi Reenee!!
yup, shud try ;)

mommyNadia said...

Yup hopefully..=)

mommyNadia said...

Nicole, worry I alter baik punye =)
Ensure yours pun takde muka I makan gelojoh taw!

Unknown said...

i ve tried the nasi goreng kampung.. not bad.. but i might go to try their ramadhan set pulak :)

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