Thursday, July 12, 2012

Super convenience online shopping with Home24..

*something interesting waiting for you at the end of my entry, happy reading everyone*

Life is so easy nowadays right? No more hassles for parking and q for bill payment, within a click *kalau dah save favourite kan*, dah settle bayar semua bill. Order makan semua pun boleh ikut online, apatah lagik shopping clothes and shawl/scarfs semua*pop pop*. Tunggu notification kat twitter of fb je kan. Senang sangat. With detail description for the product offered, more or less dah dapat imagine total quality product yg nak beli. Having super convenience online shopping nowadays, seriously I have save a lot of time to go and pick things that I want, specially kalau nak shopping dengan hero-hero ku yang aktif ni kan, boleh hilang mood bershopping. During break time, just go to the website that we are looking for, scroll whatever we need, decide and pay.Easy peasy. Never imagine that life would be much easier now. And fun too..*fun bila barang dah smp depan pintu..weee*

Ok, talk about convenience in online shopping, one new revolution in Malaysia's online shopping now where a pit stop for all our home furnishing needs, Home 24 is one of the largest online furniture store in Malaysia now. Honestly, I just know about this website recently too, after visiting one of my blogger friend's website. >.<. But the moment I started to surf this website, I knew I had fall in love with this website already *which is dangerous to me...ehh >.<*. Wide selection of products - from furniture up until household accessories, free shipping and installation with a 14 days free return. Cannot be, right??But its true *sila tutup mulut yg tengah nganga tuh* Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Let's see what they have there..

 You may visit their website here!
Wide selection of products offered here from furniture, decor, kitchen & dining, bed & bath, outdoor & garden, kids & baby, appliances and more..

 Wait, bukan tu saja, u will have various of products waiting for you under various categories too..
Owh memang rambang mata...
Serious said, the design, color and material of the products there have look very convincing to me..

I like the website where it easy for you to look for what u need..
At Home24, instead of categories, u may also surf the product u need by their brands..
I never expected Home24 also sale all those branded stuff there..
*sape peminat Akemi bolehlah pergi cuci mata*

As an online shopper, there is one thing that make customer come back to their website again. Excellent service, right?? So, one of the good service online store would provide is an easy payment method. Yeay, Home24 except many debit cards as well as Visa and Mastercards too. Thumbs up! 

So, let's start shopping now!!

Register first here..

And start filling up your shopping carts..
Wehooo...I like!!

One of the items in my shopping cart now is..

Not the sofa..hehehe, dah lama cari nice wall picture..
Mabel Wall Painting...memang cantik..=)
Detail description about the product also included, really make your buying more and more easy..

Me and Mr Hubby really a big fan of wall art..
Bila buka category ni, nak pitam rasenye!!
Best gila..

Kan kan??

Dah abis cuci mata??
Seperti yang dijanjikan awal-awal tadi..I have something great to share with all my lovely fabulous motherhood readers!!!

RM 20 voucher with minimum order of RM100 for you to shop at any products from Home24..
Just use code no : RDBG07-20 when making payment...
The voucher can be used until this 31st July 2012..

What to buy???

They have special offer for their product of the month... well as..

*even more dicsounts offer!!*

What's more..

You may also sign up to get latest news from Home24 too..

RM20 also waiting for every successful sign up....

Enuff said. Just visit the website now, pretty sure u know what to do..hahaa!!
Hurry up..sebelum raya ni, bolehlah plan nak hias rumah...
Gotta go now, I shud make sure my shopping cart cleared too..

Happy shopping everyone..
*fuhhh, rs penat write entry ni, feel like I was shouting excitedly, so ensure u read with happy and excited mode too...hahhaha!!*

Feel free to visit their blog too


Unknown said...

boleh caye ke sis? tringn jugak mcm tkut je..sbb pnah gugle..ade yg kt website ni fake

mommynadia said...

Hi Sue,
Akak pun ada buat study jgak before publish entry ni.So far,ok.Dah tgk ada buyer dah dapat brang siap kotak yg ada label home24.Even this morning,aka dah received call about my purchased made on weekend.Fast service.Tapi,kalau nak take precaution,beli yg murah2 dulu..anything happen,takdelah reluctant sgt kan.No worry dear.I'll make review about my purchased item soon k.

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