Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun visit to Dinosaurs Live, KL 2012..

Thanks for the info from blog and twitterland friends. I love how these facilities helped me alot in updating the latest info and events. *thanks to the technology*

After many times postponed the plan, we have found a good date and time to visit this exhibition. It's on our 5th year anniversary - 07.07.12. A great outing with kids. Not only 4 of us, we also have Che Mimi's family..the more the merrier..

Dinosaurs Live 2012 was held at National Science Centre, near to Hartamas area. It was held since 1st of May until end of this month. *yeap, u still have few more days to go* To be frank, that was my first time *oppps our first time actually*  being at National Science Centre too. Yup, we are a lil bit jakuness, as the place was so huge, and menapak from parking lot to the exhibition hall bukan main jauh. *turun sekilo* We bought the tickets to Dinosaurs Live exhibition, and that entitled us to have tour at National Science Centre too.. Weeeee...

Us at the concourse of NSC before we proceed to Dino Live exhibition hall...
*bukan main susah nak amik gambar*

Adam and Mr Papa!

And the budak active tak nak duduk diam..
Lil Ryan..
*masam nye*

Entrance to the exhibition hall..

Seriously we were so kagum sekejap with technology they have. The life sized dinosaurs were professionally crafted with high quality and they were animated to have realistic sounds and movement using the mechatronics producing too. I was a lil bit sceptical when entered the hall as the place was soooo dark. *dalam hati tak dapet lah den nak amik gambo* I was totally wrong. They really have a good lighting inside there. Those lighting gave a big impact to the picture taken. I was using my cikai Lumix je, but the picture produced were nice. I guess the picture mesti look wow if taken with DSLR kan??Bestnye!

Let's roaarrrr with Dino Live..
*sorry lah, they have name for each dino, the only one that I can remember is T-Rex...hahahhaha*

They also have Dino for you to ride..

*mommy pun tak pernah merasa naik Dino Adam woiiiii*

RM10 was charged for a professional photography session with dino..
*the one with writing Dino Live bla bla, lupa plak nak snap that pic*
Adam was so proud everything looked at that picture. Agak dia kata, "See...Adam dah pernah naik dinosaur..hahahaha*

The hall was full with students yg datang buat lawatan sekolah..
And they were the kindergarten kids too..
Ada yg menangis bila Dino mengaum...pity lil gals!

Everyone had so much fun..
Specially the big bro Adam, super excited to see the Dino..
*takde nak takut pun*
So lucky that we sempat pergi, or else maybe we need to wait for the next time exhibition..


For more info, you can visit their website 


ReeneeRaaid said...

I tak tahu pon ada dinosour exhibition kt sini. Thanks for sharing

wishing you a happy 5th anniversary :)

mommyNadia said...

tq dear for your warm wish..
Yeap, I pun tahu dah nak bulan 6, so lucky sempat lagik ;)

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