Saturday, July 17, 2010

21 months old!


Early in the morning on 17th July 2010
Location : Oma and Okki's house, K.Trg

Every month, I never missed to receive monthly reminder so called for Adam's development from Babycentre..
So for this 21months old...Adam development's gonna be as below..

Your 21-month-old's development

Helps around the house 

Your 21-month-old is probably interested in rearranging furniture, assisting with housework, and using her own play shelves, table, and chairs. She might also be able to put on her clothing, wash and dry her hands, or brush her teeth with help
So true for my little helper..luckily we only have small apartment, not much arrangement si Adam boleh buat pun..only alih2kan kerusi mainan dia pun penat jugak mommy nak kemas2 toys dia..
Tp this young boy pun boleh harap..bila suruh alih itu ini, amik itu ini...
Good things, when he started to understands most instructions given..
*cuma kadang2 bila mommy buat laundry tu terjumpa ada tissue tu paham2 je la..
instead letak dlm rubbish bin, odw tu dia cmpk dalam bakul baju kotor dia..heehehe ;)

Is she ready for toilet training? 

Sometime after her 18 and probably before her second birthday, your toddler will be able to recognise when she is going to urinate or have a bowel movement. You'll also notice signs that your child is about to eliminate -- she might crouch down, move away, or turn red. But even after she realises what's happening, she isn't necessarily ready to use her potty. To see if your child is ready for toilet-training, check out our signs of toilet training readiness
Aduh...dek sebok memanjang, I almost forget the mission to potty train this young boy!
After the potty training entry  few months back, memang betul2 lupa nak buat sungguh2..specially konon time mothercare sale nak cari potty stuff for him!!duhdudhduh ;(
But yet, he started to show good sign in free diapering..
Specially time Adam unwell due to hfmd ...with the bad diaper rashes..Adam mmg tak pakai everytime nak wee wee he will gv sign ..
And this few weeks, 2 times already when he woke us at 4am for poo poo..yeap..he truly pooped inside his diaper..
*it just the matter he informed us after got pooped!
I think, its about time to start and with good info specially entry I read from farrahim, memang semangat nak potty train!

Wants to do it her way 

Along with tantrums and exploration, you can expect your child to want things done her way. This is a sign that she is growing up and feels secure enough to want to manage for herself. Respect your toddler's preferences and interests and try to give in on the little things, like which jam to use on toast or which shirt or blanket to use. Make it clear that some things -- like behaviour that affects safety -- are not up for negotiation. 
yeap..specially time makan ..huh kalau duk kat kedai..mmg bersepah...
Biarkan aje..setiap kali pergi kedai, memang mommy mintak a set of plate with fork and spoon..plastic!

Make and keep routines 

Some famililes find that establishing -- and sticking to -- set times for eating and going to bed can help some toddlers feel secure and in control. Routines can also make your life easier. If your child knows what to expect every day, you'll probably encounter less resistance. A regular way of doing things can also mean that you don't have to take time to plan each day separately. 
yeap..I should have this this for my lil Adam too ;)

our 21 months old boy...

curi ice cream mommy ;)

comot nyer...

hi fwens!!


I'm a big boy now...


Thara said...

adam sangat hensem lah! my husband and i both agree that he has more of your features though! :) happy growing up, adam! any plans of enrolling him into any playschool yet, nadia?

mommaholicSURI said...

Adam sangat hensem dan gebu!! Cepat je dah besar ek :) Mommy dah boleh buat adik untuk Adam dah. Hihiihih

faerni said...

hahaha, firdaus pun selalu lepas dah pooped baru cakap. That day, tak pakaikan diapers, jenuh satu rumah kena basuh!!! Penat!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Adam! big boy now, eh? after this boleh tolong mommy masak, and tolong papa settle problem epm kat casting ye? hehehe

oh btw, nadia, get well soon! try call ofce cari nadia, they all ckp nadia mc.. rajin2 mkn ubat ye :)

mommynadia said...

Ramai yg ckp mcm tu jgak!
maybe tang hidung leper tu kut!
yeap,actually plan after 2..
I hv one convst wit my fren,dia pun hntr anak dia aged 4 yrs at Qdees, and she also got a boy at same age with Adam (on same birthday pun!)..
she said, sb our todds lahir towards end of the year, development compare those yg lahir awal bulan for baby 2008 alil bit different, to be save enroll after 3 least biar dah pandai ckp..
cuma kalau utk t.tots tu boleh lah kut..let him to play!...
nk kena menuntut ngan Anne dulu..:)

hahhaa...adik??tp mmg best time hadnle my new nephew..terasa nk baby lagik..but yet tgk reaction Adam yg masih2 manja2..jeles time I carried baby Nuh..letak tepi dulu plan for next baby ;)

mommynadia said...

aduh..dah lah ibu tgh preggy..penat nak kena lap semua tu kan..hehehehe..
lama tk jumpa Aus..smlm dah jumpa Ziqri..commey and gebus betul Ziqri ..;)

hahahaha..en papa yg menyebbok kat casting, kan airin??
yeap..tak tahulah nape flu tak baik2..with bad tahan..
currently at home br balik klinik...

Nadine said...

Happy 21st month Adam!!

Nad, I pun nak start potty training soon. Sbb Faaz surprised me on his 18th month bila dia ajak I pegi toilet sbb dia nak yak. I'm so excited!! ;)

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