Monday, July 19, 2010

still under the weather...

Dah almost a week I kept posting the entry about myself not feeling well..
And yet today I'm still under the weather..
Fever, running nose, badly cough and plus body ache..
A complete set for me to stay rolling on the bed..

Lunch time my hubby came back to send me to nearest clinic..
Doctor plak after 3.30pm baru masuk.. I hv to go back since my hubby got urgent things to do at office..

And now..I'm in front of pc..pointless!!
Nak tido pun tak larat dah..

To many things to do at office..
Kalau masuk office pun with bad headache mesti tak boleh focus keja..
Hopefully tomorrow ..I'll be ok..
Pity my lil boy..arini kena g nursery..
My hubby said..Adam behaved well sitting at front seat on their way to nursery this morning..
Good boy dear ;)
Worry kalau Adam stayed with me terjangkit plak virus2 kat dia..
Even yesterday he started to show sign of running nose and cough!
Be strong dear..
My hubby pun terok jgak..having flu since last week...
But he still strong to go to work!
Cayalah papa!!

Sorry frenz ..kalau entry arini sedikit merapu2..
I cant focus well...

till then..


Anonymous said...

get well soon mommy...


Blog Diva said...

awww..sweetnyer cik abg dia...

get well soon too..ramai betul xsihat skang ek.

mommynadia said...

hehehe..penat en hubby bila mommy sakit..ngada2 tu bertmbh..;)
teh dah ok ke??
neway mommy teh, feel free to join fm giveaway..mana tahu rezeki Abg Adam ;)

Nadine said...

Awwwh, I termiss your entries. Tak sihat rupanya Mommy Adam. Have enough rest, Nadia. Smoga cepat sembuh yer. *hugs*

RuZaNNa said...

We're in the same boat.. imran dah almost baik.. mommy imran pulak demam selsema.. it's been a while dpt flu.. i guess the flushot i took last year dah habis kot.. hehhe..
Get well soon to you too!!

mommynadia said...

hehehe..recovering tp flu n cough still there..with bad weather skrg ni..mesti susah nak baik ;)
tq dear ..

Anne jangkit dr Imran,Nadia plak jangkitkan my hubby n Adam skali..the whole family mmg tak sihat..bersambung2 batuk2..boleh buat mexican wave u!
huhuhu..shot tu tak tahan lama ke..I br plan nak amik weekend ni..skali dah terjangkit dulu!

neway, Anne pun get well soon ya!

irradhil said...

kesiannyer kt nadia....
get well soon k.

skrg ni musim kan....kalu ank x sakit....mak ayah yg sakit...
my lil dina pn dh lbh 1bln got flu.pity her.dh bertukar2 ubat n antibiotik.huhu.sibbaik xjangkit kt esya,umi n abi.

adam sng jangkit x?biasa baby fully bf ni ssh nk sakit kan.

take a good good care k...

alinalan said...

Yang, semoga cepat sembuh... fuhhhhhhhh

mommynadia said...

siannye..lamanye ur dotter kn flu..
so dah bwk g hosp?

Adam senag jugak kena demam sb duduk nrsry Alhamdulillah tak pernah prolong illness..
tp betul time 0-4mnths, Nadia fully jaga dia..Alhamdulillah tak pernah lngsng demam..
dah starts keja balik...mulalah drama sakit2 ..huhuhu seddey:(

Momma mia,
Fuhh tu yg tak tahan..mcm kena jampi aje..hehehe..
Alhamdulillah..demam dah takde.batuk aje..skali skala ;)

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