Saturday, July 24, 2010

fabulous motherhood 1st giveaway : and the lucky winner is...

Hi everyone..
Happy Saturday..
After more than a week, finally we have picked the lucky winner for our 1st giveaway...

Before that, I wished to thank everyone who have participated and give support for this 1st giveaway..
* the AIM speech ala2
The best parts when I can make new frenz here..thru this small giveaway!
InsyaAllah next time kalau ada rezeki, more contests and giveaway from FM ;)
*tgu..... and hope to get more participants!

ok ok...Jangan buang masa...
We have about 44 fabulous mommies, daddy and frenz here..
Lucky draw ni special drawn by pekerja bawah umur mommy..
*so pahamlah2..susah betuii nak buat cabutan tu :)

"shake shake shake!!! "

haipp!!dia boleh baling plak bekas tu!!

"Adam pick 1 winner k "...
"ok mommy!"


Drum roll....
and the lucky winner is....

zoom it please...

yeap..fabulous mommy Airin
mommy of baby Lissa..


the scribbler as being promised...

thanks everyone...
see ya at next giveaway..
*bila tu???


Unknown said...

Lissa : Waaahhh.. Thank you, abg Adam! After this bleh la blajar scribble2 like abg adam..!

Mama Lissa : Thanks mommy nadia! tak rugi join. rezeki lissa tul ;)

alinalan said...

tahniah kepada yg bertuah tuh... mommy Airin

Unknown said...

congrates to the winner :)

mommynadia said...

Congrats Airin!

momma mia n Lydzar,
thanks for participate! gvaway join lagik ek ;)

fatin said...

Adam is soooooo super cute!!! geram nye!!!

Anyway, thanks a lot for dropping by! Glad that u njoy reading mine and hope it will give u some ideas too spend time with ya kid!


mommynadia said...

owh Fatin tq..
n thanks for the kunjung balas ;)

yup, tk sbr nak tgu my lil boy besar sket..boleh bnyk2 outdoor activity..
I read ur entry u pergi Pulau Perhentian...I just hope one day I boleh pursue cita2 lama nak amik diving license..time bujang2 dulu konon nak amik tk kesampaian..only 1 of our frenz yg sempat amik..lain dah beranak susah dah ;)

glad to know u and I've link urs to mine..
hope u dont mind ;)

Nadine said...

Hahaha, dh shake2 bleh plak dia baling container tu yer. Cheeky la Adam yg bam2 nie, guwam aunty Nadine tau!! :))


btw, congrats to the winner! :)

azura samsuddin said...

tahniah kpd yg bertuah!!

ibuhana said...

congrats baby lissa..

nadia, ade dpt tak email kak roziah??

mommynadia said...

tu lah u..nak suruh dia pick one sgt susah!

tq for joining!

email?tkde..akak hntr emai kat ke?

mommaholicSURI said...

Waaaaa... tahniah tahniah :)
Buatla banyak-banyak lagi giveaway yer Nadia. Hehehehe

mommynadia said... Nuurill kena join sentiasa tau!! ;)

ibuhana said...

ye la nadia. akak send kat email hotmail tu la. akak resend eh..

mommynadia said...


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