Thursday, July 1, 2010

training and nuffnang!


yup..I'll be away for training..
*gaye macam nk house aje..
Not 1 day training this time..almost a week...
Starting on Fri and plus next week...

Aduh!!...more keje tertangguh lah jawabnye!
Dah siap2 plan canteek next week nak settle few paper..
Alih2..kena g training...
The funniest part..bukan's actually induction
owh owh ..Nadia tak tender ..dont get me wrong..
After 1.5 years here..baru dept I nak arrange for departmental training..
One shot with other newcomer...
Me antara paling tua la kat ctu!
Best part ada ramai takde lah boring sangat...

Duhh!Induction without laptop..the whole day..
Alamaknye ..lunch time no more bloghopping...
hahhahaha ...;)
Gonna miss my routine..
Its thesis dah 99% done..tinggal nak hntr draft to my supervisor..
After this I will hv my sweet time visiting u all punye blog ..bestbest!!

A'a..I dont know why I have a good passion in blogging..
*tak sampai 1 year pun lagi!
Firstly maybe sb I suka sgt bc entry2 u all yg mmg superb!
Learn a lot about parenting here..
And plus..could be b'cos of ..Mr Nuffnang!!

Again..don't get me wrong!!
I'm not those who get highly paid for the nuffnang ads...
* tp kalau betul lagik semangat omak!
But yet..what make me satisfied bila tiap2 hari ade je someone hit my blog to search for some info.
*even ada jgak entry yg tak ada message kan..try to improve InsyaAllah!
Specially about UMSC..
Seriously..I was so happy when 2,3 people (tak ramai pun)..
Approached me to ask about my experiences over there..
Mmg tak dinafikan..during my time pun..
I just managed to get the info from the forum..+ Mr Bob
Tu pun sket2 aje..;)
So hopefully with a liltle help here..boleh bantu u all in make the big decision for ur big day!
*huiiiihhh!! ;)

Ini yg yesterday punye ;)
mesti ada 2-3 about UMSC...

Accumulate for 1 month...
Row no 2-4 tu yg umsc..
hahaha..tak tahan bob husaini pun ade..
sb I link his blog to mine related with his wife experience at UMSC too...kikikihhh:)

Ape dah melalut ni...
ok lah..need to settle few works before the induction starts!
Gals..are u happy with ur nuffnang earning??? no!!!
*work hard!thats the word..;)


Thara said...

definitely not! im not sure about this, but many claim that nuffnang ni kedekut! :P i pon taktau lah. mungkin like u said, kene workhard!

mommaholicSURI said...

Nadia jumpa ramai flexian? eh eh.. ade yg Nuurill kenal ke? :) Rindu sebenonyer kat flex ni. hihi.

Nadia, Nuurill ni kan, nama je ade nuffnang, tapi x reti pon nak check macam Nadia check tu... kuang kuang kuang.. cemana ek? HAHAHAHAHAHA

mommynadia said...

Maybe for those like us..traffic tak jam at our blog.. earning pun ciput lah..kalau those famous starz..mesti nuffnang tak kedekut ngan diorang kan.. case u really interested to increase ur earning..easiest way by placing the 3 ads at the 3 diff area as I did!
so possibility ads to come in..higher sket la ;)
try dear!

mommynadia said...

yeap..memang mcm gathering dah..u kenal semuanye..kak salwani,fairoze,bob husaini and one of fmme mechanical eng..izwar...(i dont know him actually!)..gathering kan!

u..rugi lah..kalau mcm nuurill kan big circle in fb, ramai follower plus hi comments everything post new entry ...senang2 u nak earn nuffnang tau..
i pernah ingat nak share with u all..but ingtkn u all tak suka with nuffang ads at ur blog..

as I said to 3 diff size of ads 1st at ur blog..
nak check..u open nuffnang account ..yg u register tu..
kat atas tu boleh check daily people come in..and money earn daily...
ntah2 nuurill u nye dah bnyk u!
cuba try bukak..excited plak!

mommaholicSURI said...

Awww..semua skrg with Proton ek Nadia? best best.. :)

Hahahahaha.. u i dah check.. rm0.50.. banyakkan? hhahahahahahaha... xpela.. sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit. :P nanti i rajin, i buat 3 diff ads tu. Mana tau kan bak kata u. hehehe

mommynadia said...

iye Nuurill,kami berkampung disini ;)
smlm pun time introduce kami kena gelak ngan director.."ooo..flex yg bankrupt tu ek"..
tkpe long as we really had a great time at flex dulu2...kan kan??memory remains..:)duhduhduh

owh yea??kena usaha lbeh ni..hehehe..;)cpt2 letak iklan dulu ;)

Nadine said...

Awwwh, u patut bangga tau Nad. They search ur blog for infos. Maknanya, ur blog is very informative! :)

Keep up the good work dear. I will always support you! :)

mommynadia said...

Nad..they all using the searching engine and found my blog..
sometimes I worry jgak..bukak2 takde pape info pun for them..

somtimes I really dont have time to elobrate n tak pandai pun nk detail explain as u did (mmg salute tau bc blog u all)..
InsyaAllah try to improve :)

btw, as others..Nad i suggest u also to put more ads nuffang...u got ramai followers too..

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