Friday, July 16, 2010

when mommy and papa fall sick..

Its Fri and yeap..both mommy and papa were on mc..
It started with me actually..since last week mmg tak sedap badan...
Started with stressfull week last week and plus the bad PMS
*ingatkan Adam dah nk dapat adik..PMS terok sgt...;(
But this week still lenguh2 badan with bad first tot because of the seasonal flu..
Tp sb continuously fever..I started to suspect somethings else..
I had an engorged breast actually..punca..??
I just noticed kesan kena gigit at my nipp..probably time Adam hang during nite time...
Tanpa sedar..jadik sedikit luka..
Day by day..luka makin terok bila Adam still bfeed as normal...
Bila dah luka..I stopped bg Adam side yg luka..
Tp bila dah bnyk susu plak..pump pun 1x aje..
*luka plak tu...siap berdarah..
Breast bengkak and caused the fever..
Hish macam time awal2 deliver dulu plak..after 2 wks delivered..
Breast mmg full..I plak tak continuously pump..terok demam...
So now I still have to pump for that kalau he still latch for that one..
Mmg I akan menjerit...mcm nak nangis!!
Aduh...dah nak masuk 2yrs ni bnyk plak dugaan yer..
Caiyyok Nadia ;)

Pesakit no2 plak is my hubby!..
Ikutkan my hubby ni sgt sensitive...
Debu habuk..temperature berubah...mmg cepat dia sakit!..
So since I dah batuk merata2..viruz pun everywhere..
Yesterday he started to have bad flu...sneezing all the time..kesian!

So after work yesterday, sb tak tahan dah breast bengkak..
We straight away to Bukit Jelutong to see the doc...
Mommy had 38deg fever while papa mata merah bengkak macam alien dah..
We have been given 1 day rest...
Only left lil Adam yg still strong to fight..
Hopefully virus kami tak spread kat Adam plak ..

We had plan to go back to Trg on Fri nite after work..
To see our new member in the family...
Plus to help the new mommy in breastfeeding.
So, since we had given formal leave by the physician..we had started the journey earlier..
*hish...dont tell my boss k ;)
Not so early, just after afternoon on Fri..when the driver is fit enuff for the long journey back..
Alhamdulillah..we are safely arrived at K.Trg..
With all the helpers here...hopefully mommy and papa will get more rest ..InsyaAllah..

Wait for the next entry when Adam meets his new clan ;)

p/s : Nuurill, again so sorry for the last min cancel for the netball game..
I wish to join u for next game..camane best tak last nite??
If papa Adam sehat..maybe I gagahkan diri utk join u all...

For new mommies who had breast engorgement prob..this article might help u ..

I love this picture..
and its so true...
Instead of having double pumping..we can practice for this too..
*and yeap Adam is doing this exercise everytime bfeeding

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Unknown said...

wah..even dh almost two years, stil boleh rasa engorge eh..jeles nya

Hanis MY said...

get well soon nadia n hubby, wah byk dpt ilmu baru hari ni...thanks a lot...

mommynadia said...

Alhamdulillah..hopefully boleh sustained up to 2yrs and above..InsyaAllah..

Feeling better today, only hubby still under flu..
bagus Hanis, Nadia dulu time b4 preggy mmg zero knowledge pasal bfeeding..
semangat nk bf dr awal lagik bagus!!

Thara said...

ure so very lucky, nadia! like ur friend up there said, its been almost 2 years, and u still get engorgement! sighs. rezeki u kan :) but i love the last picture! hehe. teringat aydein. lately, kalau bfeed dia, misti tangan satu lagi nak pegang on the other breast. siap pinch-pinch the nipple sampai i kene remove his hands a few times, psl sakit! hehe :P

oh weekend u spend dkt t'ganu ke. im now in penang as im writing this to u! mlm ni balik KL. sobs sobs. anyways, get well soon babe! take care! ;)

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