Thursday, June 17, 2010

20 months ;)


Adam with my swimming cap..
He insisted on wearing it..
p/s tolong abaikan background was on sunday morning, time mommy settled my laundry...
and of course, Adam was in pink of health on that time...

First of all..thanks for all the beautiful prayers for my lil precious..
Adam's is recovering and mommy and papa doa for the speedy recovery..
So for his 20th months old birthday..
We had treated Adam with somethings special..
It happened on our way back from UMSC on Tuesday afternoon, after meet the paed..
When we planned to get a night stay at the nearest hotel..
Reason behind it.. we wanted Adam to enjoy the new environment and try not to focus on the pain he suffering...
So after 15min called the hotels around Shah Alam and somewhere nearby Klang Valley...
*cuti sekolah..mmg fully booked..
So, we agreed to stay at Concorde Shah Alam..
Alhamdulillah, there are still premier room available and with the Pr***n rate.. 
We managed to get at a very reasonable price..huuhhh!!

Concorde Shah Alam 

 Nice room..and plus special treat for premier guest..
*teringat time at flex..enrolled the kilos club...actually pergi swimming aje..
and after 2 months conceived..stop the tak berbaloi dah..

That was Adam during check-in at the Premier Lounge..
We even had a free evening cocktail ..
*seriously bnyk betul complimentary dapat..mommy sgt happy!
and Adam was so happy exploring the new place...
"Adam busy setting up mommy's that nanti mommy boleh berblogging.. ahaks! "

 Alhamdulillah..Adam seems to enjoy the stay there..
Kalau kat rumah tgk bathroom pun dia fobia..due to the pain cause by the blister..
nahh..siap boleh berendam main bubbles lagi...
Soo happy sb bath tub besar sket drp bathtub Adam at home..kan Adam ;)


 Malam pun Adam tidur lena compared to the day before..
Walaupun still terjaga (2times..) and suddenly cried.. maybe sb itchy..


 The happy face ..walaupun tgh sakit..
Wake up early for the morning breakfast at premier longue...
Adam had porridge+salmon..
Mujurlah Adam still nak makan..
Kalau tak paed kata..mungkin Adam kena admitted..
But kena bg softdiet-lah for him..

 Almost the whole day, I put him on long pants..
To avoid him from scratching his whole body..
See..khusyuk betol Adam..
Agak2 U all teka Adam buat apa??


 tada...watching Barney...
yeap..tak tinggal mesti bawaknye..


Hopefully Adam was happy with this treat..
*which I can say YES!
We felt terrible when Adam had to face this at his 20th months birthday..
Mommy and papa sentiasa doa Adam sembuh cepat..

Be strong dear..;)
We love u so much....


My big big boy!

Adam's Milestone at 20th months
A lil bit updated..about his progress..
Currently he started to enrich his the other months too..
Many words dah boleh bnyk jgak yg terkluar ntah pape...
Memang buat we all ketawa aje..
He's type yg suka observed and ceapt sgt boleh imitate us..
Sgt berhati2..dia tak akan buat sesuatu yg dia tak confident with...
*that is 100% follow his papa...
Sometimes bila ada yg dia tak puas hati..he started to show his tantarums..
which somtimes really make we worried...but that its normal..
We need to teach him how to control it!
Adam now  is 84cm with 13kg weight..
Basicly he had done with the basic immunizations..
Last Fri we had his last jab for synflorix (last time is prevnar ), both for pneumococcal vaccine..
And probably next months for the flu vaccine..InsyaAllah..
Sign to wean-off = 0 --- another 4months to go..yehaa!!

Till then...


airin diana said...

Thank God Adam is recovering. so sad to hear him crying due to the blister. alhamdulillah.. although he made that cute muncung face..geram tgk pipi cebol dia!
Nice treat eh, adam! hopefully, after mandi manda dlm bathtub besar, adam will sembuh cepat.
oh nadia, Proton staff bleh dpt discount ek stay at concorde? interesting!


1. Dekat nyer Hotel ni ngan rumah i!!

2. Dulu i pun joined Kilo Fitness kat sini. Dapat 2 kali je mandi manda kat swimming pool dia. Lepas tu kene gi Sorocaba. Lepastu Pregnant. Terus x join dah. Haha.

3. Kat sini lah wedding Anne yang penuh gilang gemilang. Awakku, i still remember that night. Gojas giler Anne tau you!! :)

4. We celebrated our 3rd year wedding Anniversary kat sini juga. Lupelak nama Chinese Restaurant tu. hehe.

5. Adam sungguh cute dalam his pyjama ok!!! Shian dia x berapa sihat yer..but seriously, i nampak dia macam sihat dalam gambar :). Maybe sebab dia terlampau comel. Hihi. Oh, Oman ade gak the same pyjama mcm Adam, tapi I LOVE DAD :)

6. Sexy ok Adam pakai towel macam tu. Dahla badan dia putih gebu. I like!! Kiss sket untuk dia ek.

7. Over sungguh i komen pepanjang kat page u. Hihihi..

8. Lastly, hope u and your hubby sihat jugak. I faham sangat perasaan kalau anak kita sakit. Huhu.

Daaaaaa... :)

zahira said...

happy 20th b'day adam! dah besar...kejap jer ;-)

Thara said...

glad to know adam is recovering! but please still keep us updated with his progress. im really concerned about him!

u know nadia, ramai my friends yang dtg masa bday aydein haitu ckp adam handsome tau! and he really is! it's really heartbreaking to know adam is not his usual self for me, i pray for his speedy recovery!

concorde as your escapade eh? :D very nice place! Kilos Club tu mcm mana u? is like a membership at the gym?

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

glad to hear dt adam dah ok..

mmgla risau semedang if anak tak sihat..tido pon tak lena
gud boy



Bila i baca balik my comment rasa macam nak delete je Nadia..Sebab u tengah bersedih.. i pulak duk bercerita panjang ntah ape-ape... Sorry if u rasa x best... u boleh je delete . I bagi. :)

Adam, get well soon, baby boy!!


First of all..thx alot for the comments..mmg tak sempat nak reply comment immediately..sebbok jadik misi tkterlatih..

yeap Airin..blister dia dah start kering and redspot tu pun macam dah keluar semua..
stakat ni dia dh krg meragam..mmg active so takde lah risau sgt..

a'a..almost 30-40% jgak tau..nadia dah biasa kalau nak stay mane2 mesti tny ada special rate office lama dulu bnyk hotels kt M'sis ni dia cover..dpt 10-20% oun dah ok kan..
apatah lagi proton..rate governm you!;)

I was smile reading ur second msg...
tak pe least mommy Adam kena happy..kalau tak lagik tension nak handle kan..
lagipun dia active u said tak nmpk sakit kan..mmg dia fact time g hosp berlari2..mcm org sehat..nurse kat situ pun pelek..betol ke bdak ni sakit..

owh dulu u pun join Kilo's tu?..everynite after work pergi swimming..rupa2nya nadia bwk Adam in my bump..then time 5-8 mnths g swimming gak..patutlah Adam suka sgt swimming skrang..

mesti gojes Anne kan..she shud share the pic wit us tau,anne!

tu lah..selalu aje makan kat sane..specially bnyk occasion kt melting pot tu..cuma takpernah stay kt sane far the room quite ok lah..chinese rest tu Xin Cuisine tak..I love chinese food..boleh try ni;)

thanks Nuurill for the pray..mommy n papa sihat..n bersemanagt jaga anak sakit ni..;)


a'a kejap je..owh yea,pasal nursery kan..mmg Nadia perasan kat nursery Adam ramai sket bdak lately ni..shud be due to that dia kurang focus..
tp nak amik maid mcm tak caya..kalau ada org nak monitor shud be ok..hntr umah org pun nadia krg thinking of the safety..InsyaAllah after 2yrs nak try nursery kat bawak umah ni..nursery bawah ni bdak bawah 2yrs nak RM400 tau..tak hengat!tp best still baru and dia follow learning method,so prob bila Adam dah 2yrs ok lah hntr sane..;)
Untung Ziqri nenek jaga kan ;)

Thnx dear..InsyaAllah with all ur doas..Adam cepat recover..
mmg masa kat umah u, dia pergi tgr semua ur frens kat young man ni kan mesra alam he preffered play with adult rather than small kids huhu..

ooo pasal kilos last company,flex.. last time they offered pakej membership utk gym,yoga class,swimming pool..for flexians..only RM40 monthly..tak tahu la diorang ada offred membership tak skrang ni..
btw is really a nice place..;)
at first i nak ke holiday inn glenmerie..kt sane lg full huhuhuhu ;(


a'a..he's more every 15min crying..tidur pun dah lena..I think ulcer pun dah kurang..cuma redspot nak tgu hilang mmg makan mase..

betul..mmg seksa bila tgk anak sakit tapi kita tak boleh nak buat ape..cuma try to soothe himaje lah..

najmi said...

oh adam sexy pojaan hati che mimi:)

najmi said...

oh adam sexy pojaan hati che mimi:)

Nadine said...

Alhamdulillah...lega dgr blister tu dh kering. I doakan Adam cepat sembuh, aamin.

Sexyla Adam pakai towel..macho!. sakit2 pun adam maintain comel tau. guwam aunty :)

last but not least, Happy 20th Months Adam Mikhail!! :)


reading back the comments..nmpk sgt mommy Adam ni tgh pening2 lalat..nak tulis Airin jadik Anne..reply pun tak ikut urutan..lintang pukang..sorry everyone!

che mimi,
Adam pesan exercise nompat2 lebeh sket..nak balik Trg amik Barney ni...;)
kut yea smngt tulis comment..kut smp dua skali!!hahahaha

a'a..tenang sket bila blister kat nappy tu dah start kering..seriously terok sangat kulit dia skrang..nanti once dah sembuh..nak kena letak krim bnyk2..huhuuhu
ngam2 towel tu balut Adam..hikhihik..

"tq aunty auty tersilap eja nama Adam la..its Mikael aunty..hihihi ;).."

RuZaNNa said...

Adam really looked like he was having funn!! :).. good idea nadia.. sometimes a change of a place can help to change the mood.. and same for us.. tak perlu pergi jauh sbb kat KL pun ada banyak hotel yg best2... btw.. cuba try pergi Pullman Putrajaya.. scenery die lawa2 ok.. huu huu..


Yes he was!
betul..kalau nak jln jauh nk kena proper idea yg tiba2 je ni kn consider tmpt yg dekat2 aje la..
Nadia tk try area KL sb tgh scool mesti jammed and fully booked..even kat area putrajaya pun smpt call..include the Pullman tu..yeap, they all fully booked..Anne pernah ke sane?I saw from Nona yest and nmpk mcm best!..shud try..;)

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