Tuesday, April 20, 2010

his 1st few days at UMSC...

Its been a while since I copied the pictures to post entry for his few days at UMSC..
tapi terlupa nak post..
After the good responses from my previous entry, so I digged back the folder and find more pictures of us at UMSC..
Unfortunately, bnayk picture of me not wearing tudong..waa..nak bluur kan pun malas..
so I took picture yg mmg dah kabur2 gtu..hehehe:)
Since most of us I think dah convenient with our current gynae, this info specially for those who still looking info for UMSC and maybe planning for 2nd one..
Actually, time survey mmg susah nak find info about this hospital..still new!
So hopefully this entry will help u guys..:)

Ok,back to UMSC..let me update more infos..
my last entry, I was explained more on their clinics facilities..
but I forgot to include picture n info of their wards..

You must wonder how would I know about this place..kan?
Time I was 7 months preggy, biasala kan,time sebok2 duk survey hospital nak deliver..
Most of the area I went is Shah Alam and Subang Jaya..
For me, I dont care at which hosptial nak deliver, since Flex will pay by the receipt and amount not more than RM2.5k..
but for my hubby's,we have to find hospital yg cover under their company insurance..
and plus, I did the checking at klinik kesihatan (..bukan kat situ aje, kat swasta pun pergi..tak der keje punye org kan!!)..I was suspected to have diebetic..
so for government, the wont allow person like my case to deliver at small private hospital..sb time tu I plan to deliver kat UMRA (tp sb bnyk case I dgr lalu ikut tingkap,I was scared!)..n plus reason of klinik kesihatan tu!

Unfourtunately came one guy who introduce me about this hospital ..bayangkan tgh duk pening2  carik,suddenly he came..*credit to Mr Bob Husaini..wife dia dah 2 anak bersalin kat sane..
So,selepas interview him and beberapa sesi lawatan..
I decided to choose this hospital..
After met the gynae,Prof Siti Zawiah..terus jatuh hati and melekat kat ctu!..(even Dr Ummul Wahiyy n her hubs pun student prof CT Zawiyah jgak..plus Dr Zaini kat Bkt Jelutong tu)
She is fantastic..why??
Very simple type of gynae..kalau I tanya nak makan pill ape2..dia akan jawab, "nadia, go for natural..take fruits,drink alot of water.."..
Of course, bila time nak bersalin pun..we go for normal..no epidural..ceaser mintak jauh sekali!

About the price plak..
Overall, its still affordable compare to others privates nearby..
means a private with canggih facilities lah..specially the blood bank..that is the most important!
Overall, my case, with baby admitted for 1 day jaudice,and 2 night stay..around 3.5k..
and my fren just now I mentioned, his 2nd baby only cost him for 2.8k!..sb dah terrer kan :)

For UMSC,their wards were at Menara Timur of PPUM at level 10 for labour room and normal rooms...

me..mase nak tgu masuk labour..with the CTG..:)
just 3cm dilated at 6.30 pm 16 Oct 2008

In the labour room..
Ok,what special about this hospital..??
Once kita masuk kat labour..sampai balik esok..kat ctu lah kita akan duduk..
their labour cum bilik sekali..so tak yah susah nk pindah randah!
All facilities complete kat ctu!
Tgu mase aje..sambil tgk tv..
Plus this room enuff for all my family tidur pagi tu, sb penat berjaga malam tadi temankan kitorang:)

waiting for the right time..:)

their facilites..

Adam was born at room no 1017 at Oct,17..

Me the special case..
Sb on 17 Oct ramai plak org check in nak deliver..
I was sent to VIP room..
a very spacious room facing the Menara TM :0
Spotted the black color bag??..my spectra pump..:)
I started my pumping routine since Adam day 1..

Adam..at 6.22am on 17 Oct 2008

after half an hour..

dah boleh posing dia..

after shower and 1st precious hour bfeeding!

tak boleh bukak mata pun..

time before discharge with his che mimi...

at home, Bukit Jelutong before went back to K.Trg..

Ok..hopefully this info enuff for all of you..
tapi ada ape2 extra nak tanya boleh la..
Till then...

Additional info, u can go to my fren's link..it's such a great info too..

p/s: Asyik pergi visit kawan2 baru deliver..best jgak ek plan for 2nd one!:)
takpe wait for che mimi burst 1st..boley Adam kacau baby Zahra..(ye ke bby gal tu??)


Nadine said...

Lately bila tgk newborn yg mulus suci tu...mmg trigger nak preggy lagi. Owh my stitches, cepat2la baik semula..hihi.

Labour room kat situ sama mcm SJMC delivery suits. Mmg spacious and will be ours until lah after delivery. Mmg convenient kn. Cuma I tak merasa la since I kena usung pegi OT for Faaz delivery :P

mommynadia said...

betullah..love the face,skin ..specially the smell..mmg trigger me to 2nd one kan!

owh dear,u ceaser ke??nape ek?
btw, I was planned at SJMC jgak at 1st,tp dr siti Ausyah (if not misatken..),bila I call dia full booked!.. thats why carik lain!

RuZaNNa said...

Honestlt nadia.. you've opened my eyes for another hospital option.. dulu i bersalin kat Prince Court Medical Centre all sbb hospital utk org Petronas.. tp yg tak best sbb jauh dr rumah.. so selama 5 hari kat sana, mmg kitaorg 2 org aje la.. my mom pun dtg kejap2 aje sbb nak kena redah KL jam kan..

To be frank, labor room lebih kurang aje.. mungkin enviroment die lebih rasa mcm hotel.. but since UMSC nampak cam best gak.. boleh la diconsiderkan.. plus like ur fren.. dah 2nd baby nnt Insya Allah teror skit.. hehehe..

Btw, bape lama nadia in labor? bagusnya tak amik epi.. i amik sbb contraction since 2am.. so kepenatan.. after 10hrs baru bersalin.. tp since epi dah habis effect, i can still feel all the contraction masa nak bersalin.. soo mmg tahu bila nak push.. siap dr ckp bila rasa contraction push.. heheh it was a scary experience.. but definitely worth it :)

Nadine said...

I think u meant the famous Dato' Dr. Siti Zaleha aka Dr. Siti kan? She is my gynea. Mmg queue dia sentiasa panjang Nadia. I mmg dgn dia since my first check up so automatic delivery pun dgn dia :)

If u want to know why I undergone c-sec surgery, u can read it at my previous blog:

mommynadia said...

wah..best nye kat Prince Court..mmg ala hotel2 kan..post lah entry,boleh lah tgk PC's wards!
a'a tp tak best sb area tu jam gile kan?
tp I think to compare with PC,mesti pC more with good facilities kan..
plus thats one prof,not mistaken Eugene,he's very famous among chinese..from UMSC he went to PC,then patah balik to UMSC..and ramai aje follower dia..

Mmg Nadia plan taknak amik epi at the beginning,konon nk rase la kan,towrds the end,addduuuhhh..sakitnye..so when I request on that time,about 2hr before labour,diorang mmg buat2 tak layan..guess sb dr tu mmg suka kita go for normal..:)
nadia masuk ward about 6.30pm 3cm dilated,after 12.30 am br start sakit..n 6.22 am bersalin..almost 12hr jgak dlm labour tu..:)

dear,mmg sakit kan..;0
in fact selagi boleh ingat memory bersalin tu,selagi tu mcm tak nak for 2nd one..tp Alhamdulillah ingatan sakit tu dah berkurangan..heheh..trigger me for 2nd aww!!
so when is yours??

mommynadia said...

hahaha..suka2 aje I belasah Dr Siti Aisyah..haha..u r rite..that famous gynae..maybe sb lambat sgt pergi..so i dont want to take risk deliver with other gynae..I used to go for checkup with Chrsitina..she's lovely for me :)

owh yea,that dr siti Aisyah is the gynae at SMC,wonder all the gynae start with SITI at the beginning..huhuhu!

I will, but I cant read from my office..wonder to know what happen..but dear thats why ur lil Faaz bijak!
means ur next baby will be after 3 yrs la kan??

Mek Rose said...

eh..17/10/08 eh..masa tu sy baru tawen..4/10/08..kikikikik

kain bedung dia same eh ngan PPUM..dah nama pon linked kan..:-D

besnye bersalin normal
kite c-zer

emergency operation

sampai ari ni tak cite2 lagi kat blog pasal pengalaman bersalin..:-)

mommaholicSURI said...

Very informative.
Nuurill not ready yet for 2nd 1 tapi. Maybe bila Oman dah dekat 3 years old nanti. Tapi kalau Allah dah nak bagi. Alhamdulillah sangat. :)

I delivered oman at DSH. Kawan yang recommended. Sblm Anne moved to PC, we went to the sme gynea, Dr Maziah. The only Malay Lady gynea kat situ. For the 2nd one, rasa nak tukar anginlah. Hihihi..

RuZaNNa said...

Honestly, tgk org dpt 2nd baby.. teringin la pulak.. hehehe but mungkin not so soon.. kena tunggu ikhwan dpt transfer dulu baru blh pk for the 2nd one.. plus this year, Insya Allah both wifes of my twin brothers are pregnant.. so enough to make my mom busy jaga cucu.. hehehe..

mommaholicSURI said...

Awakkku, abang awak yang baru kawin tu dah nak jadi daddy dah ke? wee! mmg conform meriah la rumah awak!! hehe :)

mommynadia said...

ooo..baru kawen yer,kita dah preggy time tuh..hehehe :)
a'a same aje,dah doctor pun sharing kan..
oo..c-sec jgak ker?share lah dlm blog..:)

thanks..hopefully this info will guide those yg still searching for info..
guess dear,after I post this entry,ada few links yg search for my blog with keywords prof siti zawiyah..mesti diorang mcm I dulu2,carik info as much as we can..

and plus, I hv include the entry from Bob's blog..he really explained in detail..gv a look :)

oo..DSH pun ok kan!my fren's sis pun dah 3 kids semua kat sane..
remember nadia pernah tanya Nuuril pasal Dr Norashikin, the famous gynae, I tot she still at DSH,just now I googled she's now in Pantai..

prof Siti Zawiyah pun the only Malay lady at UMSC, thats why the Q pun panjang,in fact pegi mane2 medical centre pun still the same kan..:)

mommynadia said...

haha,kalau pike excitement time delivery,mmg mcm nak bb lg kan..
but yet,tak tahulah kalau 2nd time preggy ni..with the active lil boy to handle..pening wooo..

my sister pun dah nak deliver this July,biarlah enjoy main ngan anak sedara dulu..kalau terigin nak beli bj baby gal pun, hah bg je kat bb Zahra tu pakai!

Thara said...

nadia, another brilliant entry! :D

oh wait, dulu masa u pregnantkan si adam, u pon diabetic eh? i pon sama! i gila tak suka minum air gula tu! grrr. dah la sentiasa kene monitor sugar everytime after meal. haihs.

nadine and i delivered at the same place -- SJMC. cumanya, i dgn Dr Delaila. :P

mommynadia said...

thx dear..
a'a..tak suka kan..
smp I beli sendiri utk check sugar rate tu..tak yah nak ulang alik ke clinic..:(

another SJMC..my fren pun ckp Delaila best :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Nadia, Dr Norashikin tu best x?
Can be another option for me.. hehehe

Anak mama abah said...

labour room suit sama mcm pcmc... very cosy and comfort, rasa macam x nak kuar jer..heheh yg bestnye mkn tuh x macam org bersalin, sebab boleh pilih desert, mud chocalate and tiramitsu

mommynadia said...

ntah lah Nuurill,mybe bestkut since Dr ni selalu masuk tv hehehe..
gv a try,but surely mesti expensive kan!

mommynadia said...

hi Anak mama abah,
again PCMC..prince court ek..
huhuhu mmg taknak kuar lah kalau dapat tiramisu huhuhu :)

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