Saturday, April 10, 2010

beautiful prayers and supports..

Almost 2 weeks after the incident and the unstable emotions, now I felt better!
After my last entry, I was receieved with beautiful prayers and supports from all my frenz and my new blogger friends!
Thank you guys!!

InsyaAllah, with the supports specially form my love and family, I will pursue my journey in breastfeeding and be strong to reach my 2 years target.
Allah knows the best and I'm sure there will be good things behind.
I will keep on my routine to sustain the milk production.

Once again thank you so much!!

Adam yg pantang jumpe my pump!
He will put at his breast!
*mommy keep on pumping yea!!


mama ct said...

alah2..chomel nye adam...sukal lah perut dia yg berlipat2 tu...hahaha...

and sgt cute lah gamabr dia guna breast pump tu...clever lil adam...

bila nak jumpa adam ni...nanti i nak turun kl..boleh kite meet up lah nak..u dok mana?...nanti u email lah ur phone no to my email

nak jumpa adam...nak gigit2..boleh nad?..hahaha

NorshahilaSabarudin said...

Teruskan perjuangan..Aku doakankan.Aqil & Aniq aku x berjaya wat sbb diaorang rapat sgt(aku mmg x larat).Hope tuk yg no.3 nanti boleh buat :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Harus digeget budak Adam ni tau!!!!! :)

Nadine said...

ahahaha! tak tahan sungguh tgk adam ngan pump tu. :))

mommynadia said...

nadia kat shah alam,
nanti nadia email ct my phone no..
best jgak boley jumpa,lama betol tak jumpa ct..nanti nadia calling2 bdak2 pc nearest to my house..:)
silakan ct nk ggit Adam,janji bg nadia cubit pipi Aisyah jgak :)

wish u the best too..
eheh dah ada no 3 ke nih??

mommynadia said...

hehe..boley lah..Nadia selalu gigit peha,betis and fave parts!
tell u mmg best!!

Kdg2 pandai je dia cr pump nadia tu tau!
lepas tu letak kat tetek dia..mula tk perasan,ingt dia main2..alih2 dia tiru kita pump rupenye!!

one more, Adam tk suka tgk Nadia pump in front of him,sb my hubby selalu ckp kat dia "adam,mommy curi susu Adam.."..terok betol dua beranak nih..:)

SyahNas80 @ Nana said...

hehe ada je gaya2 adam ni... comey... :)

farrahar said...

Hi Mommy_Nadia!

I just read your entry about this.

This is not an advice. I'm just sharing my experience. Perhaps, maybe you can relate to your situation?

My son Adam started to show signs of reverse cycling + weaning off the bottle when he was 6 months. Starting from that moment on, his ebm intake during the day became lesser and lesser each month. Until he reached 12mo, he stopped taking ebm entirely. Everday the daycare would return back to me only 1 empty bottle. They said that my Adam didn't really drink his milk, he just "main-main" with his bottle. So that 1 bottle of ebm would usually get drained into the sink everyday.

So at 12mo I stopped sending ebm to my son's daycare entirely as I thought he was already fully reverse cycling. He depends solely on the food that I send to his daycare and the plain water. In the afternoon I would direct feed him though.

Two months later I discovered that he was not actually fully reverse cycled. Instead he was actually fully bottle weaned. So I started sending my ebm back to the daycare, but this time with instructions to just give him from the cup or the milk storage bottle itself minus the teat.

From then on the daycare would return to me at least 1 or 2 empty bottles, and 1 half-empty bottle.

So it could be true that your son's daycare did try giving your ebm to your son via cup or spoon. Just maybe.

And one more thing, it is normal for the child to want to cling on to you the whole evening after work to recoup back the time you were away from him during the day.

And it is normal for some child to refuse to drink the mom's ebm and would rather wait for the real boob itself instead.


mommynadia said...

Hi Nana,
Welcome to my blog!!u r wife to Azizul kan??
hope we can meet up one day minum2..:)
boleh jumpa Adam face to face :)

mommynadia said...

Thx for dropping by..
I was so happy to hear about this!
perhaps so!
I would be the happiest person if Adam really drink my milk via cup!
I just texted the daycare and told her to feed him via cup.
She agreed and will do so..
Remember the bbsitter used to say that she know how to handle those kids who start to bottle wean off!!

Guess so, he was now 17months old, perhaps no longer intrested with the teat!!

Thanx again, I'm so happy to get the advice from u,specially u hv gone thru this situation! ;)yeay!!

SyahNas80 @ Nana said...

mommy nadia- yup wife azizul ..tulah hope one day leh lepak minum2 ... tak sabar nak jumpa adam.. dah lama dah jadi folower just baru je nak komen2 sebab nana ni pemalu orangnye hehe...

mommynadia said...

hish Nana tkyah malu2..
tegur aje..
we shud ask the 2 boys to arrange for TT rite??

SyahNas80 @ Nana said...

nadia- yup.. nanti suh dorang arrangekan... hehe,, tapi best kalau time dorang dah dapat claim... hehe.. skrg ni bernapas dalam dapur jelah... :)

Anonymous said...

woooo seksinya adam

mommynadia said...

biasala Adam saje nk tunjuk ketolan2 perut dia!!

Pn Anonymous,sila rajin2 bg comment lagik yer!!


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