Tuesday, April 6, 2010

uhhh...finally I managed to do it too!!


I make this entry b'cos I was proud of myself :)
I managed to change my blog's layout..yeaay!!
So envy to see those with the lovely templates..
but yet I dont hv time..
Frankly, I was scared too..
Seems I just 6months blogging,worry if I changed the template, things will go wrong here and there..
So I keep to very basic's one..
Till the right time came..
And I managed to finish it..
Even my hubby said that this template looks so daring,
but I love it..
I created another blog to test all the new templates,
and the one at that blog is lovely n cute too..

huuuuuh lega..!!

p/s walaupun time nak menyiapkan, I still need to bfeed Adam on my lap!Sungguh mencabar k!


mommaholicSURI said...

Personally, i love the elephant blue template more, but this one reddish pinkish birdie is cute too!!!! :)

Hehehehee,, dua-dua best dear!!

p/s: i dah lama jugak plan nak tukar template..manjang x jadi jek..kekekek

Blog Diva said...

wah nadiah, 6bln baru blogging dah jangok cenggini ur blog.alahai malunyer,my blog dah berkurun pun taruk basic2 gadjets aje..me so tak reti nak taruk byk2.

well done dear!

Hanis MY said...

Waaa...great..Nadia dah advance, hanis terkial2 lg..pastu dah tak ubh2 smp skrg hehe...

mommynadia said...

I love both of the templates too..
at 1st nak pakai the bluish one,alih2 jumpa the reddish birdie tu..berkenan lah plak!
so I maintained both templates at my blogs la!hhehehe..

ala dear, I love ur templates so much..sweet!:)

tu lah macam penuh plak ek..nanti lah buat 5S sket..kemas sket!
nadia pun buta IT jgak..tu lah takut aje nak tukar before ni..takut terus hilang!

mommynadia said...

Lama Hanis tk comment, Hanis sihat??
btw tq,bukan adv br jumpa guts nak buat!
ur's one dah cantik..siap ada lagu lagik..camane nak buat muzik tu ek??

Unknown said...

cutenye template nadia!! jeles ni.. nak tukar gak la template (but couldnt find perfect time ~sigh~)

Nadine said...

semangat waja tul you. sambil bfeed pun sempat tukar layout.

love, love, love..

I love it!! :)

mommynadia said...

Nk buat camane,dah gatal tangan nak tukar..abis tukar banyak plak nak kena adjust huhuhu..penat jgak lah..!

hehe,suka various type of loves tu kan,!walaupun color slightly daring,tp ok lah..suke2!

mommynadia said...

tq tq..
tukarlah,suitable time..time Lissa tdo..hehehe:)

Thara said...

i love ur new layout! two thumbs up! woot woooooot! :D

to nuurill :
there's no need to change ur layout lah babe! its perfectly sweet & adorable as it is! i suka ur blog layout, simple & nice :)

mommynadia said...

told Nuurill too..tak pyah change template!

mummy_adam said...

cantik.. buatlah tutorial nnt boley i belajar jugak..hehe

mommynadia said...

hikhik..malu lah nk buat tutorial..
everyone dah terrer..me pakai basic since I launched this blog!
huh "launch" tu!

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