Wednesday, April 7, 2010

breastfeeding challenge at 17th months!

my 8oz ebm from yesterday's expressing session!
*sorry for the low quality pic!

Do you think it’s enuff for Adam during his daycare?..

Actually time pump yesterday, there were still balance inside which I think if pumped, I still can get another 4-6 oz.But I stopped at 8 oz only..
I never thought that I would face the problem at this stage, when I only left another 6 months to finish my 2 yrs exclusive breastfeeding.

I was stressed last week and even now when I think about it!
But I have to be positive.

2 weeks ago, when I sterilized bottles for next day daycare, I just put some of warm water inside the bottle.(I don’t know why, but I think it should be the mother instinct!)..
Then the next day, after went back from work, my hubby helped me to wash all the bottles. He realized that the water was still there, but he just kept to himself. *tak inform kat wife dia pun,dah tahu kalau inform mesti I stressed!
He tried to investigate..this time he marked at the bottle with artline, so if the bbsitter opened the bottle then we now, that Adam was using the bottle that day.*ala2 Marjina dalam AliBaba Bujang Lapok la plak!

Ni lah botol MaM yg dijadikan barang siasatan tu!

Balik keje that day, after picked Adam I asked my hubby stop kat tepi sabar nk tgk hasilnye..
To my surprised, bottle tu masih bertanda, tak terusik!
I feel shivered, goose bump nak pitam pun ade..owh kakak tu tak bagi Adam minum ker?
So what she did with my milk..??buang??
Ya Allah..nak luluh rase jantung ini..

Ok, I still at postive side, so I type a good words to her via sms..
Basicly I tny “ Adam tak minum susu ke arini??”
Then she said “ada”, “sb arini saya lupa letak valve dalam MaM botol tu”, me lying!sb nak direct ckp I buat siasatan takut dia lagi takut!
“Owh akak bg dgn sudu n cup, sb dia main2 hisap susu”..
I tak nk pike bnyk, I know ada banyak lagi nursery yg mmg tak entertained ebm baby..

So I find the solutions..
If, kalau dia mmg tak bg b'cos thawing consume her time..then every morning I wake up early to thaw the milk for his b'fast.
If it is really due to Adam tak suka hisap botol, then I provided her with the straw type bottle and Avent Magic cup.

Nuby Straw Type..I used the green color type one..
but Adam punye blue color!

I know, Adam mmg tak suka sgt hisap thru straw or spout. Kalau minum plain water pun, sedut tak bnyk,tp kerap!

No wonder lah when I picked him up from the daycare, baru 100m gerak,dia dah selak2 cr my B!
Sian Adam lapar ek??
So, starting from now on, I malas nak pump bnyk2..I leave it more at my B,so that when I picked up him, he will suck directly from my B..

Ya Allah..mencabar sungguh dugaan yang Engkau berikan ini..Kuatkan lah hati hambu mu ini..Amiin..

pity him!!
*again sorry for the low quality pix


zahira said...

kesiannya adam! sure lapar dia...tpkan if org tu bagi pakai sudu pon mesti lar susu tu luak jugak. ni tak luak lgsg. biar betol!

mommynadia said...

tp Nadia tk risau dia lpar, sb dah bekalkan cereal n bubur..
tp susu tu lah..!

nadia letak ebm dlm Avent Via Cup kalau bbsitter thawing,then dia akan guna botol susu utk feeding Adam..
Via cup tu pulang kosong,tp bottle tak usik!!
takut lah dia buang ke ape..
tp since dia kata dia feed guna cup/sudu,InsyaAllah Nadia try to be +ve :(

mommaholicSURI said...

Dear, tabahkan hati kay.So far how is your pumping production? if still banyak, i suggest u still pumping macam biasa.. sebab x silap i, the frequent you pump, the more the production will be. I takut kalau u simpan-simpan.. nanti your milk production jadi kurang, dear. Hopefully, with the new bottle supplied to the daycare, they will bagi susu kat Adam secukupnya (Ya Allah, kesiannya Adam kalau selama ni dia x minum cukup susu.. huhu)...

Ahsuez said...

hi nadia. i got to know your dilemmas from a friend.

my concern is that your plan to pump less in order to give your baby more is not really the solution.

yes, he'll get more but at the same time your production will drop! i personally experienced it not once but many times. consistent pumping is very important. less pump means less stock.

even that you clear your breast as usual, your baby will still enjoy the plenty amount of your milk after work.

perhaps, instead of cutting the pumping sessions or duration per session, you could have the last pumping session at work earlier. i mean, if you have daily 3 pumping sessions at work and the 3rd session is usually at 5pm, you could be having the session at 4pm. that way your breast would have more time to accumulate milk and would be available more plenty for your baby.

just don't be stress and pray for the best for both you and baby and trust Allah will help our good effort.

good luck to us (since i'm now facing the second wave of supply merudum.. huhu..)!

mommynadia said...

I selalu pump after solat Asar, so baki tuh terus dlm kereta dah licin Adam sedut!

Even kalau Adam tk minum during daytime, InsyaAllah mlm I mmg fully bf..Still kn pump, kalau tak milk prod drop..huhuhu tiddaaakkk!!

I think lately ni,bila dia dah start lasak..tu jadik main2 minum susu..
before this everytime I washed bittle boley nmpk ada berminyak..
so hopefully mmg lately ni Adam tak minum btol2!!

Blog Diva said...

what a committed mommy, congrats!!! bagus la awak ebm. tabah hati sungguh nak lalui all the 'hard works'. me dulu sempat bf berapa kali je. pump pun xjadik jugak.last2 kering camtu je....lucky u la dapat puluh2 oz sehari..keep it up mommy nadia!!!

mummy_adam said...

cian nyer Adam.. kena teruskan investigation u tu..

mommynadia said...

Hi Suhana,
eh sape ur fren tu??

ur r rite..I should consistently pump!
Few months back, I managed to pump 2-3 session accumulated milk to 22oz. Time goes by,milk supply dah drop,with the workload,I'm now only pump once at work!between 4-5 pm and get 10-12oz.
I tk pump in the morning coz the whole night till morning 6-7 am, my lil boy still sucking my B,so thats why I just leave the milk till evening!

yeap,I should change my schdule ait, pump at 3 then leave to fill up back for him after work kan!InsyaAllah..hopefully my milk sustained till 2 yrs n more..
tp Alhamdullillah, I rs my milk still bnyk,always full during night for my lil boy!

thnx dear for good comment and pray for your success too..!:)

mommynadia said...

tq dear..Alhamdulillah berjaya harungi for 17 months plus..
teh,nanti next baby nk kena semangat nk bfeed,ait!!
U might faced alot of challenge during 1st one,lesson learnt k!

tu lah kalau I bnyk pike lagik pening,I redha n berserah..cuma I just ensure my milk supply banyk time that he can enjoy to the fullest!which I think he's doing that all this while..:)

Ahsuez said...

my friend is si cantik manis momma oman. huhu.. (nuurill, sila lah perasan, i bagi you can hari ni).

mommynadia said...

ooo..Pn Nuurill, tk pyh perasan dah mmg cantik pun..hikhikhik :)

Nadine said...

Adam pun pakai Nuby straw color blue eh? sama ngan Faaz punyer :)

All the best Nadia! I hope u find the best solution for this problem. Sgt kagum dgn u. Really hope for the next baby I can follow ur footstep! :)

mommynadia said...

yup Nadine,tp yg Adam pakai Nuby design but brand's on mothercare dah re-design baru tp bukan straw type..
nak kena pergi cr new straw type Nuby collections so much..nice yet practical!

tq dear,still trying to gv the best solution for him actually!
yup,from now on dah nk kena semnagat utk next baby!!
me, too always pray semoga nxt baby pun Allah permudahkan..
Lesson learnt !

Unknown said...

Pity adam! I think Lissa too had the same problem with her nursery. sometimes bile airin pickup dia from nursery, bs dia cakap, hari ni dia tido je, minum 2 botol je (imagine, from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm minum 6 oz je??) logik ke tak? nampak sangat la biar kan je budak tu lapar, and since lissa tends to suck her thumb and fall asleep, diorg pun biar je la. but now, alhamdulillah, since my sister jaga lissa, sometimes up to 20 oz! airin yg kelam kabut stocked up. huhu.
bersabar la ye nadia. doa byk2, insyaAllah, permudahkan usaha kita exlusively bf our kid up to 2 years old, kan?
but somehow, kite kena gak try cari alternative, find better bs for them..(tapi kat mana ye nak cari?)

Thara said...

oh nos! ini pon satu dilemma for babies in nursery kan. sighs. takpe nadia, just keep ur eyes open and monitor closely. and keep pumping! uve gone this far, another 6 months shouldnt be a problem! u tau tak, u are one of the exclusive BF mothers that i look up to? mmg kagum dgn u. i really wish to follow ur footsteps for my 2nd baby nanti insyaallah. be strong babe and keep pumping! we're all behind u! ;)

mama ct said...

kesian laa adam darling...nad..u kena terus pump tau..nanti supply kurang...

eh..sakit pulak hati bila baca pasal nursery worker tu...actually...diorang mesti ckp ngan u pasal adam tak mimun or what so ever..jgn tunggu u tanya...malaysian nursery memang tak syok lah nad...buat sambil lewa...buat ikut suka...haih...kira u sabar nad..kalau i...teruk dah i tanya tu...since i duduk uk...i learnt alot of things la nad...1 of it...i akan ckp or buat yg i rasa or nak tahu...and i will never make people buat lebih kurang kat i n family...sometimes people think i pakai purdah...tak skolah?..buat macam i tak tahu aper2....i think u need to bring adam...ask adam infront of the nursery worker tu...adam minum ini or ini...did kakak give u this or this....u never know nad...maybe Allah want u to know the truth...breast milk itu HAK baby tu until 2...jgn sedap2 nak buang2!...

sabar ct sabar..:)

mommynadia said...

siannye,mmg bbsitter diorang suka sgt kalau baby tu tido satu hari suntuk!teroklah..
lucky Airin, adik Airin boleh tolong jagakan,at least after 2mnths dia dah besar sket,ok lah nak letak nrsy bawah tu kan..
neway, u too all the best!

thx for the supports dear!
eh,I'm still not a gud example,ramai lagi committed mommy at this stage still pump up to 3times daily..
plus I pun pernah nak cuba mix Adam with fm at 8months,tp Alhamdulillah dia reject.So thats why I'm still here, doing the best for my lil boy!!
lesson learnt :
make a lot of stock during confinement - I should buy special freezer!

mommynadia said...

yeap ct, I'm still keep on pumping till now!
so appreciate for all the beautiful prayers and supports from all of my frenz and blogger frens..

so envy of ur semangat!I wished I can do u the same thing as u suggest!tp kt M'sia, I think most of parents jarang nak face to face with the bbsitter/daycare..for me, nadia tk nak diorang buat ape 2behind me!the only power we hv, change our kid to other place!

I tak sabar bila Adam dah besar, I will surely ask detail about her bbsitter..
sometimes bby tahu kan org suka kt dia or tak, but Alhamdulillah, Adam mesra ngan bbsitter dia walaupun nadia sendiri tahu my lil boy sgt active and sumtime cranky!!
Nadia just bertawakal semoga Allah melindungi my son dr sebrg bencana..Amin!

irradhil said...

nadia....irra sgt kagum ngn nadia...

nk tnya btul2 ni...kt office brape kali nadia pump?coz irra manage to pump once per day.hukhukhuk.after lunch pump pn dpt 4-6oz jer.tu jer la bekal utk dina ker nursery esoknyer.sbb ptg n mlm mmg irra fully bf kan dina.

1 more thing...nadia ader ambik pil x?irra terasa nk cubala jgk tp skarang ni cumer amalkan minum milo jer la.any suggestion?

mommynadia said...

thx..but yet ramai lagi mommies outhere yg smgt waja..

btw, baby Irra umur berapa?

jgn tiru my case..when Adam below 1 yr..I used to pump 3 times per that I can get 22oz stock for daily consumed..
time passing by..I reduced the pumping session to now only 1time per day..terok kan!
so thats the only stock for tomorow daycare..

Nadia tak amik ape2 suppl., cuma I stick to concept..cosistent in daily food intake = more ebm to produce..Alhamdulillah works..

tp kalau Irra nak amik supp, ok jgak..lg rapid milk prod. ;)
good luck..

irradhil said...


1st doter dl...esya (now 2yrs 10mths)mmg jahil la...xpump bile 2nd doter ni...dina (now 9mths ++)...brla ader ilmu skit nk pumping.terukkan irra ni.huhu.

ooo....maksudnyer stock nadia pn cukup2 utk tomorrow punyer jer la.22oz tu utk 1hr??gulppppp.bykkkknyer.irra dhla 1xpump per day...dpt lak ciput jer....4-6oz jer.cukup utk 1x minum jer.that's y la campur ngn fm.huhu.

ermmm.....irra skrg breakfast mkn nasi...lunch pn nasi...dinner pn nasi..huhu....apsal xbyk2 gak ni..huhu.nk mkn aper lg yer??

pst:kwn irra yg ambik supplement ckp nnti bdn akan berbau la skit.huhuhu.xnaklaaaa.

mommynadia said...

ooo..dahh 2nd dotter yer..

hish 3x pump equal 22oz..
Adam kuat sgt menyusu..stock kejap aje 8mnths dah abis stock..ape yg pump arini utk tomorrow stock!
pressure sket lah..

owh ek, to lah setiap org beza..ada yg amik supp pun tak bnyk susu ada jgak..differ kan..

ye ke berbau..tak nak lah!

owh yea, read ur comment at Izu..Irra pun uni-mate Nadine, Izu n Nuurill ek?

irradhil said...


tu la...disbbkan low production...sbb tu kne top up ngn enfalac gak.pity my baby.huhu

yup....irra la orgnyer.mmg kenal izu jer sbb blk kitorng berhadapan jer.nadine n nuurill ni kenal kt alam maya la.alam internet.hehehe.tu la...irra sorg jer xder blog.huhu.suke baca jer....nk buatnyer mls.

irra ader fb add me k!
fatira Abdul fatah.

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