Tuesday, April 27, 2010

skin rashes for babies and toddlers

Have you ever faced skin rashes problem with your kids?
As you know, there were 2 common skin rashes which are heat and nappy rashes.

Heat Rashes : If your little one suddenly develops a bright red pimply rash on his neck, under his arms, or near the edges of his nappy or underwear, don't panic; it's probably just a heat rash. Heat rash, also known as prickly heat or miliaria, is a red, pimply skin eruption that can appear when your child overheats in hot and humid weather.

Nappy Rashes: If your baby has nappy rash, you'll know it. Some of the skin covered by the nappy – probably the genital area, the folds of the thighs and the buttocks – will appear red and inflamed. The affected areas can either be dry or moist and sometimes look pimply.

* detail can be retrieved from Babycentre

For my lil boy case, Adam mmg sejak lahir, he got a sensitive skin. He was so sensitive with the heat/temperature and I think specially with his weight, he tend to sweat a lot.
So area2 dekat arm,knee and neck..were the most yg banyak kuar rashes..worst sometimes at his cheeks..
Mase time baby dulu,mmg kesian,kena plak Adam type suka scrtach2..huh..jenuh I nak remove his hand from scratching all over his body.

Due to this, since his day one untill now, I prefer to use a medicated product for his shower gel, lotion, nappy cream..and I used Sebamed baby.It work s well to my Adam and I love the smell too..
Even,everytime I meet the paed for skin rashes issue, when the paed asked about the product we used, he will just asked us to continue..
In fact, there many other product which medicated and with balance 5.5pH which suitable for sensitive skin , ait..;)

Various range of  Sebamed product
*picture courtesy of  Google

Even Adam with sensitive skin he had, he never faced problem with his nappy area.
Until a few weeks back, I started to spot a reddish spots at his nappyarea, and some similar spot at neck and his arm's too.
It could be due to the hot wether currently.I thought!
So,we just apply some of the calamine lotion and Sebamed diaper lotion around his nappy area.
It getting worst day by day, and we started to worry, so I bring him to his paed.
Cautions, prolonged nappy rashes can lead to infection!

So the paed, gv some antiobiotic and cream for fast teratment, Alhamdulillah in 2-3 days its gone.
yeap,the paed also mentioned, jangkitan ni mmg common to babies specially to those yg stay with carer/nursery..possibility nak transfer infection nih easier..
Pening sunggoh kalau bab2 nursery ni..Even how much we try to protect our kids, yet other kids could transmitted to our child..cabaran sungguh!!
Its ok, as long as we tried our best to take care and protect them..

Owh yea, I pun nak share some info about the detergent..
Time Adam started to face again with skin rashes tu, pening lah mommy Adam ni find solution to treat this skin rashes.
As u know, kalau utk nappy rashes tu, I have to stick to use Huggies Ultra, if I used either comfort huggies or the blue one tu, cepat sangat dia berpeluh and start to scratch2..mahu tak mahu tak boleh dah nak gilir2...
then I started to search info about Cloth Diapering too (thanx to Farah!)..
In fact still intrested to introduce CD to Adam (walaupun dah lambat)..haha yg kelakar I went to mothercare dah takde size cloth diaper for Adam..huhuhu..

ok ok back to detergent story..
I just got this info when Nadine posted entry about her stained white shirt, and somebody said the nappikleen could able to washed out the stain!
Wah, sungguh kagum dengan Nappikleen time tu, then lama2 pike and info from Thara too,
I started to think, it could be from detergent tu that caused skin rashes to Adam..
*sb Nadia pun sgt sensitive dgn detergent yg kuat2 ni..

So I started to search info for other detergent yg soft to babyskin and specially with natural ingredients.
So I strated to use this Purren H-A-D!
*napelah dari dulu tak pike pasal ni..
So skrang ni tgh monitor how this detergent works!

Pureen H-A-D


-Leaves no chemical residue on fabric
- Does not irritate delicate skin (hypo-allergenic).
- Leaves fabric naturally soft with a fresh, clean scent. (Does not require softener).
- Increases cloth life-expectancy.
Cleans all the way to the fibre
- Effective in removing stains and odours i.e. grease, blood, tar, ketchup, pine sap, red clay, mildew, grass.
Fragrance-free; No Bleach & No Phosphate; No Enzyme & No Brightener
- Colour care .
- Does not irritate delicate skin (hypo-allergenic).
Biodegradable, Vegetable surfactant
- Environmental Friendly.

Detail can check from this:

Worst thing I just find out about this:

Irritant Contact Dermatitis : A type of skin rash that is triggered by substances that irritate the skin such as chemicals, perfumes, soap or detergents. Symptoms include redness, swelling and itching. This reaction usually worsens the longer the skin is in contact with the offending substance. It can be frequently found on the hands and other exposed parts of the body.


Mek Rose said...

rafiq ada excema n as usual...rashes all over. even dah pantang makan tu. there is a BIG NO to ayam, bilis, ikan n bla2..so rafiq skarang adalah seorang vegetarian.. agagagaga..

pureeen HAD tu sy guna utk bsuh CD..nappy clean tu utk baju2 n lampin dia..

oh ya..rafiq juga guna sebamed. tpai takdela one set camtu. hanya mandin & syampoo aje..

Pretty Folds said...

babe, this is a good entry, again. aydein pon selalu kene heat rash, especially dkt area tengkuk & underarms. its prolly due to the heat la kan. malaysia is getting so heaty nowadays. and whenever aydein gets nappy rash (also due to the heat i think), just a thought for u, i will usually use Bepanthen nappy rash cream, and it will usually clear the next day. alhamdulillah, it has work wonders on aydein :) however, if u'd like to try cloth diaper for adam, there's one quality cloth diaper website that i know : rumparooz.com <-- check it out! design comel gila, geram tengok! :D

and about the laundry liquid, ive never tried that pureen detergent tu. is it good? like i told nadine, ive been using organic laundry liquid for aydein. ive always wanted to write a review on this, but tak ingat2. maybe i should do a review about this one day kan. let us know how Pureen works on adam! :)

mommynadia said...

owh, ye ke..lagi sensitive kan kalau baby kena excema..mmg sampai besar ke nanti dia akan allergy kat those foods?
Nadia pakai nappikleen tu utk basuh baju Adam..purely pakai nappikleen lah org kata..
tu lah kut duk garu2..kuat sgt detergent dia..

ahaha,takdelah pakai semua benda pun,lagipun kt pharmacy takde lah semua benda2 tu pun dia jual ;)

Betul panas kan skrang nih..
kulit diorang pun makin sensitive..
yeap I heard bepathen pun ok,and ada 1 more brand..ape lah,lupa plak!
Actually,once I read ur comment ingatkan nak call tanya u..terlupa plak..dear ape nama organic liquid tu?
Its shud works well for Aydein ait?
utk baju adult pun u pakai tu jgak ke?
Ok, 1-2 wk after this, I will try to review back k!

Nadine said...

Alhamdulillah, Faaz so far tak pernah kena either of the rashes..maybe sbb dia kuat makan avocado since 6 months kot.

Tp Faaz pernah naik rashes kat muka once due to allergic to fish. Nak pengsan I tgk. and yes, his paed give the cream too. Tp balik rumah papa tak bagi guna. Papa Fadzil used to be a pharmacist. Actually Nadia, according to him, the skin cream yg Dr. bagi tu contain steroid. Mmg 2-3 hari je dh hilang tp steroid tu tak bagus utk baby's skin. So kitaorg tunggu dlm seminggu jugakla before Faaz skin baik sepenuhnya. Let the antibiotics did his job.

All these while, I pun pakai Pureen jugak, together with NappiKleen. Pureen for the clothes and NappiKleen for others. Both are fine so far..tp tula, after that incident terpk jugak. Searched the internet but found nothing so far...

zahira said...

k long pon pakai Pureen tu utk basuh baju ziqri tp powder punya lar. for bathing, i use johnson. masa jumpa paeds aritu dia ada tny pakai sabun apa, i told her i use johnson & she said just continue. so, tak payah lar nak tukar product lain. i think johnson is good enuff for him.

mommaholicSURI said...

Oman's using set of seba-med since lahir too!. Rasanya kulit Oman x sensitif sangat, tapi since dia pun dah suitable dgn seba.. Nuurill teruskan jelah. :)

Untuk detergent, sebelum ni Nuurill guna Pureen. Hmm..baru-baru ni singgah kedai Amway dekat Giant Shah Alam ni, jumpa this 1 product (detergent for baby) tapi x igtla pulak nama dia.. macam menarik. Nanti nak pergi check balik.

Thara, i sgt berminat nak follow u guna organic detergent kan? where can i get them ek?

Kawan2, How about bottle/containers? I pakai ikut mana jumpa.. kdg2 anakku, kadang2 pureen, any good recommendation?

Nadia, sorry ek. tetiba Nuurill bukak soalan pulak kat sini. Hehehehehe

Pretty Folds said...

like nadine, i have searched the net for Nappikleen, but havent really found a solid study on it. cuma ade la terbaca here and there, some people cakap Nappikleen tu ada this strong bleach. but it makes sense pon kan? kalau lah tak strong, takkan lah sampai bole putih bersih kain lampin and our baju and all kan?

about the name of the organic liquid laundry tu, i tak ingat la babe. im now at the office. lemme check them out for u, and let all of u know about it soon ok? i tak pakai that detergent for adult, bcoz for adults, i pakai yang biasa je, yang lagi murah hahaha. oh and i read about Pureen too, btw. reviews has been good so far. waiting for ur review!

mommynadia said...

mmm avocado..I bg jugak time Adam kecik2,time tak consistent huhu ;)

yup,time I g DEMC dulu pun dr bg yg ada steriod!mmg bagus, tp bila jumpe the paed, tak bg pakai..
the one he used currently without the steriod!
yup,I searched too, tp tak jumpa..but dear,I think Purreen pun kuat jgak..sb my hubby try used kat washine mc I yg ada glue tape,wow sekelip mata hilang..

shud asked Thara for organic one too ;)

Nadia ms before lahir Adam,ingat nak beli Johnsons jgak, tp pike Johnsons dia cakap adults pun boleh pakai..so rs macam pH kuat jgak!
thats why sticked to sebamed aje!
cuba try kat Ziqri ;)

mommynadia said...

Its ok Nuurill,the other reason I love blogging,its so easy to get good infos ;)

for bottle I use Pureen too..not aware other brand!
guys opinion ??

letme try the pureen first,sb as I said above, kuat jgak..but maybe better then the other brand ..

sb most of liquid detergent for baby,they focus for nappy,biasakan nappy mmg nak kena guna bleach to remove stained, tp for clothes,bukannya diorang main kotor pun..

waiting for your info on brand and where to get them k!review it too dear ;)

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Healthylife said...

Skin rash make my baby crying all night long... Help me how to treat this...

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