Thursday, December 6, 2012

Awesome Experience with Samsung Ecobubble™ ..

Still remember my entry - In love with New Samsung Ecobubble™ tak? Haaa..kalau u all nak tahu, mommynadia and family telah diberi peluang untuk menggunakan produk baru dari Samsung ni. Memang tersangat lah keterujaannya, dah kata lama dah berkenan kan. At least, kalau tak mampu nak beli pun *sebab RM4000 satu okey, lap peloh* dah boleh merasa pakai dah cukup bersyukur. Tapi kalau satu hari nanti, ada rezeki lebih, mmg mesin basuh ni dah top in the must-buy-things list lah. Wajib beli punya!!! Dah diberi peluang pakai, kena lah kongsi pengalaman dengan blog readers kan. 

If you read my previous entry dulu, I've list out all the features of this washing machine. About the new technology - the ecobubble technology applied in this washing machine, great features and performance of this machine. Perfecto!! 2 thumbs up. So now, let me show case you some of the demo that I've done using this fabulous washing machine. But wait, this gonna be mommynadia's first time ever appeared in vlogging world, so please please please *begging u'olls* accept my weaknesses *sepuloh kali shooting asyik lupa ayat, blank semua, baru tahu payah -___-* Bila dah ok, grammar lah salah, itulah inilah. Duhss!! Apapun, hopefully with these videos, can  give u'olls clear picture about Samsung Ecobubble ...Check it out *malu* =)

Meet our new buddy...
 Ms Eco =)

The new technology brought up through this new invention is 'ecobbuble'. This unique ecobubble technology which generates bubbles, boosting performance from the start, so cold water washes like hot water and these rich bubbles penetrate deeper and dissolve faster into fabrics while saving on energy. 

This is how the technology works :
The bubble generator begins dissolving detergent into water and injects a combination of water, detergent and air to produce a bubble foam cushion that appears in the drum seconds after the normal cycle starts. This foam dissolves into the wash water, distributes evenly into fabrics and penetrates deeper into clothes up to 40 times faster than conventional washers. To understand more about this technology, let  me demonstrate you with this video..
Video 1: Samsung Ecobubble Technology

Being a working parent, I never fix the time for me to do our laundry. It could be on working day - at night after all the kids fall asleep, or during weekend during the kids afternoon nap or it could be any time.  It's so much important to ensure the washing activity will not disturb anyone *specially my 2 kids* during the spinning time. With Samsung Ecobubble, I don't have to worry about it anymore, I can even do my laundry at 1 am. It's so much peaceful and silent!
The Samsung Ecobubble is built with a Digital Inverter motor that reduces vibration and noise, making the washer more durable and quiet. The Digital Inverter motor comes with a 10 year warranty to ensure it remains in excellent condition for a longer duration. Let me prove it!!

Video 2: Less Noise and Less Vibration with Samsung Ecobubble

Last but not least, do you know how much important to always do drum cleaning to our washing machine. This is the only way to keep the drum clean and odourless. With Samsung Ecobubble, there is a feature called as Eco Drum Clean to perform this task. The Eco Drum Clean feature is ideal for those who want to regularly wash in cold water and maintain drum hygiene levels. The washing machine employs high-speed spinning with heated water to keep the drum clean without using chemical detergents. This video will show you how the feature works. Check it out!!

Video 3 : Samsung Eco Drum Clean

After being with us for couple of weeks, this washing machine *Ms Eco* has helping us a lot to wash all our comforters, clothes and the bedding set as well. Sincerely said, I already fall in love with this washing machine. Really love the compact size of this washing machine, just nice fit our small apartment. Besides, I don't have to perform many washing cycles during weekend too, as the capacity of the machine can afford up until 12kg. Save a lot of time and electricity for sure! Furthermore, I don't have to sort out my kids' clothes too. Those clothes which need specially handling *TLC* can be mixed up with normal clothes using at nursery too. With baby care feature available in Samsung Ecobubble, it's not only handle the clothes with special care *baju lebih tahan lama*  but ensure the hygiene as well when I washed them in hot temperature *my mom will be the happiest sb dia selalu kata I suka basuh baju timbun biar bnyk, nanti kuman bnyk hahaha* It so much easy and so much clean with Samsung Ecobubble. Thank you Samsung!! *kan best kalau u tinggal dengan kami terus. Wink!!* Bye-bye Ms Eco..hope to see you again. Sobs!!


Nadine said...

wah menariknya! :)

Unknown said...

wow nadia! nice....(sambil berkira2 dlm kepala nak beli..hihi)
menarik utk tukar my sharp washing machine yg dh berkhidmat almost 6 years tu. hmmmmmm... kena refer to Mr CFO ni.

mommyNadia said...

Mmg best u..tang price dia aje, termenung tgk! =)

mommyNadia said...

Honestly, mmg best bangat. Silalah invest satu yer =)

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