Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Wrap Up !!!

Today is the last day for 2012. Ya Allah cepatnye masa berlalu. Scrolling back the whole entries in 2012, I can't deny that I really had blast fun of 2012. Most of my targets in 2012 achieved.*my 2012 resolutions* I'm so much thankful and blessed to Allah, for granted us good health for the whole of our family. And we had alot of time spending with family as well. Syukur!

One of my major target this year is to spend time with my small family. Alhamdulillah, we had chance for our family trips this year..short gateway and holiday vacation. Walaupun dalam M'sia, it so fun when we spent with our kids, exploring new things..

Short gateway at Maya Hotel, KL..

*apa motip tunjuk bilik air*

Free holiday at Awana Kijal...Fully sponsored by Genting and Nuffnang!
This was the unplanned holiday..I love surprise...weeee =)

And our sandy beach holiday at Langkawi..

Not only us, we have mom and my sibling as well..

Tak sangka, dapat chance bercuti banyak tahun ni. Tak termasuk cuti balik Terengganu and few places that I might missed to update. Hopefully next year, still ada chance nak berholiday. With kids dah start school semua, mungkin kena proper plan ikut jadual kan..

Currently my fave corner..

This year, I put targeted to deco my lil house too. Alhamdulillah. Ada berubah wajah sikit, walaupun tak banyak at least ada some improvement. Will continue some pending deco in next year. *bonus masuk baru job boleh jalan hukhukhuk* 

Alhamdulillah, walaupun income Nuffnang tak berapa laju tahun ni, *apalah nak expect dari blog picisan ni, daily traffic pun tak berapa nak banyak*  compared to last year, lebih lah sket cash out, hahahaha, baru 2 kali je pun cheque datang. Syukur. Walaupun takde income $$$$ sgt, tapi events yg dapat Alhamdulillah, best!! One of them is the impromptu holiday to Awana Kijal, mmg maveles lah untuk blogger kecik mcm I ni =) hukhukhuk! Tapi, plan nak cash out money nak beli handbag idaman, tapi tulah, bila nak shopping untuk diri sendiri, macam bazir plak. I used the money for holiday instead. Merasa semua orang =) Tapi takpe, this year bnyk jugak I've spent to myself, cukuplah tu...

Other than jobs from Nuffnang, I've also received few jobs other than Nuffnang too hiks! Walaupun ada yg bukan money paid, tapi bnyk jugak dapat barang best. Some of it dapat yg review product. Oklah tu kan..

Review Samsung that day dapat microwave oven..weeee
*planning to letgo sb dah ada, anyone interested, discount 15% from RP with 1 year warranty, cepat2!!*
And plus stock tissue yg super duper banyak..weeee...

Besides that, I started to enjoy joining blogger contest too..
One of my 2012 big winning is during the mothercare blogger contest. Plus some of winning during blogger contest by Kleenex. *dapat RM250 vouchers yeay*
So next year, hopefully murah rezeki lagi..Amin..

Omg...I never realized that I had so much spa time for myself this year. Tak boleh merungut ok. 3 times in a year, a major improvement to myself ok! Great =)

A cheap yet worthful voucher from Milkdeal..

Luxury one at Maya Hotel...
*thanks to Mr Hubby*

And fabulous time at Taming Sari Heritage Spa at Awana Kijal..
Courtesy of RGW and Nuffnang..big hugs!!

Other than that, I did enrolled Adam Mikael at Kizsport Empire for the Fun & Movement Class as well. He really had blast fun there, we knew that. Unfortunately, we discontinued after the trainer resign. We did tried with the new trainer, but I think its not worth *just my 2 cents*

Last but not least, anak-anak dah nak start sekolah next year *esok lusa je lagik*....huhuhuh...dah besar dah diorang. Mixed feeling now. Top of that, Alhamdulillah, pening nak sekolahkan anak settle jugak tahun ni. Really hope they will have fun as well. InsyaAllah..

My lovely precious...

Syukur with the lovely journey we had in 2012..
Some hiccups *ups and downs* in between..but Alhamdulillah..
We managed to go through everything..

Praying for a fabulous and a good year ahead..Amin =) 
*thinking of next year resolutions now*

Goodbye fantabulous 2012!!!!
Gonna missssss uuuuuuu................ 


Unknown said...


murah rezeki you in 2012. Moga lebih success in 2013. Happy New Year, babe! :)

mommyNadia said...

InsyaAllah,thanks babe =)

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