Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post holidays blues ...

*picture courtesy of google*
 No I'm not..
Got a lot of things to be settled this week before school starts..
To be exact before 2012 end..

Long weekend holidays with few AL taken in between for kenduri and jimba-jimba..
No gateway, just having fun time with family..
Will share it in next entry as memory to my journal..

Btw, thanks Mr Hubs for this lovely gift..
*X'mas gift perhaps as it was bought on X'mas day wink!*
Been keeping my eyes on this for quite sometimes..
*have to let go sometimes for things more important*
Lotsa lurve darling..mucho gracias...

Honey, why u r so expensive, I can't afford to buy u from my pocket money..

Great purchase with RM30 Parkson vouchers and lots of miniatures...

I smell sooooo goood today!!!
*itu yg semangat pergi keje kut*

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