Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our underage worker ...

It's so fun to have this cash register machine at home now..
The kiddos all so excited, pretend to be the Tesco cashier at work haha!!..
While mommy and papa became a good shopper *even for real ;)*

The whole set of the electronic cash register ..

The coins and money printed with lion as the gabenor are so cute!
And the scanner also function..funny part if you scan the banana also, the price will be appear..kihkih!!

"Choose what do you want to buy, mommy!"

"Ok much I have to pay, boy?"

Opps, ayoyo..scan terbalik lah sayang...hahahah!
*that cute microphone also function, so cashier can make call when he needs help wink!!*

"Ok, u can pay now, by card or cash?"

"Card we go, my lion bank credit card" 

"Alamak, card mommy dah tak boleh swipe..
Cash je lah..LOL"

So cute to see how the kids pretend & play, yeap it can helps to improve their social skill as well..
Besides, Adam pun boleh improve his numbers recognition, good!!
Ryan pun enjoy playing, but he wanted to be the shopper and the cashier as well..

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amirah said...

memang best..been in mothercare klcc last 2 weeks. bestnya elc!

DYatie ABakar said...

woooowwwww! tak sabar nak tunggu anak besar boleh beli those toys yang menjana perkembangan minda toddler! :D

cikgunurulizza said...

Interesting.rasa macam nak beli..salam perkenalan..

ishamizu said...

Aunty tumpang seronok tgk adam n the cash machine! Aunty klu beli aunty sama naik main hihi tp geramla nad klu beli toys kt my girls, derg tak minat..derg prefer tgk tv huhu

mommyNadia said...

best kan..kalau pergi macam tak nak kuar!

mommyNadia said...

Betul..mmg excited survey good toys for kids..

mommyNadia said...

hi..thx for your warm visit!
Memang best main, mak dia pun tompang skali =)

mommyNadia said...

Betul, Ryan mmg enjoy playing with toys. Adam plak cepat bila ada yg baru, baru dia excited main. Kalau tak melekat dengan ipad. Risau betul!

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