Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Former MD at BBIM ...

When my colleague email me about this, I was so much thrilled and goose bumped at the same time. How much I love to be under his management previously  Sobsob!! And now he's venturing education lane and chose BBIM to be the executive chairman. I wish to see you Datuk Syed in more event at BBIM soon. yeay!!! *bangga wehhh*

PETALING JAYA: Corporate figureDatuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir is making a comeback of sorts but this time it's surprisingly in the field of education.
<B>Syed Zainal:</B> ‘Education is an exciting industry to be in as it is an important part of the society.’ – BernamaThe former head honcho of Proton Holdings Bhd is venturing into childhood school education based on Islamic principles. Syed Zainal was recently appointed as the executive chairman of Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM) after being low-profile for close to half a year since his departure from the national carmaker.
In an advertorial by the company on Wednesday, BBIM said Syed Zainal's appointment was expected to help the company in growing its business locally and internationally. BBIM was recently awarded the licence to franchise its education programme which provides Islamic Montessori Environment system for children aged between two and six. The company planned to have 40 campuses by January, which can enrol about 4,000 students.
When contacted by StarBiz, Syed Zainal said he hoped to leverage on his corporate and business acumen as well as contacts to help the company grow the business. Education, he said was something close to his heart and among some of the interests that he was unable to pursue while in the corporate sector.
“Education is an exciting industry to be in as it is an important part of the society. Children's lives can be shaped and guided through early childhood education programme.”
Syed Zainal, who is a shareholder of BBIM, declined to reveal his stake in the company.
When asked about the possibility of making a comeback to the corporate scene, Syed Zainal said, “Wait and see.”
Syed Zainal also have interest in the oil and gas industry; halal food industry as well as management and leadership training.
In the advertorial, Syed Zainal said his venture into early childhood education was drawn from his own personal experience as a father. “Early teachings of Islam are very important and combined with the Montessori system and English, they make BBIM a very attractive organisation to be associated with,” he said in the advertorial.
BBIM is founded by two individuals Mohd Fadzil Hashim and Efizah Mohtar Rasali. Mohd Fadzil is involved in the Malaysian ICT industry and has had stints in corporations like Formis, NEC, Pernas and Dell.

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ps: my fren ajak mintak kerja kat BBIM, hahaha..memang interesting  I wish I could, I love this lane so much and pernah plan nak buat dip in early childhood education. =)

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Unknown said...

Wow!!! Great News
He was a great leader!
Today my boss cakap, dia dpt list of tempat yg Dato Syed will give ceramah for Friday prayer.

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