Friday, November 16, 2012

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Maker

We have new buddy at home now! Weee!! ^-^ It's a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Maker aka Ms Dolce!

Still remember my previous entry about Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker which I bought using Groupon promo?*check here* Its finally arrived our home sweet home. Yeay!! Redemption of the voucher should be on 23rd Oct, after almost 1 month purchased. Setelah penuh kesabaran menanti, its time for collection. Since I purchase for self collection, kenalah tunggu Mr hubby pergi pick sendiri kat Groupon office, kena plak hubby asyik bz, lepas raya haji baru dapat collect. Balik rumah petang tu, terkejut nmpk coffee maker tu kat atas meja. Such a sweet surprise. I loike. *sepatutnye kita surprise kan Mr Hubby, alih2 I pulak yg terkejut* =)

Meet my new buddy, Ms Dolce...
The whole set purchased..
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Picollo Coffee Maker with free Mocha & Cappuccino capsules and capsule storage.

Free 3 set of capsules with colourful booklet..

Each box came with coffee capsules & milk capsules..

The capsule storage..

Flavours to choose!

The Piccolo type of Nescafe Dolce Gusto is a manual coffee maker, and that is the cheapest in their range. *itu pun yg den mampu* Jangan tak tahu, malam tu jugak kami try semua coffee yg ada. Adam pun excited jadik tukang letak capsule. Yang best balik keje next day, Adam siap tny, "mommy nak coffee tak??Nanti Adam buat k". Amboi =) Let's see how my new buddy perform!

First of all, isi air dulu dekat bahagian belakang machine..
First time pakai kan, so buat cleaning dulu...

Wait till then button turns green..
Kejap je pun...

Since coffee maker ni manual type, setiap jenis coffee ada own measurement for coffee and milk..
So kena pandai2 agak..
Mr Hubby siap buat measurement betul2, I belasah aje...
Asal coffee sedap and fully utilized semuanye..

I'm a big big fan of Starbucks and CBTL Caffe Mocha..
So of cos, we gv try for mocha capsule first...

Masukkan capsule coffee followed with capsule milk..

Seriously in less than a minute...

A cup of mocha ready to be enjoyed!
Wah wah!!
Frankly speak, this mocha not really suits me..
More to chocolatey flavour..

So we tried another capsule..

Black coffee..

Add up some sugars and milk, yummeh!!
So our fave now are cappuccino and espresso. 
Weeee =)

Overall machine is simple and easy to use, cleaning part pun senang..
Since dia pakai capsule, tak perlu nak cuci ape2 lepas pakai..
Just tempat letak cawan tu je, takut ada air tumpah..
Simple and easy, love it!

Coffee capsule tu pun boleh beli online..
Feel free to visit Nescafe Dolce Gusto website..sgt cheerful!

Happy Dolce!!
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Unknown said...

Wow! I love cappuccino too! nak singah rumah nadia la, rasa sket :D

mommyNadia said...

You're most welcome Airin!Jom dolce dolce =)

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