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Guest Blogger : Early Childhood Education at Home ..

Assalamualaikum and hi dearie mommies!

Alhamdullillah..I’m so happy to be Fabulous Motherhood special invited blogger and be able to share my passion with other mommies out there…especially through this awesome FM blog!

My precious gems!

For those who already know about my blog, *and from FM previous entry*...they will surely can guess what I'm going to talk in this special entry..Yap..Early Childhood Education at Home. Oh I just love talking about it…this is my passion!

Let's me make it simple. Early when you giving them education before the actual school age…so..sending your kids to kiddie is also consider as early education…but the one that I love to focus is..Early Education at home done by Parent!.

As we all know…and should take it into a count is that, parent is always a best teacher. Because of our connection with our kids, we always want the best for them, so we tend to do the best, finding the best ways and resource and as we love our child so much. We want to make them happy. This is what I’m being doing..Learning with fun and exciting methods and they actually learn and bloom!

Learning is fun  and exciting!

Why Early Education at home is so important?

Well mommies,  let me put it this way..
We have 2 maggo with TLC (firtalizer, water, good sun and soil) and one just to grow with out TLC (on the side of the road)..which do you think will produce better , bigger  and juicier fruit? Same goes to kids brain…from 0 to 6 is the critical time for the brain development and we actually can shape the kids Brain to the full potential!..and not to forget, that our child have their own ability, strong points that can only be detected by parent that actually spend times with their kids.

It’s priceless to see your child blooms!

Now we know roughly what is early what’s next?

When I ‘m being ask about how I actually come to know and really put myself in early education for my kiddos. I will them them that I have my AIMS!

We can shape them as what we want!

Mommie, we all should have AIMS for our kids future…"I want my kids be a strong, confident kids" or "I want my child to be creative and happy". Aims are important to make us see the next step, see the big picture of what we should do and aims give us the ‘MUST’ in doing something and one of the thing is to early educate our kids.

What else?

Istiqomah, consistent in doing things…I know it’s sound easy but a bit difficult to do, I myself find it difficult, but after 1 months, just 1 months, you will find it effortless!.

For working moms, your job and less time with the kids is not a limitation for you.  I’ve actually got friends who works as doctors with oncalls and busy stressfull work life but still manage to educate theirs baby and todds.  Here are some tips and activities that you can try at home with your kids.

Simple activity at home.

Limit your time watching TV. This is very important, try to take the usual watching time especially at night to read books or do some simple drawing with the kids. Attention given by us to our kid while reading or  looking at what our kid doing things is so precious and this will built better connections between parents and kids. This means, they will want to give attention to you and will listen to you more!

Baking is one of the best activity that kids can participate.

Let your kids to participate in house work when you come back from work. Simple activity like sorting out the cloths, while doing that you can teach them colour, counting  and even size.  I know you will find that its making thing slow, be patient moms,  it will be slow at start, but when their master the helping skills, they will surely make it easy on me…it work for me! Now,  my kids do most of the simple thing them self from dirty cloths to sweeping and tiding out the house and they actually learning a lot of things from time management to motor development. It’s amazing!

 This video of Aisyah reading at age of 3 years old and she is using sight reading method.

Choose your teaching methods that suit you. I found out that teaching how to read using sight reading methods works well with working moms! You can refer to my early education blog to know more about sight reading and you can email me personally if you do need help in term of tools and tips!

You can make simple craft with things from the park!

Make a full use of your weekends! Kids does not need extravagance plans or holiday to be happy and learn something, visit to the park or  pet shop will stimulate their curiosity and creativity.  It would be helpful if you have a special beg with plain paper and colour pencil in it. Drawing is one of the best thing to do when you are out and about with the kids! You can make simple math by using the leave or stones. You don’t have to tell them’’ we are doing math’’ just do the activity, don’t limit your child thinking with orders, instead you say’’ wah, I’ve got 2 leave, how many do you have/ you can find’’ ‘’ lets give it to daddy, how many leave will daddy have’’  See, maths is fun, and the kids is learning without them noticing it!

Rewards your child effort with something nice and special.

Rewards! Please stock up some stickers and rewards your child with one when they make you happy..and please don’t give the whole thing to them, if not the stickers end up to be on your walls and its not going to be special anymore!

There are tons of activity that we moms can do with the kids. All you need is some effort, ideas, material and time. Remember, my dearie mommies, you are the best partner and teacher for your kids and to see them bloom is priceless. All kids are born geniuses!

Happy Early Educating moms!!

About Guest Blogger ;

The author of normalmuslimum is a 31 yr old lady who enjoy taking care of her 3 kids and very passionate about early education at home. She has been teaching her child at home since her first son was 3 years old until now. Her focus in teaching is early reading and fun Maths introduction to young kids. She love to explore new and fun ways in teaching her kids and she really like to share it with other moms trough her blogs.
Feel free to visit her main blog My Muslim Family where her daily rambling took place and her fun school with her little precious at All Kids Are Amazing.

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