Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's Vote Your Fave Blogger for Kleenex Share the Softness Contest !!!

Hola darlingsss...
As u all know, Kleenex® Share the Softness Contest which have been running at Fabulous Motherhood 2 weeks ago, has come to the end date on 23rd Nov 2012..
We have 11 participants with us. As promised, I suppose to announce the winner yesterday right..
Since, sponsor only will send all the goodies and vouchers by the end of the month..
I've planned for simple activity for all my blog readers...

Kali ni, I dah tak boleh pakai random.org since we have few criteria to be judged..
So, all my readers..
Do vote you fave participants and send to my email nadya_1901@hotmail.com ..
All your vote will remain P&C and will not be publish at my comments column..
Your votes will add extra marks during my judgement..

Cast your vote now !!!
There you go..my lovely 11 bloggers with lovely pictures and captions..

1. http://www.ceriteracinta3souls.com
"Muhammad sayang sangat kat mak...muuuuuuuuah..."

2. http://cheerisheverycherry.blogspot.com/

"Your smiles reminds me about the amanah Allah has given to me since the day He put you in my womb.
I love you, my Ilyaas Hafiy"

3. http://husnamn.blogspot.com/

"Brotherhood bonding time.. but they are not James Bond haha.. 
Brothers share their childhood memories and grown-up dreams. They laugh together, they cry together.. they fly the air like birds, swim the sea like fish and they learn the art of living together as brothers. Brothers ‘till the end.. We love you both!"

4. http://cahayahana.blogspot.com

"The colours inside of my world"

5. http://azieakajie.blogspot.com

I Love My Brother

My kids Zikry & Amzar selalu bergaduh, berebut mainan, berwrestling dan selalunya salah sorang akan menangis [lap airmata dgn tisu kleenex,hihihi]. Bila tengok gambar ni, I akan jadi tersentuh dan terharu coz abang pujuk adik supaya adik tak takut dan akhirnya diorang enjoyyy bersama ^_^

6. http://aku-dan-giveaway.blogspot.com

"We are just happy even though our family has lost somebody we love, but at the same time,our family also keep getting bigger and bigger. It's the softness of life!"

7. http://airinaiman.blogspot.com

" I'm proud of my healthy bundles of joys and glad to say our family is complete.Serene, peaceful, happy and fun encircled us from beginning"

8. http://zahirastory.blogspot.com

I am so PROUD to be a MANAGER of my own PERMATA!

9. http://charming-umi.blogspot.com

"Without him, I am not a wife. Without her, I am not a mother.
Without each other, we are not in love.
Only greatest love is worth to be shared "

10. http://along25.blogspot.com

"For you, I'll let my heart become your tissue,
Soft enough to be the one you turn to,
Yet tough enough to wipe up all the dirts & sadness.
Alhamdulillah, I was blessed with you guys..."

11. http://hudetx.blogspot.com

My daughter ...
My best friend ...
 My heart warmer ..
Till Jannah., Till the end ...

Send to me by 30th Nov 2012, 5.30pm :)

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