Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy 3rd Blogversary Fabulous Motherhood ...

Believe it or not, Fabulous Motherhood is celebrating her 3rd years anniversary.*pop confetti* I pun tak percaya, I can be this committed to blog and maintain my motherhood journal as a live journal *termasuk kehidupan sekeliling jugak* Alhamdulillah. If you checked my first debut entry on 3rd Nov 2009, click here, I pun tak percaya dgn diri sendiri time tu, even my hubs and siblings too, maklumlah takut hangat2 je kan. But I think because of the main reason why I involved blogging is to share about my lovely journey in motherhood, that's keep the passion alive - to keep on writing on this humble journal. And today, this entry marks the 464th entry published in this blog *including those I decided to make draft entry too =)* . Yeap, it suppose to be tomorrow right, I know I know. I decided to wish one day earlier, as the 465th entry, I have special thing to share with my all blog readers. Stay tuned at the end of this entry. Hope you will like my sweet lil' surprise..

Yeap, you may say sometimes this blog has diverted from its own path, I mean when accepting advertorials and sponsored post for product reviews, really sorry if you not like it. But that's actually make my blogging journey more fun *specially bila K-ching $$$ pun masuk walaupun tak seberapa*. The advertorials and sponsored posts received from product viewing gave a lot of chance for myself and my family as well to experience new things such attending events, trying new products, and visit few places for holiday as well. So much interesting! And the best part, I can build up more connections and making more new friends too. Thank you for those who gave all these chances. Appreciated it so much =)

Some of the project with Nuffnang ..big hugs!!

Attended Tea Party by T&T..

T&T boutique launching.. 

Family gateway with other cool bloggers..

Food tasting..

Reviewed spa..

If you are Fabulous Motherhood vivid readers *hugs*, u may see that I was actively involved in blogger contest too lately. Hahaha never imagine, this is fun things to do too. Specially when u won the contest. Its a positive feeling u know. Hahhaa!! So lepas ni, sila trigger kalau ada contest yg menarik yer. If still relevant with what I'm doing, tak salah rasenye join..

One of my winning...
U know how much I love this!! =)

Moving on this 3rd years journey, I wish to have more fun ahead. Pray that the passion I have it now in this blogging world, will remain till the kids grown up. And wish my sweet memories in motherhood journey will be their best album to recall all theirs sweet memories in childhood. InsyaAllah. 

Ok ok, no more delay, previous previous years, I ada conduct giveaway kan to celebrate my blogversary. But not for this time. Because I have more special slot for my readers. It's a Guest Blogger Corner.  As a first start, I have invited one of my fave blogger, who devoted her passion doing home schooling. Yes, u know how much I love this topic kan. If you aware, she also in my blog roll list and her blog is one of my daily food =)

She is Siti Rohana aka normalmuslimmum and her blog is My Muslim Family. Knowing her back then at MRSMPC, 14 years ago, she is a friendly and talkative girl I ever knew. Tapi sgt rajin and terrer jugak. She did her degree in medicine and she spent few years living at UK followed her husband to pursue his master and phd. I started to follow her blog ever since she was in UK, just after getting birth Adam. She also inspired me alot  in managing my kids. When she went back to M'sia, I started to follow her blog on how she spent time with her kids doing home schooling. She is one of my inspiration aka guru in providing early childhoold exposure to my kids. I should thank her for her willingness to share all the activities in her blog, and hoping this will inspire more mommies to do the same. It's not easy to handle the kids, to be full time housewife and at the same time to do this home schooling with 3 kids, and you have a small baby with u as well. Truly need a high passion to ensure its really happen. That's why I salute her so much! I wish you all the best Siti and thanks a lot for accepting my offer to be my first ever guest blogger at Fabulous Motherhood. My Allah bless you and the whole of your family with His baraqah. Amin.

A lil info about normalmuslimmum....

The author of normalmuslimum is a 31 yr old lady who enjoy taking care of her 3 kids and very passionate about early education at home. She has been teaching her child at home since her first son was 3 years old until now. Her focus in teaching is early reading and fun maths introduction to young kids. She love to explore new and fun ways in teaching her kids and she really like to share it with other moms trough her blogs.

Her 3 gems...
Haris, Aisyah and the lil one is cute lil Faris..

I'm in the stage to transfer and do some editting *alih-alih gambar je pun* all Siti's writing to my blog, seriously I was goose bumped. I'm so much excited. Please stay tuned for tomorrow update. Mean time, feel free to visit her main page at My Muslim Family and her lil fun school at All Kids Are Amazing

Last but not least, thank you so much for being Fabulous Motherhood readers *either u are the active commentors  or  good followers or maybe the silent readers*, thank you very much. Appreciate it so much. Hope you will like my sweet little surprise, not only for myself for all the mommies out there. 

Happy 3rd Blogversay FM !!


Husna said...

happy 3rd blogversary..
keep writing and updating...
eh tanya mcm mn nk join event2 u pergi tu?

Atie said...

Happy 3rd blogversary Nadia:)..keep up sharing ur beautiful life journey.

Nadine said...

happy 3rd blogversary fabulous motherhood! keep it up babe!:)

nia said...

happy 3rd blogversary!!
keep up your good work and ur breastfeeding journey really inspired me..

mama ct said...

happy 3rd bloganny FM... it's a pleasure to be your blogger guest!..*blush*

thanks FM!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary Fabulous Motherhood! :) Keep on writing and blogging! ;)

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