Friday, February 3, 2012

Fabulous Motherhood 2nd Anniversary Giveaway...

Hi everyone..

As being promised earlier, here we go..Fabulous Motherhood 2nd Anniversary Giveaway yeay!!

Just lil bit info about the GA. Actually Fabulous Motherhood has celebrated the 2nd year anniversary on last Oct 2011. *cepatnye masa berlalu, MasyaAllah* So I've decided to conduct a small giveaway special to all my fabulous readers. Since the blog was under progress of renovations during her birthday, the giveaway has being postponed until the launching of the new template. Tq to Ida from krafty palette who has turned my dream into a reality.*walaupun banyak drafts she need to submit before the final YES* Yeap, its already 19 days after the launching, I just dont want to delay anymore.

Friends, readers and my fabulous peeps, feel free to join this simple and easy peasy giveaway. Hope you guys will continue to support Fabulous Motherhood and I will try my best to improve as much as I can..InsyaAllah. *ok, dah..panjang plak berceramah..*

All you need to do is :

 Drop a comment down there with your details,eg :
ps: blog posting is not compulsory ;) *tapi kalau nak tolong promote, den lagi suko*

Small gifts to be won by 2 lucky winners are ...

2 blog buttons/ watermark, self-design by the winners from the Krafty Palette..

 samples of blog button:

* feel free to share my blogbutton too >.< *

sample of  watermark:


 *winner can choose wether to have blog button or watermark*

GA rules :
  • Open to all my honored fabulous motherhood visitors.
  • 1 winner will be choosen from fabulous motherhood followers or from fabulous motherhood blogroll  links - with condition, you still need to drop your details at the comment box below ya darlingsss ;)
  • Another lucky winner will be randomly choose from all the commentors, either he/she is my followers/blog link friends or a new visitors/readers. *kira open to everyone la*
  • Only open to those with blogspot/wordpress/.com domain.*ade lagi tak domain sy tak tau,sila inform*
  • Winners will be randomly pick up by the
 Due date of this giveaway is on..
1st Feb 2012 (Wednesday) at 11.59 pm
3rd  Feb 2012 (Friday) at 11.59 pm

Easy peasy lemon squeezy rite..
Drop me a comment and who knows u gonna be the lucky winner...


rose ~ Ibu Rafiq dan Aishah~ said...

salam nads..tak perlu buat posting ye?

Nickname : rose
Email :
Blog link :

lydzar said...

yg sonang2 gini mmg suka ai nk join hehe!!
count me in!

Nickname : mommalydzar
Email :
Blog link :

fieda said...


Nickname : fieda
Email :
Blog link :

ryy.han said...

Nickname : ryy.han
Email :
Blog link :
I'm ... fabulous motherhood silent reader *yg xberapa silent sbb penah komen sblm ni :P*

mommaholicSURI said...

Saya suka! saya suka! saya suka! (gaya cakap Mei Mei yang dalam Upin Ipin tu :)) Mana tau kot kot la nama terpilih kan.. hihi

Nickname: mommaholicSuri


Oh! budu said...

join.. Nickname: AMIR

m@ri@ said...

Nickname : m@ri@ (maria)
Email :
Blog link :
I'm existing fabulous motherhood blogroll links yg agak menyepi seketika dr dunia blog sbb sibuk berfb...hehe..

Anonymous said...

Nak join...

Nickname : Aisyuhada
Email :
Blog link :

I'm... fabulous motherhood followers & silent reader.. :)

Arifah said...

Nickname: arifah
Blog link:

I'm new reader. Ternampak GA ni kat Krafty Palette. Terus join! Kot2 ada rezeki. :)

Farah Ikin said...

Salam perkenalan....

Nickname : farah-ikin
Email : farah_ikin@yahoocom
Blog link :
I'm reader....and just found MommyNadia's blog. :)

ain said...

assalamualaikum, nadia...

salam perkenalan dr sy, ain.
blum jadik ibu tapi ntah camne boleh sesat n baca dgn sronoknyer pasal motherhood in your blog...but, a lot of nice entries...suke2!!!..hihihih

Nickname : ain ishak
Email :
Blog link :
I'm new reader

gadis pekan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gadis pekan said...

Assalamualaikum ;p

Nickname : atieneo
Email :
•Blog link :
•I'm existing fabulous motherhood follower

thanks for organizing this simple yet tempting GA...i loike! ;p

gadis pekan said...

hi my entry on your GA ;p

*azni* said...

join jgk!

Nickname : azni
Email :
Blog link :
I'm new reader..


airin diana said...

nak join gak (sibuk je..hehehe)

Nickname : airindiana
Email :
Blog link :
I'm ...existing fabulous motherhood followers

Here is entry for this GA:

M1ss F0r3st said...

Hi Mommy Nadia,

lucky me. saya terjumpa blog awak minggu lepas untuk entry kat Empire, Subang & terus membuat saya melompat-lompat nak pi sana. sebab banyak kedai untuk aktiviti kanak-kanak. since then (baru 1mgu je pun), saya rajin ikut blog awak :)

Nickname: Miss Forest
Blog link:
Category: I'm existing fabulous motherhood followers & new reader

alang2 ni, nak mintak izin utk letak link kat blog saya yea. tq ;)

Nur said...

I hope i'm lucky ;p

Nickname : Nur
Email :
Blog link :

Anonymous said...

Nak join...

Nickname : Karen Yaacob
Email :
Blog link :

I'm... fabulous motherhood followers & silent reader.. :)

aThidEaN said...

Nickname : Athi
Email :
Blog link :
I'm existing fabulous motherhood followers since the birth of Little Ryan sebab our baby is only one week difference

p!nkerton said...

Nickname : pinkertonic
Email :
Blog link :

I'm ...existing fabulous motherhood followers since.. err.. i cant remember. tapi confirm, lamaaa dah! hikhik :D

RuZaNNa said...

Ehhh jgnlah sampai special invite..sorry dah lama tak bloghopping..tgh busy belajar jaga 2 heroes..anyway,best gak kalau dpt watermark logo's my entry:

Nickname : miszy_anne
Email :
Blog link :

And definitely your blog follower :)

zahira said...

me join...

Nickname : zahira
Email :
Blog link :

existing fabulous motherhood follower ;)

jie @ azie said...

salam nadia,

nak join jgk ...

nickname: azie@jie
blog link:

I'm existing fabulous motherhood followers.

Hanis MY said...

wee thanks for inviting dear! okies nak join tapi tak sempat buat blogpost, insyaAllah next ga ke hehe, takpun mana tahu rezeki menang sure buat special post kat blog..(heh ferasan..)

nickname: hanismy
blog link:
i'm existing FM follower and blog roll and not to forget a friend :)

Mama said...

walau lambat...still..nak join juga..;-)

nickname: mama
blog link :

im existing fabulous motherhood follower auw!!

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