Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our loooong weekend...

Had a great weekend..
Lepak-ing and lazy-ing at home..

Managed to spring clean the house too on Saturday..

Bukan beli toys lagik..
But, I have bad habit to keep the toy boxes..*shoes boxes and special deco boxes too*
Need to throw out *half only ;)* as the playing room turned to be a store room already...haiyyoooohhh mommy!!

Some of Adam' toys to give to nursery..
*hopefully kakak tu nak*

And I have my little helper during mommy's spring cleaning session...
*kata nak raya*

"Apahal ni tak boleh on???"

"Takpelah, tak sambung wayar pun boleh..."

Si Abang buat sepah...

Sunday when to Citta Mall to check out Macy's sale..

End up tapau-ing Baci for iftar..
*kata nak sokong LCW, so sanggup balik makan rumah..*

Drooling for wondermilk's cuppies..

For Adam..
End up dia makan toping and mata Elmo tu je.. 

Monday went to IOI Mall, Puchong...
*surveying continued* 

Budak tak puasa makan mac and cheese abis satu mangkuk..

And had their first ride on Merry Go Round..

That's how we spent our loooonggg weekend...
How bout yours??


zahira said...

Me stay at home jer. Sat night pegi bukak puasa umah sedara najib. Tak larat nak kuar. Both of us demam.

ishamizu said...

Salam Nadiah

Seronoknya cuti panjang! ;) The boys tlg kemas rumah mesti dah tak sbr nak raya kn..hehe

Sedap n terliur tgk mac n cheese adam dgn cuppies wondermilk tu you. Izu pnh rasa wondermilk cuppies mmg yummeh la kn..:)

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