Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Through the lens of Adam Mikael..

Adam loves to snap photo..
Some of his taken photos, ok lah boleh di simpan dalam picture folder mommy jugak lah..
I love to view pictures snapped by him..
It sorts like to read his mind and explore his creativity in photography..
Ada jugak pictures yg dia amik funny..

These are some of photos taken during hari raya holidays recently...

His uncle 'ayah yein'...

Tried to snap his Omma's pic..

His cranky lil bro..

His best cuzzie..Nuh!

And his own picture too..


His uncle Eysu Hekal..

His papa's picture in macho pose..

Caught in the act photo too..
*vavava..penat yer En Papa*

His fave pet too..

Good job young photographer...
Mommy loves to see more of your artworks in future..
*mode rambut serabai sebelum snipping time*



Unknown said...

bijaknyer adam :)

Savouring mommy moments said...

Very impressive Adam- Such a talented little boy!

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